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(5E) D&D/Moorcock Multiverse Inspiration PBP

Eovin returns and describes the bearded figure and chaos beasts in detail. "I'm not sure any of those doors are better or worse than the doors down here."

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"Then we might as well pick the cellar. At the least, we can get into and out of it quickly instead of rigging things up with ropes in order to get up there." Alan paused. "Er, if we're taking my vote, that is."

William Smith1

Sirocco says, "I concur, going into the lower floors and working our way up seems to be the best course. However those Chaos beasts will have the high ground on us as we work our way up the stairs. Any of you packing magic? We should try and clear the way ahead as we move up. And that wizard at the top will have some surprises for us a well. Let's not get put in the dead book, eh?"

"So I see we're resting for a bit. Sounds good," Eovin says, find a small flat surface to lay down on. She feels as though she been going non-stop for days now.


(Everyone take back HP or any other short rest benefits. Everyone go ahead and level to THREE. ((Sirocco I'll update your sheet to reflect the change.)))

Let me know the plan, marching order, etc entering the cellar door.

OOC: Eovin will be in the middle and flying so not really taking up a square.
I assume even though we leveled up, without a long rest, our new spell slots are unavailable.


(After some consideration, I've come to the conclusion that this would be the best time for everyone to gain spell slots back and all new abilities. I know I've been shouting 'short rest' on multiple posts, but this could've been a 'long rest' instead. So go ahead NOW before you go into the dungeon. Reset spells and level up and all that goodness. 🎲🎲🔮)

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