(5E) D&D/Moorcock Multiverse Inspiration PBP

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(🤞 for Alan...)

The chaos beast stumbled as it clawed its way up out of the broken pieces of table, chairs, and torn curtain. It was obviously incredibly hurt. An odd look of panic played across its blood shot eyes and gruesome features. It dripped sizzling black blood as it staggered to its feet. Alan feinted and struck at the glowing creature.

(Give it one more shot, Alan! 😬🙏💪)
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Alan had no luck, even as the skittering, blood dripping beast of chaos stumbled to and fro. It looked at the tailor with a fierce rage, bearing fangs and claws. It did not strike, however, even as it turned its long, weird, scaly hide away and flapped toward and out onto the balcony on the west side of the throne room.

It flew straight up, the tip of it's tail still barely visible to the would-be princess (Alan) and flying companions (Eovin and Selythin). It was hurt, flying for its life. Could it be trying to warn its master, the owner of the grand vizier's rod, the evil wizard Fib'Karna?

Cousin Zenythin stayed safely tucked in the stairwell, gasping for air, steadying himself on the stonework.

Another strange cackle could be heard from the floor above.

((The chaos beast is in 3/4 cover (disadvantage) for the purposes of this round of range attacks. Only Alan would be able to make it onto the balcony for attack with advantage because of faerie fire. Everyone else is too far behind (50 feet back and a wall between) to change the angle. Although, your advantage still cancels the disadvantage, so attack as normal.))

(Good luck, players! 🤞)
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Alan paused, thinking for a long moment before closing in with the beast. He had companions. A coordinated attack would do much better. But they were so far away, and he wasn't sure that he could trust them, even now. His thoughts were chaotic...

And then, this close to the scepter - he felt something tug at his heart. A memory he didn't have, but should have; something lost.

And so, without fully knowing why, the young bard and tailor tapped his musical bracers together, and a single note rang out, and in this note was clarity and focus. And he spoke, pointing his rapier, as his bracers rang forth.

"This way! The path is clear and our hearts are worthy."

Then he took his own advice and charged at the chaos beast personally!

Bonus action: Mantle of Inspiration! Everyone else gains 5 temp HP and can use their reaction to move up to their speed.


(Alan misses as both of you move onto the balcony below the weird flying snake, attacking its tail. You've got this chaos beast on the ropes. Eovin's blast of flame hurts the creature. It's almost a goner at this point. Still awaiting Selythin's action to see if you guys finish the thing off. 🤞)

Steve Gorak

Selythin feel Alan's magic surge through him. Indeed, he or she was full of surprises. He rushes towards the beast, flying faster than he thought possible, and strikes it without mercy.

OOC: reaction: move full speed towards chaos beast
move: full speed to chaos beast. My understanding is that Selythin is now in melee range
Action: cast booming blade, attack 26 (Crit!), damage from attack 6, necrotic damage from hex: 5, if target moves thunder damage 1
Crit damage: main attack: 7, necrotic damage from hex, 2, if target moves thunder damage 2
Totals with crit: main attack: 13 damage; hex necrotic damage: 7, thunder damage if target moves 3

HP:16/30 + 5 temporary HP from mantle of inspiration


Through the young tailor's magic, Alan, Eovin, and Selythin all ran out on the balcony chasing the mortally wounded flying snake beast. They all attacked the glowing creature, although only Selythin's booming attack with his ancestral sword struck true.

The chaos beast shattered into a thousand tiny black fragments and dissipated on the wind, causing a large, dark cloud to hang in the wind on the western side of the dead faerie queen's castle.

All three would be adventurers were now standing out floating slightly above the third floor balcony. All was quiet for a few moments.

Cousin Zenythin limped into view, raising an eyebrow. "Well that was some fight. I don't think I can keep up this pace of ultra-violence. Back home I'd have servants or slaves to do my dirty work. I guess you'll have to do, cousin." He winked at Selythin then leaned heavily against the wall.

Just then all four of the gathered comrades heard a familiar cackling. It was louder, more menacing than when they'd heard it from the lower depths of the castle, perhaps magnified magically.

This time words accompanied the laughter. "Hahahaha! You think you're all so clever destroying my favorite pretty pet? Well there are more where that one came from. I can make them all day and night with this fancy rod and ornate crown. It wasn't even made for my head, but fits me oh-so-well. I can't decide if I like the vizier's treasure or the queen's more... Not to mention the pretty red ring! Hahahaha... Come up and talk, if you dare. I'll spare you the rest of the beasties until I've had a chance to gloat and rub all my fancy magical trinkets in your faces. Don't wait too long, though. I'm impatient... Hahahaha..."

It was the wizard, Fib'Karna. He was taunting the group from the uppermost reaches of the castle.

Zenythin slumped down a bit, still leaning heavily against the wall. "Mayhap I sit this one out... I feel a bit under the weather. Let me know how it goes, dear cousin. I dare say you shouldn't keep the man waiting..."


Steve Gorak

Selythin takes a breath, and focuses his inner strength. As he does this, glue energy flows from his hands to his open wounds, many of which seem to close. He then looks at his companions, nods with satisfaction at their morale and disposition, and says. "Lets make the gods proud, and rid this area of this filth!". With that, he leads the way up.

OOC: Use lay on hands for 8hp, 2hp remaining in case they are needed total HP is now 24/30 + 5 temporary.


Zenythin nodded to Selythin as the trio of heroes started up the stairs to the upper most reaches of the dead faerie queen's castle. They could still hear laughing, a cracking, strange warble from down corridors and through doors, yet still highly audible, magically even. It was the evil wizard, murderer of Alan's estranged mother, Fib'Karna. He was still taunting them about the grand vizier's rod, the queen's crown, and the lord protector's signet ring.

Even before the group checked their gear and weapons they heard more shouting from inside the queen's private chambers. "Such a pretty red ring on my finger, such a beautiful crown on my head, such a magnificent sceptre to behold... Where are the beasts? Where are the heroes? I think I hear them creeping up. I think I can sense their presence..."

The cackling and screaming subsided for a moment, then quieter, but still through the big double doors:

"... Open the doors if you dare! Come in and give the new queen a kiss on the cheek. Come bow before my magnificence, my loyal subjects! Come languish me with affections, my dears! If you dare..."


(You've fought all the way up to the uppermost floor of the faerie castle. You are in the hallway at the top left. There are multiple doors, all of which open into slightly thrashed empty rooms. The big double doors leading to the queen's private chambers are still closed. With your passive perception you notice two hidden-ish doors, one to the north, one to the south. Each leads to a set of stairs. Let me know what your attack plan is or any exploring you'd like to do before the fight with Fib'Karna. If it's fighting, please give me an initiative roll. 🐲)

OOC: Short rest is useless. Eovin should have 2nd level spells by now but she hasn't had a long rest with which to switch out her spells since day one of the game.

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