A Candlekeep Mystery (IC)

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
OOC: Crock Jon, continued

Crock Jon makes his way towards the remaining meenlock, struggling to cross the assorted debris. As he does so, he pulls his net from around his waist, and throws it at the creature, but it is easily brushed aside.

OOC: Move 15' (30 through difficult terrain), and attack with net: 1d20+6=13 (includes disadvantage). MISS.

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Cairn and Crock Jon led the way into the damp, mossy, and pool-filled chamber. The old wrinkled meenlock gave off a psychic buzzing that made it difficult to concentrate. To make matters worse, the tarrain was terrible - slippery and uneven, and the moss caught at their legs before breaking off with a terrible smell.

Argenti, Ethian, Hawthorne, and Kaliban worked their way down the steep slope into the start of the chamber, sliding down the slope in something of a jumble. At the bottom of the slope, Hawthorne pushed forward while the others held back. Ethian prayed, and his flying, glowing sword appeared and thrust itself into the old meenlock, who squawked angrily.

Cairn lumbered forward, gathering rocks from beneath the moss. He grew to a large size and managed to slam a rocky fist in a glancing blow on the old fey creature. Argenti, Kaliban, and Hawthorn fired their various ranged attacks, but with Cairn in the way and the old meenlock ducking into the moss, they all missed. Crock Jon fared no better with his net, that flew past Cairn and landed in the moss.

The elf sent faerie fires to brighten up the two opponents, and he managed to get the younger meenlock, who glowed while trying to scratch its claws at cairn, but the elder had slipped into the pool. Going under the moss, it popped back up in a different pool entirely. A wave of psychic static burst forth from it and the minds of Argenti, Ethian, and Kaliban clouded and they turned on each other in confusion.

OOC: Sorry for the months gap! Let's get it done. Argenti, Crock Jon, Hawthorne & Kaliban all missed; Cairn did 16 & Ethian did 12 to Elder, who targeted Argenti, Ethian, & Kaliban with "Twisted Thoughts" (details below). Ethian & FFired ML, who missed Cairn.
GM: Twisted Thoughts:The elder chooses up to 3 humanoid creatures it can see within 30 ft. of it. Each target must succeed on a dc14 INT save or they must use their reaction to move up to half speed & and make one weapon attack against a creature of the elder's choice. @VLAD the Destroyer Kaliban & @Leatherhead Argenti must attack Ethian; @Steve Gorak Ethian must attack Kaliban (if they fail the save I mean).
Reminder: Fear Aura. Any Beast or Humanoid that starts its turn within 10 ft. of a meenlock must succeed on a dc11 WIS save (dc13 for the Elder) or be frightened (unable to move closer, disadvantage on attacks) until the start of that creature’s next turn. @Kobold Stew Croc Jon will be within 10 ft. of the elder. @Neurotic Cairn is within 10 ft. of the meenlock.


GM: Encounter: Black Dragon Agents vs Meenlock Elder in Pool Chamber

(General Features)
Difficult Terrain: everywhere (thick moss; uneven ground); Hazards pools
Visibility: dim (meenlock's faerie fire);
Name * AC * HP * Hit Dice * PasPrc * Spells * (Notes)
Argenti AC14 HP 28/31 THP 0/7 HD 4/4 PP13 SS 2/2
Cairn AC18 HP 21/43 THP 0/7 HD 4/4 PP13** 2W 1/1 AS 1/1 (fright)
Crock Jon AC14 HP 10/36 THP 0/7 HD 2/4 PP12* SD 4/4 2W 1/1 AS 1/1
Ethian AC19* HP 16/27 THP 0/7 HD 2/4 PP16* PIns16 SS 4/4 3/3 CD 0/1 (fright)
Hawthorne AC14 HP 10/31 THP 0/7 HD 4/4 PP17 PInv17 PIns15
Kaliban AC18* HP 18/35 THP 0/7 HD 4/4 PP10* PED 4/4 (d6's) AS 1/1 (fright)
Elder Meenlock AC16 HP 88/88 PP19*
Meenlock AC15 HP 21/37 PP14*
GM: End Round One; Begin Round Two

OOC: Deal with the results of Twisted Thoughts before taking your turn.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
The constant oppressive thoughts that have clouded Crock Jon's mind for so long, and the boxer has lost all sense of time, and almost of himself. But no.

