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A Candlekeep Mystery (IC)


Hawthorne looks around at the carnage surrounding them, the bloodied bodies of the gnolls and hyenas strewn about the camp.

"This is no place to spend an evening... bedding down amongst the carcasses. The stench is enough to be a clarion call to every corpse predator in the wood. I would much rather hike back to the road and set up camp by the wagon for the eve. At least next to the road there is the chance of other peoples or guardsman moving by to keep things clear."

He glances at the others in the group with a questioning eye, trying his best to ignore the blood and pus pooling around the bodies at their feet. "Any disagreement on that? I'm willing to discuss it if anyone really prefer to remain here. Not that sleeping in these tents would be any better than out under the stars."

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Possibly a Idiot.
"If you are sure, Broun. Though I would personally sleep better if you at least stayed this night with us."

After listening to Hawthorns evaluation, Argenti gives consideration to the camp. "This encampment is fortified." She notes the wooden stakes formed into a crude barricade. "But I don't know if I could call that a point in it's favor. The gnolls clearly expected undesirable company here, and I would shudder to think of what they could possibly find undesirable."


Ruznami Warmaker
Gnoll camp
Day 1/Afternoon
Round 0

“This is filthy,” Ruznami had to agree, looking around the gnoll camp. He wasn’t used to roughing it outside of his chambers at Candlekeep. “The bodies are easy enough to take care of.” He cupped some fire in his hand. “But I am fine with whatever those more experienced than I wish,” the dwarf admitted, giving Archimedes a scratch on his head and rewarding him with a field mouse he had caught.


Arcane Ward: 11/11 hp
Comprehend Languages (484r)

Free Object Interaction:
Bonus Action:
Reaction: Opportunity Attack, Absorb Elements, Shield
Concentration: Detect Magic

Initiative: +2
Perception: +0
Speed: 25
AC: 15
HP: 26+7thp/26 HD: 4/4d6+2

Archimedes (Owl familiar)
Initiative: +1
Perception: +3 Advantage, Darkvision 120
Speed: 60 (fly); 5 (walk)
AC: 11
HP: 1

Prepared Spells
Blade Ward, Booming Blade, Fire Bolt, Lightning Lure
1) 4/4 Absorb Elements, Magic Missile, Protection from Evil and Good, Shield
2) 3/3 Arcane Lock, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray
Alarm, Comprehend Languages, Detect Magic, Find Familiar, Identify
Absorb Elements, Alarm, Comprehend Languages, Detect Magic, Find Familiar, Identify, Magic Missile, Protection from Evil and Good, Shield
(2) Arcane Lock, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray

Hawthorne Grandview - male Human rogue inquisitive
Kaliban - male deep gnome psi-warrior

Steve Gorak

"As much as I dislike using the accommodations of the demon worshipers, it is perhaps the wisest think to do until tomorrow morning. Let us dig some graves for the poor souls that perished at the hands of these terrible creatures."


The discussion went back-and-forth for a while until a consensus was reached with a plan to return to the road. After burying the bones - humanoid and others - which the gnolls had used in grizzly fashion to furnish their tents, the company gathered anything of possible value (including nearly everything that the gnolls had looted from the coach - Shedrick lamented that the big gnoll had drunk his bottle of rum). Then they secured the loot, in sacks, to the horses and they left the gnoll camp behind them.

Leading the three horses, they followed Archimedes along a return path as the sun lowered in the west. By the dim light of dusk they upturned the coach. Though he was in no shape to help with the task, Broun instructed Shedrick on how to use the horses to accomplish it, and with the some assistance from the others, the job was done without much fuss. Unfortunately, there was some damage to one of the wheels.

"There's a decent regular-use camp about four miles up the road" said Broun, who was familar with the route, "If I were in better shape, and could find my tools, which should be in with the loot, I could get her road-ready in ten minutes and we could be there in ninety. With the growing dark and the shape I'm in, I dunno how long it'll take."

He shrugged an looked around. It was not a great place to make camp. Not far from the sea, the wind was cold and damp. The ground was rocky, overgrown, and wet. The only place to bed down was pretty much on the road itself. There was not a lot of regular traffic, and certainly not at night, but it was terribly exposed.
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Steve Gorak

After contributing to burying the bones, Ethian prays out loud “May resting with your gods bring you peace”.

He then responds to Broun, but addresses the others too “Let me see what I can do, I need all your help. Can you hold the wheel, and this part here,…” he continues asking for support as he magically repairs some components

OOC: multiple castings of mending as needed


While magic was certainly common enough in the world that Broun understood that it existed and that it could do many things, still it was rare enough in his profession that Broun nodded appreciatively at Ethian's spell, saying, "Wish I knew how to do it like that. Sure is a whole lot faster than doing it by hand."

They were able to hitch the three horses, and though they were short by one (this coach was best pulled by a full team of four horses) Broun was able to instruct Shedrick on adjustments that would need to be made for three. The coachman's box could sit two (Shedrick suggested that he could drive, having handled the team on a few occasions) and the interior seating was meant for four, but the cushioned benches could theoretically accommodate all five of the company - Kaliban did not take up too much space.

Broun was stoic and used to the life of a servant. He fully expected to ride up front, but he would be exposed to rain (which had begun) and would have to use his own strength (which was not at its best) to hold himself in his seat.

OOC: Anyone want to volunteer to ride with Shedrick? Someone with darkvision would be good to keep an eye on the road, especially if we don't have a good light. Speaking of which, the coach's lantern was smashed, and the gnolls didn't have one. I don't know if anyone in the party has a lantern or a light spell. Shedrick will be in danger of losing the road without it.

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