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(5E) D&D/Moorcock Multiverse Inspiration PBP


The troll and one-eyed ogre laughed as Selythin kept up the aerial antics.

The ogre, in his booming, drunken voice spoke: "Sel. That's a right poncy name." He pointed at the troll while casually picking up a very large rock from the ground. "That's Boris."

He hefted the stone up and cast it directly at Selythin. "And I'm Boulder. Hahaha!" The big rock went wide and plunked into the water. The pair of monsters continued to laugh their asses off.

The prince was fairly certain that the ogre'd been trying to smash him with a stone. He was getting farther and farther away though. The two didn't seem like they were in a rush to follow or engage.

Selythin from the air and everyone on the boat saw the broken and battered castle looming ahead of them. There are giant scorch marks all over. Tiny smoldering fires remain. Black, thorny vines have replaced the greenery that usually surrounds the castle.

Alan got lost in his own thoughts. Something about this place was familiar, but the memories were locked so deep inside his head it hurt to access.

Ralph Crenshaw felt the glowing blue sword, now sheathed at his side, vibrate. He felt the blade surge with energy and it almost leapt from the scabbard of its own accord.

Eovin and the gathered fey spotted a bariur step toward the bank of the river ahead of the row-boat. He waved at the group and spouted something about a ride across the river.

The boat got closer.

Selythin, still in the air, saw into the upper floor of the castle ruins. Inside he saw more shadow, chaos creatures, beasts formed from divergent aspects of animals and things never seen. Wings, fur, claws, and teeth.

Below, it looked like the row-boat had escaped the ogre and troll.

* * *

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Steve Gorak

Selythin swooped back down to the boat. He saw the bariaur, took a close look, and nodded to him, guessing that he was harmless.

keep your gold friend, it may be more useful to you in the future. come aboard if you wish

looking at tte others in the boat, he adds “there are monsters in the keep. I fought one of those yesterday, and I believe they can be killed more easily than ogres and trolls. Let us clear the keep, it will give us a stronghold to rest, and protect others fleeing the chaos. Who is with me?

Steve Gorak

"Where are we?" Eovin asks. "I don't know this keep or this river."

“The worlds are in chaos, and I’m assuming you’ve been magically transported here, just like I was. I also don’t know this river nor this keep, but this gentleman, a princess in disguise, is somehow linked to the keep. In any case, I’d rather be in a keep than sitting ducks in a boat. So I reiterate, are you with me?”


Cousin Zenythin casually steered the boat to the side of the river containing the bariur as Selythin and Eovin converse.

As soon as the boat bumped the land most of the little fey-folk jumped and leapt off the ship. They scattered into what remained of the woods.

"No fighting!" "Queen is dead we not be dead too!" "Eek!"

The stout little satyr that had come with Ralph Crenshaw, the Dreaming Knight, also leapt off the ship.

"I consider my part played. I'll go see if I can track those fools down and find a safe spot." He gave a little wave as he trotted off.

Page, Bradrick, Jim, and Bo still clutched to fighting implements, but could all be described as 'different shades of white.'

* * *
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The chubby satyr turned around.

He replied to Eovin.

"The queen o the green. The fairie on the scene. The queen bee. The bees knees. Please. Who else? Well... someone I suppose... Anyway. She was the ruler of this part of the faerie-realm and we all loved her."

He frowned and sighed and continued away.

* * *


Alan couldn't help it any more. The sight of the castle, all this talk of a queen... it stirred something deep within him that made every muscle in his body ache, that made his thoughts dissolve into black tar. Her buried his hands in his face and wept, and didn't know why.

After long, sobbing moments, Alan wiped his eyes and brow, slick with sweat and tears. He rose, red-eyed, to look Selythin in the eye.

"I'll go. If you need help getting the monsters out of there, I... I have to go." He rubbed the bridge of his nose. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cry. Everything is happening so much."

Alan looked around for some rudimentary armor or a rapier to use, as he spoke. "And - and I don't know why everyone keeps calling me a princess, but that keep, it... I feel something there. Maybe I can clear up this whole misunderstanding, somehow, if there's answers inside."

William Smith1

The Bariuar jumped aboard the boat looking at the crying human (half-elf?). He says, "Say, don't be a sod, cannot be that bad. Me, I lost my tribe and I'm still living! Can't let the weight of the multiverse crush you. I want to get to that castle and see what darks I can discover. Might be some answers there. Thanks for the lift! My name's Sirocco but you can call me Rock."

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