A short Yoon Suin adventure (powered by Troika!) - game is on, still room.


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I have a short adventure I want to run in the Yoon Suin setting - a "point" crawl in a ruined city overgrown by jungle. I've already play-tested it with my group. The goal here is to (of course) have fun with a short mission with a defined end, but also to try something new, both setting and system wide.

Yoon Suin is a vaguely Tibet/Nepal/India inspired setting, ruled by indolent slugmen who are obsessed with tea, opium and knowledge. It is also the best RPG book I've purchased in the last 20 years.

Troika! is a very simple yet robust gaming system, based on the old Fighting Fantasy "choose your own adventure" style books. If you don't know the system, don't have the book, don't worry about it, is is extremely easy to learn. Character creation is very fast and somewhat random - you roll to see what character you are. You could be a parchment witch, a lonesome king (who has no kingdom), a monkey wrangler, a poorly made dwarf.... What you do with this selection is, of course, entirely up to you - "designing" your character isn't the game here, playing your character is :)

Troika! has a psychedelic science-fantasy flavor, one that will marry well with Yoon Suin I think. Your characters will be locals, travelers, or perhaps visitors from beyond the stars. This is my first pbp game as a GM, although I've been involved in several as a player. If at the end of the adventure, everyone is having fun and wants to continue, we could!

So who is interested?

Edit: we will go ahead if we have 3 players, and I will cap it at 6.
Edit 2: if you are hesitating because you are afraid of getting a background you don't like, if it's something you really hate I will allow a re-roll. Alternatively players could "trade" PCs. But do have an open mind, this isn't a classic "fighter wizard thief cleric" game.
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the magical equivalent to the number zero
I certainly am! Ever since you recommended Yoon Suin to me, I've been eager to explore that world.

Don't know the Troika! system, but it sounds easy and fun. :)


Dusty Dragon
All right! I'm sure we can get another few to join.

In the meantime, both of you give me 11d6 roll (via coyote code) - I need to see the value rolled on each d6 :)

If I see your reply when I have my book accessible, I can give you your character in 5 minutes flat :)

edit 3: the "official" threads:

In game play: The Hunt for the Blue Palace (Yoon Suin/Troika!)
Out of character: OSR - OOC: The hunt for the blue palace (Troika!/Yoon-Suin, open).
Rogue Gallery: OSR - RG: The Hunt for the Blue Palace

(for some reason I can't edit the first post anymore :/)
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Dusty Dragon
(decent stats btw)
Yongardy Lawyer
Down in Yongardy they do things
differently. They respect the Law.
Every day there is a queue outside the
courts to get a seat to see the latest
up and coming barrister defend their
case with three feet of steel. The
people follow the careers of their
favourite solicitors, watch all their
cases, collect their portraits, and
sneak into the court after hours to
dab the patches of blood on white
In Yongardy, they love the Law.
• Rapier (Damage as Sword) and Puffy
Shirt or Sjambok (Damage as Club)
and Lots of Scars or Longsword
and Heavy Armour or Hammer and
Gargantuan Shield.
• Manual on Yongardy Law.
• Barrister’s Wig.
Advanced Skills
4 Fighting in your chosen Weapon
2 Etiquette
1 Healing

Also, generic starting gear:
2d6 Silver Pence (You get 7), a Knife, a Lantern & Flask of Oil, a Rucksack, 6 Provisions.



Dusty Dragon
(no 2 players will start with the same background)

So to give you a better understanding of what these numbers mean, if you are trying to do a generic skill check (something you aren't trained in), you have to roll 5 or less on 2d6. But if you are ettiquette, then you would do 7 (ie 5 + your rank) or less on 2d6.

There are a lot of sly jokes in the backgrounds, for example the lawyer being a highly skill combatant maybe a wink at rules lawyering :D


the magical equivalent to the number zero

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