A Tournament of Cosmic Propotions! (Immortal's Handbook Rules)

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First Post
...you walked right into that one, Neo. :p

Also, I went through every single Immortals NPC I've statted, and somehow I don't have a single character who could enter the tournament. I have about 40 in the 50 - 120 range, and another 40 or so in the 300+ range, but nothing in between at all. Very strange.

Some of them would have been really fun to play with, too, but they're way too powerful, unfortunately.


...you walked right into that one, Neo. :p

Also, I went through every single Immortals NPC I've statted, and somehow I don't have a single character who could enter the tournament. I have about 40 in the 50 - 120 range, and another 40 or so in the 300+ range, but nothing in between at all. Very strange.

Some of them would have been really fun to play with, too, but they're way too powerful, unfortunately.

You're more than welcome to stat some of them at a higher level if you really want to enter them. Or perhaps an Avatar/Aspect of one of your higher immortals could enter. If you don't have the stat-block for your BA, I'm pretty sure you should still have a link to it somewhere in the old Dicefreaks thread.


First Post
I'll look into that, Neo. And I still have my giant's stats, but I think he needs a complete redesign with the changes we made, if I remember correctly. I'll probably have him done by the end of this weekend (been busy lately).

Also, just let me say, I love your avatar. Fingolfin is so badass.


Also, just let me say, I love your avatar. Fingolfin is so badass.

Ironically, I didn't even know it was Fingolfin that was being depicted until recently. Fingolfin looks more or less just like Andrew did when he was mortal. Even the shield with the 6 wings of the Seraphim is Andrew's Holy symbol. Speaking of Andrew guess I might as well....

The following link contains info regarding the Shinobi Class, both Andrew Sendant & Ryuushin Genji Ryo have 20 levels in this class.

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I wrote the following piece of fluff to explain how a god of Good and Peace could have ended up wrapped up in a tournament of war and godlsaughter.

The morning sun rises over the shining capital of Sunsanctum and bathes the land in it's warming glow. Many of the city's denizens begin their morning rituals of breakfast and chores, while some prepare to set out on another adventure to further their causes. Andrew & Amastacia are already out when the sun rises, helping the various refugees from the recently destroyed city of Waterdeep get acclimated to their new lives in Sunsanctum. Andrew is conversing housing arrangements for the refugees with one of their leaders, but his conversation is abruptly interrupted. Mid-sentance, the man stops speaking and his look of admiration and respect is replaced with a look of shock and confusion. "What's the matter my friend?" Andrew asks, confused as to the source of his new accquintance's distress. "B-b-beggin' yer' pardon mi'lord, but your crown, it has dissappeared!"[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot] Andrew doesn't seem in the least bit surprised by this, he simply lets out a deep sigh and says in Rokugani "Genji, please return my crown." A split second later, a small child, garbed in gray robes with a red scarf, bracers and belt appears next to the two men, with a smile on his face and a platinum crown in his hand. Andrew smiles and kneels down to accept the return of his crown. The young "ninja" forks over the crown, and Andrew turns to face the diplomat, "Please excuse us dear friend, my queen will be more than happy to help you with the housing arrangements for your people. I have business to which i must attend." Amastacia escorts the diplomat away after planting a kiss on her husbands lips. The other two gods retreat back to Castle Sunsanctum, into Andrew's throne room where they could discuss matters in private.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot] Andrew sits down in his throne, sips some fine wine from a goblet and asks frankly "So, Genji, my friend, to what do I owe the pleasure?" The young ninjas response comes out in rokugani as a string of words that almost blur together into a single long word "Alabaster and I have arranged a tournament of skill and you're going." Andrew nearly spits out his wine, then hurriedly responds "That's funny, I don't remember signing up for any tournament, would you care to enlighten me as to how this happened?" Genji grins, ear to ear, "I signed you up, it was quite easy, all it took was a little make-up, a crown, a sword and shiled and an application of my peerless skill, and I'm fairly sure I had the vampire in charge of sign up for the tournament fooled that I was you. Even though you may not have signed up, and been entered into the tournament under false pretenses, that doesn't change the fact that you are signed up. You wouldn't want people to think you're a liar or a coward would you now?" Genji's question was rhetorical as he had much experience in twisting the codes of honor followed by Samurai in rokugan to work against them, and twisting the code of a Paladin wasn't much different. [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot] Andrew absorbs his friends words carefully, stroking his beardless chin in deep contemplation. "I can forgive you for this my friend, but please tell me at least you didn't sign up my queen for this madness." Genji shakes his head. "Good." Andrew replied. "When?" Andrew asked. "Ten years from today, which will provide us ample time to complete your training without interfering with your duty to your people." Andrew cocked an eyebrow "Training? Whatever do you mean?" Genji claps his hands excitedly, a blur of motion most mortal eyes could not even preceive, and says happily "You will train under me, for I have defeated you in combat, but you have yet to learn from me, this must change if you are to survive the tournament." Andrew exclaims "You mean this is to be a lethal tournament!? I will not participate in such senseless slaughter! I would rather be known as a liar than a murde-" Genji shushes him by placing a hand over his mouth midsentance. "Killing is permitted in the tournament, not required. I know you're more than capable of defeating a foe without killing them, if you knock them out, or they surrender, you will be promoted to the next round." A moment later he removes his hand from Andrews mouth and allows him to speak once more.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot] "Very well, but I will not kill anyone, especially not for such an unworthy cause as entertainment." Andrew reluctantly states with a slightly furrowed brow. Genji replies confidently "Then it should be especially challenging for you, because your rival Tempus Foehammer has already signed up for this tournament, and he would certainly like to see you dead." Andrew sighs again "Genji... what have you done?" Genji's smile grew even wider and he shot Andrew a wink "See you tonight then." With nothing more than a fading after-image to signify he was ever even standing there, Genji was gone, leaving Andrew to contemplate his situation and try and turn it into something positive.... a difficult task indeed.[/FONT]

