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D&D 5E [5E] YP: Sunless Citadel

What Adventure should I run for my next PbP Campaign?

  • Lost Mine of Phandelver

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • Sunless Citadel

    Votes: 6 66.7%
  • Other WotC Adventure Path

    Votes: 1 11.1%
  • Other Adventure

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

Charwoman Gene

I'm feeling the DMing itch badly, but I know my time is limited, and I recently had a game fizzle out. What I'd like to do is focus on actually running the game, not creating the whole world and plot whole cloth.

I'm seeking 3-6 players looking to play either Sunless Citadel from the Yawning Portal, Lost Mine of Phandelver, or another AP. I'm also taking suggestions for non-Wotc sources, but I'm not personally familiar with those. There will be a two-week gap at least for me to read up on any adventure other than SC or LMoP. Ideally I'm looking for people who have not played, watched or listened to the adventures in question, but I'm open to forgetful or people who think they can avoid metagaming.

Sunless Citadel IC

Rogue's Gallery
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I'd be up for any.

LMoP is the only one I've looked into and would be happy with that.

I'll look into the others and form an opinion, since "im easy" is the most infuriating answer in the world.

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First Post
I am up for an AP adventure. New to PbP and relatively new to 5e. I have a mild preference for LMoP as it is a plot for a homebrew that I have been thinking about.

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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
There have been many LMoP started here; very few have gotten very far at all. My preference would be for a short, concise game. If it were one from Yawning Portal, like Sunless Citadel, I'd be in!


First Post
I would love to play, I havn't done any of them and they aren't likely to be any time in the future. I enjoy playing pretty much any class which works out great because I can just be dropped in :) How were you planning on running it?


41st lv DM
I'd be interested.
Id actually like to play straight through the Yawning Portal adventures.

I don't need an over arcing plot to ty these all together. Just a series of ever increasingly dangerous, non-interconnected, adventures like i used to play.
Well, maybe a treasure map to lead to the next one, or our going fame getting us recruited or some such. (Ex: "Oh hey! Aren't you the guys who did the Tamoachan run? Have I got a job for you.... Aceraks Tomb of Horrors has finally been found. We need another group to check it out.... If your interested of course." )


I'm down, I voted for other WOTC AP, would love to play OOTA, but any published adventure would be good as I DM a homebrewed thus don't get to run any of the adventures.


I didn't see there was an actual poll because I use Tapatalk, but I've changed my vote to Sunless Citadell because it sounds like they've done a good job of the conversion. I've never played it but only hard good things about it.

I do like CCS's idea of maybe running through all the TFYP modules, but that can always be reviewed as each module completes.

OOTA sounds very exciting and was I hoping my IRL group would do that when we finish our current adventure, but I'll be moving in August too far to carry on with the IRL game.

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First Post
I have some interest, particularly Sunless Citadel. I did run that adventure some ten+ years ago, and personally I don't feel like I have any problem enjoying something twice or more. The big things I remember are more thematic, and that it was pretty short, which is probably pretty good for a PbP to start with.

Charwoman Gene

Okay, I'm soft closing this game. I can run 7 PCs, I've got 7 nibbles. If you are definitely interested in creating a character for a 5e Sunless Citadel game, reply below.

First priority goes to the nibblers, but feel free to express interest incase anyone drops out/doesn't reply.

Charwoman Gene

How were you planning on running it?

Should I assume from your question you've not done Play by Post before.

Basically I make a post describing the scenario, you post your action, I narrate the results of your action. EN World has a built in dice rolling system someone else will have to explain cause I forget how it works. I use http://www.coyotecode.net myself.

I usually run initiative pretty fluid due to the nature of the medium. I also believe in giving you the AC, and Saves of the enemies so you know I'd like 4-5 times a week type posting.

I'll post character creation guidelines fairly soon.


I'm thinking of a vengeance paladin, I keep wanting to play one then end up distracted by other concepts. Most of those other concepts don't get fun until level 3+ so not the best choice for a game that may not go past that.

Waiting to hear the char gen rules fist before I decide though.


First Post
I'd love to play :) (I'm assuming I'm a nibbler?) I've never done an online game except on roll20. I look forward to learning though and I'll wait until everybody else has chosen a class so I can fill whatever roll needs filling. I just enjoy playing, it really doesn't matter to me what I'm playing as :)


I am pretty open about what to play, as well. Nothing niggling strongly at me at the moment, so I can fill in whatever role we need.

@Obelisk: Welcome to play by post then :)

Charwoman Gene

Okay, Character Creation...
27 Point buy. Starting package equipment.
SCAG okay, UA Ranger okay, No Mystic/Artificier, No Volo races.
Other UA on approval
You must know each other and should be motivated to explore mysterious dungeons.

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