A Candlekeep Mystery (IC)


Ruznami Warmaker
Day 1/Afternoon
Round 1

As Argenti blasted her magic at one of the gnolls, Ruznami took several deep breaths, trying to call on the warlike feelings of his dwarven ancestors. He darted from cover behind the large rock, gripping his warhammer, stumbling through the thick bushes toward a gap in the palisade, casting a spell as he went. Suddenly there were three more armored, white bearded dwarves wielding warhammers and spells charging toward the gap in the palisade! And a flicker of magical energy surrounded each one as Ruznami’s arcane ward shimmered to life.

OOC: Is Ruznami’s Detect Magic pinging anything? Likely not, as he wasn’t able to get that close yet.


Mirror Image: 3 duplicates (AC 12, target on a 6+)(10r)
Twilight Sanctuary: 7 thp/r w/in 30’ of Ethian
Arcane Ward: 11/11 hp
Detect Magic (99r)
Comprehend Languages (599r)

Move: difficult terrain means he can get to F15
Free Object Interaction:
Action: Cast Mirror Image
Bonus Action:
Reaction: Opportunity Attack, Absorb Elements

Initiative: +2
Perception: +0
Speed: 25
AC: 15
HP: 26+7thp/26 HD: 4/4d6+2

Archimedes (Owl familiar)
Initiative: +1
Perception: +3 Advantage, Darkvision 120
Speed: 60 (fly); 5 (walk)
AC: 11
HP: 1

Prepared Spells
Blade Ward, Booming Blade, Fire Bolt, Lightning Lure
1) 4/4 Absorb Elements, Magic Missile, Protection from Evil and Good, Shield
2) 3/3 Arcane Lock, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray
Alarm, Comprehend Languages, Detect Magic, Find Familiar, Identify
Absorb Elements, Alarm, Comprehend Languages, Detect Magic, Find Familiar, Identify, Magic Missile, Protection from Evil and Good, Shield
(2) Arcane Lock, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray

Hawthorne Grandview - male Human rogue inquisitive
Kaliban - male deep gnome psi-warrior

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Kaliban watches as two gnolls begin to chase the horses. Not wanting to be so separated from the others Kaliban turns to the side of the tent he is using as cover. With a flick from his rapier the tents material separates leaving a gnome sized hole. Kaliban slips into the dark interior of the tent and moves towards the opening into the camp. He curses his short legs as he is unable to make it out of the tent to engage the gnoll standing just outside the opening.

OOC: Action: DC10 strength check to cut side the of the tent.: 1d20+3 15
Move: 25 feet through the tent to the entrance near Q13 or as close as I can get with my 25' movement.
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Steve Gorak

Ethian breathes a sigh of relief as he see Kaliban emerge from the tent. Empowered by Sehanine's twilight, and wanting to attract some of the gnolls away from the gnome, he emerges from behind the rocks, and moves forward to meet them in battle. As he advances, he shouts in common: "Surrender or forfeit your lives!"

Ethian advances towards the K13 Gnoll and if it doesn't throw its weapon on the ground, he will begin casting.

OOC: move towards K13
action: cast sacred flame, dexterity save DC 14 or 3 radiant damage
Note: I'm assuming Ethian has his sword and shield in hand (his shield has his deity's symbol, so he can cast sacred flame (VS))


Shadows lengthened on the western side of the hill as Ethian, Ruznami, and Argenti advanced. The hyena jumped to its feet and gave a cackling howl before rushing down the hill to nip at Ruznami's illusory dwarves. The largest of the gnolls gave off chasing the horses and raised his head and hooted (a very odd noise) before turning back toward the west, shouting in his strange tongue to his crew to slay the invaders.

Kaliban slipped through the back of the tent and made his way forward. Had it not been for the harshness of his past, he may have been horrified by what he saw there. The tent was furnished with the bones of humanoids - both as various useful objects and as grotesque works of art. Many were engraved with infernal symbols.

As he peeked out the tent's flap, the large gnoll saw him and rushed toward him. Kaliban stepped back into the tent as the big gnoll's head thrust through the heavy canvas and snapped powerful jaws at him like a feral animal.

OOC: Hyena dashes. Gnoll1 bites at Kaliban Bite: 1D20+5 = [9]+5 = 14 for 1D4+2 = [4]+2 = 6 Miss.