Andrew Sendant, King of Sunsanctum, Dragon Prince of Bahumat
At first glance, this creature looks like a four winged Angel with what looks to be a miniature sun, shining brightly behind it. Through the glare of holy radiance, you can barely see that this Angel stands roughly 5'9 and has long blonde hair, tied back in a pony tail. As the radiance begins to subside gently, you can see he has deep blue eyes that seem to peer into your very soul. He wears a custom made platinum-mithral alloyed Armor of The Celestial Batallion with runes and designs in elegant blue and silver. Around his waist is a red sash of light, with Symbols etched into it in Rokugani, and features a central Kanji for the word travel, "Ryo", as well as 7 other Kanji, each representing a tenet of Bushido. His handsome face is gentle and clean-shaven his face is completed by an ever-present and friendly smile. Draping it's way down his back is a celestial cloak that seems to be literally woven of platinum thread, covered in runes all in the celestial scrypt. He offers out his gentle hand in friendship and says softly "The name is Andrew, it's a pleasure to meet you." and bows formally. What you had thought was a miniature sun behind this Angel, was a mere halo, floating innocently above his head, shining with so much purity that if you stare into it you can lose yourself in it's brilliance. Yet, in your entire existence, you have never felt so at peace with yourself and others and all the world around you.

Aandrew Sendant, Greater God of Peace & Good (ECL 180 dvr 18 Greater Power /CR 119)
Male Lawful Good Medium Outsider(Human, Angel, Unique)
Paladin 40/Soverign King 5/ Vassal of Bahumat 10/Dragon Rider 5/Shinobi 20/Cosmic Healer 10
Init +56; Senses Dragon Senses, One With The Land, One with the Fauna, Godly Senses, Sixth Sense Listen +149, Spot +149
Aura Aura of Good, Aura of Courage, Imperious Aura, Divine Aura, Calming Aura, Positive Energy Aura
Languages Andrew may cast Tongues at will and will do so to communicate with any sentient creature.

AC 557 , touch 284 , 427 flat-footed(can only be caught flat footed by ECL 184 opponents or higher), 206 flat-footed touch (10 + 18 divine + 27 natural (+185 natural while wearing armor) +38 dex + 40 dodge + 36 armor + 52 shield + 71 deflection + 18 luck +71 shinobi +18 competence )
hp(90d20 (90d100 while wearing armor) +2700) x4 = 46,800 (93,600 in Sunsanctum), 18,000 if armor is sundered, (36,000 in Sunsanctum if Platinum Armor is sundered.), 45 , Andrew gains regeneration 45 every round he does not attack ( / );
DR DR 540/-
Immune Negative Energy, Mind Effects, Diseases, Overwhelming Effects of Adamic Dragons, All Inner Planar Hazards including those of the Prime Material Plane. All Animals, Elementals & Outsiders with the Nature Portfolio start as "Friendly" toward Andrew. Andrew is immune to all attacks and hostility unless he attacks first, which...he never does. (Cosmic Innocence See Below)
SR SR 118
Weakness His Eyes (Achiles Heel, see below)
Fortitude: 47 +30 con + 18 divine + 71 divine grace + 71 heavenly soul +18 competence = 255
Reflex: 47 +38 dex + 18 divine + 71 divine grace + 71 heavenly soul +18 competence = 263
Will: 41 +38 wisdom + 18 divine + 71 divine grace + 71 heavenly soul +18 competence = 257

Speed 270 ft., Fly 1080 ft. (Perfect)
Melee Unarmed 55 + 18 divine +38 dexterity +71 luck + 38 sacred (+5 insight if target is flat-footed) = +220 Melee
8d6+43 subdual
Shield Slam 55 + 18 + 38 + 71 + 38 +1 enhancement = +221 Melee 4d6+43 subdual + Cosmic Serpent Effect (Will save DC 144 negates, however DC increases by 1 with each hit to a maximum DC of 215)
Ranged Spells, Spell-like abilities, Telepathic Diplomacy Checks vs. other creatures.