There was that time, when fighting in the pits at Cape Denou, that Crock Jon dazed and dented soldiered on in spite of all the pain he'd taken. the hoots and cheers of specatator rained down on him, and through his cauliflour ears he heard no sounds at all -- none save the single heartbeat of his foe.

It was then the heart of his opponent skipped a beat, and Crock Jon knew he'd won.

He felt that now, and fear just dropped away. He stepped towards the creature rising before him, Standing in his way as best he could, so that the one that he'd been hired to guard would each stay safe.

"Uh got 'im for yuh," he said, more for himself than anyone who might hear.

He heard no sounds, and blood dripped in his eye from previous wounds he had received. He swung... and missed. He swung again. And missed. Again. But still he stood, and standing stared the creature down as best he could.

OOC: DC 13 wisdom save: 1d20+0=13. PASS

Move to R29.

Attack: 1d20+6=12. Miss. [hoping for a menacing attack, but no dice spent].
Action Surge: 1d20+6=14. Miss. Ugh.


It appeared that as part of the mind-cloud that came from the old meenlock's constant assault on the minds of all around, it was never quite where it appeared to be. It shifted both in and out of shadows, and in and out of the conscious mind.

OOC: Poor Crock Jon. He's not having a good time of it.


Possibly a Idiot.
Argenti stops for a moment, turns to Ethan wild red glowing eyes, and slaps him. She immediately reverts and she recoils as if being scolded.

"What do you mean 'Why did I do that?' You told me too!" The confused warlock cries out to someone who isn't there, then flinches while standing still for a moment. "Sorry, Sorry!" She repeats, but the apology doesn't seem to be specifically directed towards the half-elf, and the genasi grows incedingly more distressed, with each repetition.

Her frustration builds to a violent crescendo as she lashes out with another glowing green stone, which shatters against the glowing bug. "HYAH!"

OOC: Well, good thing Argenti doesn't normally have her dagger equipped, lol
Int save: 1D20-1 = [3]-1 = 2
Unarmed strike!
Unarmed Strike 1 bludgeoning damage: 1D20+2 = [3]+2 = 5
Eldritch Blast with advantage VS meenlock
Eldritch Blast Damage 2 is bludgeoning the rest is force: 2D20.HIGH(1)+6 = [10, 13]+6 = 19 1D10+4+2 = [3]+4+2 = 9


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Cairn is confused. Elder was here, now it wasn't. There was meenlock in reach, puny thing. Yet when he looked at it, it grew in his eyes. And it was a thing not of moss, but ooze of corrupted and melted stone. Terrible thing! And Argenti-boss attacked Ethan. What is going on!?

He tried to follow his instructions, but between the fear, confusion and general uneasiness of the mines...he just vaguely waved his maul-hands toward the fey without actually endangering it.

OOC: ouch! 4, 1 and 6...

Kaliban felt the psychic wave push towards his mind. On reflex Kaliban threw his will into a shield that the wave washed over and around leaving his mind untouched. He raises his bow again and looses an arrow at the elder but his aim was off. The arrow flew wide and bounced off the wall behind the creature. Kaliban then moves closer to the elder meenlock. He keeps an eye on the stagnant pools and makes sure he does not step to close to their edge.

OOC: Int Save: 1d20+3 17

Action: Shortbow attack on meenlock elder: 1d20+5 10 1d6+3 6
Move: I will move my full movement towards the elder making sure to not enter any of the pools or water.

Steve Gorak

Ethian also felt the mental onslaught of the elder Meenlock but was able to push it away.

He raises his holy symbol to bolster his allies, and feels the waves of fear flow away.

OOC: DC14 int save: 20 Pass
Move: none
Action: channel divinity, twilight sanctuary. Allies within 30 ft with fear have it removed, those without fear gain 7 temp hp at the end of the turn for 1 minute. Ethian will do this every round: remove fear first, and if no fear, give 7 THP
bonus action: direct spiritual weapon to strike the young meenlock: attack with advantage (from faery fire 25), damage 10

Concentrating on faery fire

I'm very sorry for the delay. RL has been demanding!


With Crock Jon having moved up to the Elder, Hawthorne tries to take advantage of the distraction while sliding into a better position up against Cairn...
OOC: Move to S32

...but his crossbow shot against the elder goes wide.

OOC: Crossbow attack: [2]+4=6 miss

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