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D&D General 6 Core Classes: You are in charge

Oops! All Druids! should work...

Str: Moon
Dex: Stars (I guess)
Con: Spore
Int: Land
Wis: Dreams
Cha: Shepard

But in practice they all use the same stats

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Each player character has three tracks, each divided in 2 subtracks:
  1. Combat
    1. Strength - represents brute force
    2. Dexterity - represents skill, strategy nad technique
  2. Smarts
    1. Intelligence - represents learned knowledge
    2. Wisdom - represents the experienced knowlege, so-called Street Smarts
  3. Power
    1. Constitution - represents physical endurance
    2. Charisma - represnts force of personality
Each time PC advance a level they can choose two features from one or two tracks, allowing them to select feats appriopriate for certain level of this track. Feats include class features AND normal feats, some feats overlap.

Edgar Ironpelt

Let me cheat...

My preference is to avoid Single Ability-score Dependent (SAD) classes in favor of Multiple Ability-score Dependent (MAD) classes. So: Nine classes each based on two Ability scores, one physical (STR DEX CON) and one mental (INT WIS CHA)

STR & INT: Fighter ('cunning' Barbarians & 'melee' Rangers as sub-classes)
STR & WIS: Cleric
STR & CHA: Paladin
DEX & INT: Rogue
DEX & WIS: Ranger (archery version)
DEX & CHA: Bard
CON & INT: Wizard
CON & WIS: Druid
CON & CHA: Sorcerer

A Barbarian or 'dumb muscle' Fighter might break the 3x3 matrix by being STR & CON based.

The CON & WIS class might be expanded into a "Cultist" class, with class abilities based on "secret teachings only available to initiates in the Cult mysteries." Each sub-class would be a different Cult, with Druid and Monk as two Cult examples.

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