Base Atk +55 Grp+159
Atk Options Uncanny Iatric & Holy [effects], Mercy of God, Spells & Spell-Like Abilities, Unarmed, Shield of Mercy, Martial Manuevers, Smite Evil, Nonlethal Substitution, Purify Spell, Calming Aura, Dragon-wrack, Turn Undead or Evil Outsiders 74/day, One With Virtue, Preemptive Strike
Special Actions Martial Counters, Stances & Boosts, Meta-magic Freedom, Remove Disease, Lay on Hands, Pass the Mantle, Spur Mount, Cosmic Healing, Summon Second Choir, Detect Evil


Spell-like Abilities (CL th)
At Will- Commune, Dream, Etherealness, Geas/Quest, Greater Dispel Magic, Greater Teleport, Magic Jar, Sendings, Tongues
18/day - Wish
Peace Portfolio- Sanctuary, Calm Emotions, Suggestion, Hold Monster, Suggestion, Mass, Repulsion, Binding, Hold Monster (Mass)
Good Portfolio- Protection From Evil, Aid, Magic Circle Against Evil, Holy Smite, Dispel Evil, Blade Barrier, Holy Word, Holy Aura, Summon Monster IX

SpellsDivine Spells Per Day: (1-10th level) 13/12/12/12/9/9/9/9/8/8
Andrew may choose spells from the Cleric, Paladin & Imagist spell lists.
Typical Divine Spells Prepared:
1st level - Hide from Undeadx2, Shield of Faith, Expeditious Retreatx4, Remove Fear, Cure Light Woundsx4
2nd level - Cats' Grace x2, Hero's Visage, Haste Mountx2, Summon Mount, Reverse Gender, Mantle of Lovex2, Resist Temptationx4
3rd level - Lifebond, Heal Mountx5, Healing Sphere x6,
4th level - Resplendent Presence, Beauty's Caress x3, Blessed Seedx2, Succorx3, Cure Critical Woundsx5
5th level - Baleful Polymorph, Commune With Nature, Hallowx3, Permanencyx2,
6th level- Banishment x4, Hero's Feast x3, True Seeing, Heal
7th level- Peace Aura x2, Greater Restoration x3,
8th level- Moment of Presiencex3, Cure Critical Woundsx6
9th level- Quickened Perfectionx2, Quickened Mount Growthx2, Freedom, Miraclex3
10th level- Wisdom of the Elder Gods, You Shall Be Safe By My Side x2, Quickened Banishment, Quickened Non-Lethal Holy Sword, Splendor of the Seraphimx3

Maneuvers Disciplines: Golden Saint, Hidden Door, Steel Mountain, Setting Sun
Maneuvers Known: (17) Counter Charge, Comet Throw, Mirrored Pursuit, Fool's Strike, Hydra Slaying Strike, Tornado Throw,Templar's Strike, Sieze The Blade, Saintly Palm of Penitence, Angelic Hammer, Saintly Palm of Golden Ice, Hand of the Heaven's Judgement, Flowing Strike, Empty Hand, Hidden Defence, Weapon and Body Are One, Battle Bash
Maneuvers Readied: (9)
Stances Known: (5) Agile Expertise, Enduring Veil, Shifting Defence, Gaze of the Angelic Champion, Defensive Master