The gnolls rushed around the campfire organising their defense. One threw a spear that pierced through one of Ruznami's dwarves, causing the illusion to fall to the ground and disappear (the spear remained stuck in the sod). Then, one pulled and fired a heavy-looking bow; the arrow would have struck Ethian, but Sehanine's protection prevailed and the arrow passed through a shadowy patch under his arm. Another hollered, leaped past the crude wooden defenses, and ran down the hill to threaten the elf.

To the east, a lone gnoll caught the slowest horse while the other two dashed off into the trees.

With all the gnolls occupied, Hawthorne was able to creep up the hill to where Broun was tied to a post. The half-orc driver had been badly beaten and under-fed (a prisoner for two days), but he was solidly-built, even at middle-age, and his eyes still held a sharp look of defiance. When he realised that it was Hawthorne who was behind him, he arched his head and quietly nodded his head in great relief as Hawthorne used a small tool to release the very tight knot that bound his arms.

OOC: Gnolls go. G2 catches a horse. Does G3 Target a mirror image?:Spell: 1D20 = [14] = 14 Yes. G3 throws a Spear: 1D20+4 = [8]+4 = 12 & destroys a mirror image. G4 shoots an arrow at Ethian: Bow: 1D20+3 = [16]+3 = 19 hit for 1D8+1 = [6]+1 = 7 (Takes out E's THP); G5 dashes. Broun is freed.


GM: Encounter: Black Dragon Agents vs Gnolls

(General Features)
Difficult Terrain: Bushes, Shrubs, Rocks, Wooden Posts. Hazzard Fire Pit
Visibility: Bright (It's daytime)
Name * AC * HP * Hit Dice * PasPrc * Spells * (Notes)
Hawthorne AC14 HP 31/31 THP 7/7 HD 4/4 PP17 PInv17 PIns15
Kaliban AC18* HP 35/35 THP 7/7 HD 4/4 PP10* SED 4/4 (d6's)
Ethian AC19* HP 27/27 THP 0/7 HD 4/4 PP16* PIns16 SS 4/4 3/3 CD 1/1
Argenti AC14 HP 31/31 THP 7/7 HD 4/4 PP13 SS 1/2
Ruznami AC15 HP 26/26 THP 7/7 AW10/10 HD 4/4 PP10* PInv15 SS 4/4 3/3
--RuzMirror AC12 2/3 Images (Target8+)
Broun AC11 HP 1/18 PP12* (Exhaustion 4)
Shedrick AC13 HP 16/16 THP 7/7 PP11 (has a Healing Potion)
Hyena AC11 HP 9/9 PP13*
Gnoll1(Boss) AC15 HP 32/32 PP11
Gnolls AC14 HP 22ea PP10*
G2 22/22; G3 15/22; G4 22/22 G5 22/22
GM: End Round One; Begin Round Two

Kaliban deflects the creatures jaws with his shield. The move creates an opening that he uses to strike with his rapier. As he strikes he focuses his mind at the tip of his sword. The blade strikes true sinking deep into the gnoll. At the same instant a telekinetic blow slams into the creature. Kaliban prepares for the counter attack from the gnoll and glances at the others to see how his allies are faring.

OOC: Strike at Gnoll 1 w Rapier: 1d20+5 23 1d8+3 11
Expand a psionic energy die to use psionic strike. Psionic Strike damage: 1d6+3 9


Possibly a Idiot.


As the bonds holding Broun fall away, Hawthorne slowly lifts the halfork to his feet... keeping an eye to the south on the gnoll currently engaged with Kalliban. He whispers "Hold on, my friend. Let's get you out of here. Come this way... Shedrick is under cover behind the large rocks and he'll fix you up." He helps bring Broun to his feet, then starts escorting the coachman back to where Shedrick resides.

OOC: Hawthorne walks with the coachman 15 feet in the direction of where Shedrick is hiding [15' move to M3].

- If Broun requires assistance the entire way, Hawthorne continues to walk with him the remainder of his 30' move, then uses his action to Dash with Broun to get as far over to Shedrick as they can, using the left tent for blocking cover.

- If Broun can walk on his own to get over to Shedrick, Hawthorne lets him go, then...
  • pulls out his light crossbow [object interaction]
  • uses the remainder of his movement to move up against the tent [15' move to M6]
  • uses a Cunning Bonus action to Hide [Stealth: 1d20+4+10: [12] + 4 + PwT 10 = 26]
  • then leans out to fire at the Gnoll 1 Boss. [Attack w/Advantage: 2d20: 6/11: [11] + 4 = 15 / Damage: [8] + 2 + SA [4] = 14 piercing damage]
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