A short Yoon Suin adventure (powered by Troika!) - game is on, still room.


Dusty Dragon

It will take me a day or two to get properly set up, and maybe another player will join us, but in the meantime, you can have some tea:


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Yup, longsword it is. I think the picture match the setting.
I still have to come with a background for me and JustinCase.
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Dusty Dragon
That is a great image @Fradak

I think that @JustinCase 's character will be the "connector" - you met him at the docks some time ago when you first arrived in the Yellow City. After he quit his job, he may have worked for @wingilbear 's character. The slugman is the person who knows Dubi Gan.

@wingilbear : I tried a playtest of the game yesterday and it made me realize something - skill 4 characters ... it kinda sucks. I am using GM fiat to increase your skill to 5. :)

@ everyone: I'm ready ish to start. As soon as everyone has posted their characters in the Rogue Gallery, we will start. This is a small group, but I'm hoping that it will lead to faster play (less chances of someone being late for whatever reason). I am very much looking forward to this!

If someone else wants to join in, there is still time!


Ghostly Tuft
New person here, looking to join in! :)
It's my first play by post, so be gentle.

I have the troika book beside me, and I've been looking to try it out.
Psychedelic-weird-fantasy is my jam.


Dusty Dragon
All right, let's decode that in my handy character creator grid :)

Skill 5 (it should be 4 but I'm bumping all skill 4 to 5, 4 is just too low)
Luck: 7
Stamina: 18

You are a roaming seer, selling your
visions at courts and fetes. You are
instantly recognisable by your yellow
coif and habit as being open for
business. Road weary and worldwise,
your unpopular visions cause you to
constantly move on.
• Yellow epopt outfit, padded for
protection against unhappy clients
(counts as Modest Armour).
• Epopt Staff, being a walking staff
with seeing crystal on one end
(Damage as Staff).
• Collapsible tent, large enough for
your stall.
Advanced Skills
2 Awareness
2 Evaluate
1 Second Sight
1 Etiquette
1 Fist Fighting
1 Run
Epopts may Test their Luck to get
a yes or no answer to a question
about mundane matters. The GM
should make this Test in private, not
informing the Epopt if their visions
are accurate.

Starting money 7 silvers
Generic equipment: a Knife, a Lantern & Flask of Oil, a Rucks ack, 6 Provisions.


Dusty Dragon
As to how you fit in the group @tuffghost12 , I think that one is easy - one other PC (maybe @wingilbear 's slugman character), whom you had dealt with before, consulted you on if this was a favorable venture. The omen were so favorable you decided to joint!

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