Strength: 48 | 60 +25
Dexterity:70 | 86 +38
Constitution:58 | 70 +30
Intelligence: 54 +22
Wisdom: 70 | 86 +38
Charisma:76 | 152 +71
SQ Divine Bonus +18,Godly Realm (Sunsanctum), Grant Spells, Immortality
Feats Pure of Heart, Sacred Vow, Vow of Obedience, Vow of Nonviolence, Vow of Peace, Mounted Combat, Skill Focus (Ride)
Epic Feats Healing Touch, Epic Skill Focus (Heal), Epic Skill Focus (Diplomacy), Dragon Friend, Dragon Steed, Epic Leadership, Legendary Commander, Epic Reputation, Planar Turning, Empower Turning, Positive Energy Aura, Widen Aura of Courage, Great Smiting, Legendary Rider, Epic Skill Focus (Ride), Consecrate Spell, Purify Spell, Nonlethal Substitution, Improved Combat Casting, Quicken Spell, Empower Spell, Meta-Magic Freedom, Epic Will, Epic Shield Focus, Pre-emptive Strike, Sticky Strike, Soothsayer, Light Armor Masterry*, Good Reflexes*, Improved Dodge*, Supreme Dodge*, Permanent Emanation (Death Ward)*, Superior Initiative*, Hidden Door Mastery*, Golden Saint Mastery*, Steel Mountain Mastery*, Great Wisdomx3*
Balance +185, Climb +136, Concentration +141, Craft (Armorsmithing) +133, Decipher Script +133, Diplomacy +240, Disable Device +133, Disguise +182, Escape Artist +149, Gather Information +218, Handle Animal +182, Heal +169, Hide +149, Intimidate +182, Jump +172, Knowledge(All) +133, Listen +149, Martial Lore +169, Move Silently +149, Open Lock +149, Preform +182, Profession(King) +149, Ride +195, Search +133, Sense Motive +149, Spot +149, Spellcraft +169, Survival +185, Tumble +185, Use Magic Device +182

(+10 on all Charisma based checks vs. Dragons and Creatures with the dragon subtype, +14 on diplomacy vs. dragons)
(+90 on all charisma based checks vs. Good aligned characters)
(+4 on all charisma based checks)
(+92 bonus on ride checks while riding a dragon)

Platinum Armor of the Dragon KingThis platinum armor can be called to Andrew as a free action. It has a small inlay of Orichalcum and is exceptionally reflective, as it is actually made from Polychromatic Dragonhide. It functions as a +12 Ghost Touch Heavy Fortification Platinum Armor (see below for more info on Platinum Armor). It also grants Andrew acess to the Cosmic Toughness and Hyperstosis Cosmic Abilities.
Crown of SunsanctumThis platinum crown is always atop Andrews' head and gives him a sixth sense about himself and his Kingdom. It provides a +16 insight bonus to Andrew's wisdom score and also allows Andrew access to the Good Messiah and Cosmic Firmament cosmic abilities so long as he wears the Crown.
Shield of MercyThis shining Mithral shield is inlaid with a small amount of Adamantite giving it a blue hue to it's silver sheen. It is embroidled by a masterful carving of the Six winged Seraphim. Anyone struck by this shield must make a will save or instantly have their alignment turn to good. Furthermore, each time they are stuck by the shield the DC for the will save increases to a maximum of a +71 bonus. Otherwise it functions as a +46 bashing merciful large shield.
Boots of the Dragon RiderThese boots crafted from Polychromatic dragon-hide are fit for the feet of a King. They can only be worn by one who has mastered the art of riding a Dragon. They change the "dragonriding" class feature to be based on HD/character level rather than class level.(see below) Furthermore they grant immunity to elemental damage (Fire, Acid, Sonic, Cold, Electric). They also grant a +34 dodge bonus to AC and grant a +16 to the wearers dexterity score. Finally it grants access to the Elusion Cosmic Ability, but the wearer must have a base dexterity of at least 70.
Non Artifact Posessions
Cloak of the Platinum ChampionThis Silvery-white Cloak is embroidled with celestial runes and elegant patterns. It surrounds the wearer in a fuzzy haze of sparkling light, giving them a 20% miss chance vs. all attacks. It also provides a +10 competence bonus to diplomacy checks and a +10 exalted bonus to the wearer's leadership score. Finally for any mortal with a base cha score of 69 or below, it functions as a cloak of Epic Cha +12, However if the wearer has a score of 70 or higher in charisma as a base, then it becomes a Cloak of Legendary Charisma.
Bracers of the Golden ArchonThese golden bracers allow the wearer to switch between subdual and lethal damage with any attack or spell like ability at no penalty. Furthermore they add a +12 bonus to strength and constitution and otherwise function as Bracers of Relentless Might
Mundane Possessions Angelweed, Ryo Clan Instructor Sash
Any ability not listed here can be found in the Quintessential Paladin,BoED, Draconomicon,d20srd.org or in this thread.

Mortal Abilities

Hands of a True King (Ex.) Andrew has an extra-ordinary ability to heal his subjects. All cure spells cast by him use d10s for healing dice instead of d8s. He gains a +4 sacred bonus on his caster level checks to dispel curses, evil enchantments and diseases.

Boon of a True King (Su.) Once per day Andrew may bestow a boon that functions exactly like bless but lasts for 38 weeks.

