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Scion of Murgen (He/Him)
This one needs to stand on it's own.

I love this adventure. Sure it's suffered from mal-informed bad takes and criticisms and I do indeed think it can be very bad for the wrong group. But with buy in it's terrrifically fun.

For instance we ran a "Tower of Gygax" style event. Where folks would form groups of 1st level characters and see how far they could actually get. Surprisingly far! Note this was all in the 5e version of the Tomb for AL legal characters, before the level limit guidance came out for the adventure.

Let's put a bow on the D&D release year of 1978 with a very iconic module/adventure. Up today is S1 Tomb of Horrors. From my collection are a shrink 2nd printing as well as TSR's Editing Department's copy. Yes. This is actually that. Onto 1979!

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this one is weird on the DMSGuild too. Like D1 I can't find an individual listing for it. Just in bundles of one sort or another. Odd that.
In the history section of one of those compilations it says it was inspired by an adventure sent into TSR. Did you know you can get a copy o that submitted adventure in the book Art & Arcana?
S1: Tomb of Horrors
(1978) is the original killer dungeon. It was designed by Gary Gygax based on a similar tomb by Californian player Alan Lucien. Gygax originally used it to challenge Rob Kuntz's Robilar and Ernie Gygax's Tenser, but later carried it around in a briefcase to test arrogant players. It was used as a tournament for Origins 1 (1975), then became one of TSR's first adventures.
Yes, Tomb of Horrors is a re-write and expansion of Tomb of Ra-Hotep, by Alan Lucien. In addition to being a good dungeon design clearly inspired by real world Egyption and other tombs, it's the origin of the Sphere of Annihilation. :)

The deluxe boxed edition of the D&D Art & Arcana comes with a reproduction copy of Tomb of Ra-Hotep in little brown book format to match OD&D.

Wandering DMs & WebDM collaborated for a Halloween Live Play of it in 2020, running in Delta's Original Edition Delta variant of OD&D. Four hours long, but an excellent actual/live play IMO, and I'm not usually a big watcher of those.


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