Pass the Mantle (Su.) Andrew may abdicate his throne in Sunsanctum in favor of an heir he has chosen. For a period of up to 38 months, the new King or Queen enjoys all the sovereign king Class features and may even take their first level in Sovereign King even if they do not meet the pre-requisites. While using this ability, Andrew retains his spellcasting abilities, BAB, Saves and HP, but looses access to all SK Class features the moment his heir takes the throne.

Platinum Armor Andrew has the ability to craft a special kind of Scale Mail he and other Vassals of Bahumat call "Platinum Armor." The Armor starts with Dragon-hide whose scales are worked for two days, per character level of the character that the armor will be suited for. Once the dragon-hide is finished, it transforms into the scales of a Platinum Dragon and forms a suit of armor that covers the entire body of the Vassal. This armor confers a +8 armor bonus as a base, but otherwise functions as a master-worked chain shirt for all other purposes and is treated as light armor. Platinum armor is non-magical and may be enchanted with magical or psionic bonuses. Only Vassals of Bahumat may wear platinum armor. Should any other creature attempt to wear the armor, it will immediately corrode into dust and become useless.

Gift of Grace (Su.) As a touch, Andrew may transfer any or all of his "grace" bonus to saves, granted from Divine Grace Paladin Class feature, into another living creature. Andrew loses this bonus to saves, but the new creature gains the transferred bonus to all saving throws for an indefinite duration, or until they are returned to Andrew.

Hands of a Healer For purposes of Lay on Hands only, Andrews' Charisma score is 156 while wearing his Cloak. His normal hit point pool of Lay-on-Hands is 5110.

Dragonwrack (Ex.) Any dragon struck by Andrew takes an additional 4d6 points of permanent non-lethal damage, and any dragon grappling Andrew or striking him with a natural weapon is likewise dealt 2d6 permanent non-lethal damage.

DragonRiding (Ex.) Andrew adds his character level as a competence bonus on all skill checks involving riding Dragons or Dragon Type creatures.

Immune to Overwhelming presence (Ex.) Andrew is immune to the overwhelming presence of Adamic Dragons.

Spur Mount Andrew may increase the speed of any dragon he rides by 1.5 as a free action. This bonus lasts indefinitely, but can only be applied to a dragon type creature.

Shinobi No Mono While training under Ryuushin Genji Ryo, Andrew studied well the principles of the Hidden Door Disciplines and was a student of "Truth and Falsehood" where he learned that Truth and Falsehood are both two sides of the same coin and although Andrew still refuses to tell lies, he has seen the uses of the Bluff skill for confusing and mis-directing opponents in comabt. This Shinobi Path confers the following abilities.

* 1st Step - Hidden Strike (Ex): Whenever your target is flat-footed or otherwise denied its Dexterity bonus to AC, you gain a +1 insight bonus to your melee attack and damage rolls.
* 2nd Step - Improved Misdirection (Ex): You can make a Bluff check to feint in combat or to create a diversion to hide as a move action. If you have both this ability and the Improved Feint feat, then you also gain a +4 bonus on Bluff checks made to feint in combat.
* 3rd Step - Hidden Strike (Ex): Your insight bonus from hidden strike increases to +2.
* 4th Step - Swift Misdirection (Ex): You can make a Bluff check to feint in combat or to create a diversion to hide as a swift action.
* 5th Step - Hidden Strike (Ex): Your insight bonus from hidden strike increases to +3.
* 6th Step - Patient Assault (Ex): Once per encounter, if you choose to delay your initiative count by at least one turn, then any foe becomes flat-footed against your next melee attack. You cannot use this ability if you have the last turn on the initiative count.
* 7th Step - Hidden Strike (Ex): Your insight bonus from hidden strike increases to +4.
* 8th Step - Feinting Counter (Ex): If an opponent makes a melee attack against you and misses, you can make a Bluff check to feint him in combat as a free action. Feinting in this manner consumes one of your attacks of opportunity in the current round. You cannot feint in this manner if you have no attacks of opportunity remaining.
* 9th Step - Hidden Strike (Ex): Your insight bonus from hidden strike increases to +5.
* 10th Step - Master of Deception (Su): Once per encounter, if an opponent makes a melee attack against you and misses, as an immediate action you can become invisible and create an illusory double of yourself as if using the spell mislead. Your caster level for this effect is equal to your shinobi level.

As a 20th level Shinobi Andrew has mastered all 10 steps of his path and has obtained his Red Belt of the Ryo Clan from his training under Genji. The rank of Red Belt is reserved to those who have earned the right to teach a class of Ryo clan students.

Also Andrew may initiate Any 1-9th level Strike, Stance, Counter or Boost from either the Hidden Door, Golden Saint, or Steel Mountain disciplines without readying or expending them as normal.

Adaptive Stance (Ex.) Andrew may assume any Stance from the Golden Saint or Hidden Door disciplines as a Free action or an immediate action.

Veiled Counter-strike Three times per day, Andrew may immediately followup a sucessful counter maneuver with a strike or boost as a free action.

Cosmic Healing (Su.) Andrew has 9300 points of cosmic Healing per day. (See page 9 of this thread for more info on the CH PRC)

Heart of Gold (Ex.) Andrew gains a +10 Exalted Bonus on all saving throws vs. any spell or effect with the "Evil" descriptor.

Honorable Reputation (Ex.) Andrew gains a +90 bonus on Charisma based checks vs. Good characters.

One With Nature (Ex.) Andrew may adapt to any natural environment, or any inner plane. Andrew loses this ability if he enters The Nessus (Rules by Asmodeus), Sigil (Ruled by the Lady of Pain) or any other outer plane ruled by a divine being with a divine bonus greater than his. Furthermore, All Animals, Elementals & Immortals with the nature portfolio start out as friendly toward Andrew.

Cosmic Intervention (Ex.) Andrew is protected by the will of the Divine. Any attack or spell (including epic spells) that would affect harm him during a given round of combat is automatically turned away. The second and subsequent attacks are not turned away.

Glittering Radiance (Ex.) Anyone attacking Andrew automatically acts last in a given round of combat, unless they are ECL 184 or higher. This ability is canceled out by the Perfect Initiative divine ability, in which case combatants roll initiative normally.

One with Divinity (Ex.) Andrew is immune to all mind-effects, magical, psionic or otherwise that would cause him to break his Paladin Code of Honor. This ability is effectively the same as the Self-Hypnosis divine ability.

One with Virtue (Su.) Once per day as a full round action Andrew may drop to his knees and pray. He cannot take any other actions on the round he uses this ability. For one round a Seraphim (Andrew usually prays to Uriel, The Angel of Temperance) is summoned into Combat and acts as it sees fit. The Old One is under no special compulsion to obey Andrew, but may act on his initiative for 1 round of combat worth of action. After the round is over, the Seraphim disappears.

Summon Second Choir Once per day Andrew may summon any second choir Angel or other Deva whose HD does not exceed 90. Andrew can summon virtually any Angel of the second Choir aside from Sandalphon. The Deva will obey any Command Andrew gives him so long as it is not Evil in nature for 10 minutes.

Mercy of God Andrew has a Cosmic Touch that he can use as a standard action. It can either deal 45d20 points of nonlethal damage, even to creatures who would normally be immune to nonlethal damage. It can also heal 45d20 points of damage using the power of raw quintessnce, and can even heal creatures who are not normally healed by positive energy. (I.e. Undead, Constructs, etc.). However this attack cannot under any circumstances kill or deal lethal damage.

Cosmic Ascension As a Greater Power of Peace, Andrew is almost impossible to get angry at, let alone attack or harm. Andrew effectively has the Innocence Cosmic Ability. Any Character wanting to attack Andrew may make a will save DC 144 or be unable to attack or harm him in any way. Attacking Andrew is an inheritly evil act and any character who willingly attacks andrew automatically has their alignment shifted one step toward evil.

Divine Abilities

Sacred Lord (Ex.) This ability grants Andrew the Half-celestial Template, already factored into his stat-block above.

Heavenly Mind (Ex.) Andrew adds his Charisma modifier as a Luck Bonus to all attack rolls.

Heavenly Soul (Ex.) Andrew adds his Charisma modifier as a luck bonus to all saving throws.

Heavenly Body (Ex.) Andrew adds his divine bonus as luck modifier to his Armor Class.

Nescient (Ex.) Andrew may ignore the feat pre-requisites for any feat he chooses.

Anyfeat (Va.) Andrew has a single feat which he can change at will as a free action.

Superior Combat Casting (Ex.) All spells Andrew casts are cast as Spell-like abilities.

Rapid Rejuvenation (Ex.) If slain and allowed to rejuvenate, Andrew takes only 90 seconds to rejuvenate back to full power.

Sacred Mind (Ex.) Andrew adds his wisdom modifer as a sacred bonus to all attack rolls.

Extra Wings (Ex.) Andrew has two sets of white feathered wings, increasing his speed and maneuverability in the air.

Convergent Effect (Va.)When Andrew combines Iatric [effect]s with other immortals, the total healing result is doubled.

Celerity (Ex.) Andrew's speed is tripled by this ability. Already factored in.

Achiles Heel (Ex.) Andrew has triple the normal damage reduction for his HD, but he has one especially weak point that if struck will automatically bypass his DR and be a critical hit dealing maximum damage. His weak point is his eyes, if the attacker knows this weak point (Knowledge (The Planes) DC 236 To know Andrew's weakness.) the attacker may take a -20 penalty on attack to aim for this point.

Perfect Damage Reduction (Ex.) This removes all components from Andrews DR and turns it into non negateable DR.

Savior (Su.) Andrew can take half the damage dealt to any ally within his divine aura and redirect it to himself.

Legendary Steed (Su.) Any dragon or other creature that serves as Andrew's mount gains the Legendary Animal Template, regardless of whether it is an animal or other type of creature.

Improved Damage Reduction (Ex.) Andrew gains one trait added to his damage reduction. This ability is really just taken as a prerequisite for Perfect damage reduction.

Superior Damage Reduction (Ex.) This allows Andrew to add a material component to his DR. Taken as a prerequisite for Perfect DR. (see above)

Portfolio Abilities

Peace Portfolio:

Protection (Ex.) Andrew gains a competence bonus to his AC equal to his divine bonus

Scion of Peace (Ex.) Andrew gains a competence bonus on all saving throws equal to his divine bonus

Protected Subjects (Ex.) Creatures Andrew summons gain fast healing 18

Spirit of Peace (Ex.) Immunities vs. Andrew's enchantment spells are only 50% effective. Furthermore, any being attacking Andrew that is under the effect of a Rage ability half the benefits of their rage cut in half, but the penalties remain unchanged.

Uncanny Iatric Mastery (Va.) Andrew has effectively taken the divine ability Iatric [Effect] six times and has complete control over divine healing effects.

Tranquility (Ex.) Andrew gains regeneration 45 each round he does not commit an aggressive act.

Good portfolio

Holy Scion (Ex.) Competence bonus on attack rolls, damage rolls and AC while within a good aligned locale.

Improved Holy Summoning (Ex.) Good aligned creatures summoned have 50% more HD.

Taint of Good (Ex.) When injured by Andrew, Evil creatures find that their attempts to heal are only half as effective, unless they are on desecrated ground.

Uncanny Holy Mastery (Va.) Andrew has effectively taken the divine ability Holy [Effect] six times and has complete mastery over which holy effect he uses.

Holy Regeneration (Ex.) Andrew gains regeneration 45 when he is within a good aligned locale.

Here's the info for his PRC.

Cosmic Healer

There are some unique individuals in the Cosmos that know firmly and exactly where they stand on almost every side of the opposition of cosmic forces. There are those that will almost always choose Virtue over Sin, Light over Darkness, Charity over Wealth, Community over Travel, Forgiveness over Revenge, Peace over War, Good over Evil and would choose to nurture and enhance the Cosmos as best they can. Regardless of which of the Seven Virtues (Seraphim) a Cosmic Healer may embody the most, they always have faith in their path, and faith in themselves and those around them. Though they come from many walks of life, from the magical, to the sublime, to the mundane, and even rarely the psionic adventurers of life have chosen to over-come the odds and become Cosmic Healers, though their case is often the rarest.

This is the way of the Cosmic Healer, and though they emerge only every few millennia, their presence is felt for ages to come. They have faith that their path is the truest and ultimately leads to a state of being one with the Supreme Being, as best they understand him. Cosmic Healers themselves, whatever form they may take, almost always refer to this pursiut of "Enlightenment" or "Unity with The Supreme Being" as
Ascension, and all Cosmic Healers believe the path of Ascension is the true path, that all things follow this path to the best of their ability, whether they realize it on a consious level or not. Most Immortal scholars who have actually Met a Cosmic Healer or knows anything about them would agree that their faith is well-placed. They often rise to great levels of immortality and influence in a half a centrury or less, but almost always have a tragic and climactic ending to their grand tale of Ascension. Immortal Historians sometimes perceive them as Visionaries,Prophets and Honorable Leaders of ages past.

Of the Walks of life most common to this class, most Cosmic Healers come from the ranks of Clerics, Paladins, Druids, Imagists and other divine spellcasters. More Rarely, they can come from more mundane surroundings like a fighter who fights for peace or some other virtuous cause, but over all causes more Good to come into the World, rather than Evil. Also sometimes a Crusader, Warblade or other martial adept will follow in the foot steps of a Virtuous God and become a Cosmic Healer. Psionic Characters may qualify for this class, however the Class itself may need some revision to make psionic characters make logical sense as a choice for this PRC.

Alignment: Any Good
Special: Lay on Hands or The Ability to Spontaneously Cast Healing Spells or 63 ranks in Heal
Feats: Pure of Heart (Quintessential Paladin p. 62), Any Two Sacred Vow Feats (BOED) & Augmented Healing or Healing Touch or Epic Skill Focus (Heal)
Divinity: Ability to cast up to 12th level divine spells or must be a deva (outsider with the good subtype) with a divine bonus of at least +12 or must be able to initiate a 12th level maneuver with the Good descriptor
Adventure: Must undergo an ECL appropriate adventure equivalent to a portfolio trial of at least two of the following portfolios:

Class Features:
Caster/Initiator Level: Cosmic Healers gain +1 initiator or +1 caster level per class level. Once the decision has been made, it cannot be changed. Alternatively, the Cosmic Healer has the power to alternate, gaining +1 caster level every even level, and +1 initiator level every odd numbered level, or vise versa.
Class Skills: Balance, Climb, Concentration, Craft, Decipher Script, Diplomacy, Disable Device, Escape Artist, Gather Information, Handle Animal, Heal, Jump, Knowledge (All, Taken Individually), Listen, Preform, Profession, Ride, Search, Sense Motive, Speak Language, Spot, Survival, Swim, Tumble, Use Magic Device & Spellcraft or Martial Lore (or both if IL and CL are both 20+)

6 + int modifier per class level skill points.

Abilities Per Level
1- Cosmic Healing, Heart of Gold
2- Honorable Reputation
3- One With Nature
4- Cosmic Intervention
5- Glittering Radiance
6- One With Divinity
7- One With Virtue
8- Summon Second Choir
9- Mercy of God
10- Cosmic Ascension

Cosmic Healing (Su.) At first level, The Cosmic Healer gains the ability to heal hit points similar to a Paladin's "Lay on Hands" ability with several key differences. The Amount of HP Healed is limited to 100 HP per rank the Cosmic Healer has in the Heal skill. Like Lay-On-Hands this ability is usable as a standard action with a touch. Furthermore, a Cosmic Healer does not need to expend all his Healing in a single action, but can decide on how to spend them. Also the Cosmic Healer may spend additional "hit points" from this pool to cure other statuses or alements.

2 hp - Blinded, Dazed, Dazzled, Deafened, Fatigued, Shaken, Sickened,
3 hp - 1 point of ability Damage, Confused, , Exhausted, Fascinated, Frightened, Nauseated, Paralyzed, Stunned
5 hp - 1 point of ability Drain, Cowering, Insanity, 1 negative level, Panicked, Petrified

This ability has a seperate HP pool from any Lay on Hands or other healing feature granted from another Class.

Heart of Gold (Ex.) The Cosmic Healer is an embodiment of the Good alignment and as such gains an Exalted Bonus on all saving throws vs. effects,spells, psionic powers & martial maneuvers with the "Evil" descriptor at a bonus of +1 per Cosmic Healer Class level.

Honorable Reputation (Ex.) Beginning at second level the Cosmic Healer gains an Exalted bonus to all Cha based skill checks vs. other Good aligned characters equal to his Character level.

One With Nature(Ex.) A Cosmic Healer recognizes that his place in the natural order of things is to restore balance to the eternal war between Good & Evil. A Cosmic Healer is at peace with himself, with others, and with the world around him. He Gains the "Adaptation" ability allowing him to adapt to any natural environment, including outer space or any of the Inner Planes. Only the purest forces of evil from the lower planes can truly cause him harm, therefore the Cosmic Healer loses access to this ability if he enters a realm of one of the lower planes ruled by a Divine being with a higher divine bonus than his. Furthermore, Elementals, Animals & Immortals with the Nature Portfolio automatically start as "Friendly" towards the Cosmic Healer.

Cosmic Intervention (Ex.) At fourth level and every four levels thereafter the Cosmic Healer automatically turns away the first Spell (Including Epic Spells) or attack directed at him during a given round of Combat. No Saving Throw is required for use of this ability. The Second And subsequent spells cast at him that same round are not turned away. He gains one additional use of this ability per round every 10 levels after fourth.

Glittering Radiance (Ex.) At fifth level the Cosmic Healer's aura becomes saturated with a visible, even to mortal eyes, spectrum of Holiness and Light. Anyone attacking the Cosmic Healer Automatically Acts last in any given round of Combat, unless the attacking character has at least 4 ECLs more than the Cosmic Healer. This ability is canceled out by the Perfect Initiative divine ability and initiative is rolled normally.

One With Divinity (Va.) At sixth level, and every six levels thereafter, The Cosmic Healer permanently gains the Benefit of one of the following Divine Abilities for which he meets the pre-requisites:

Adjuration, [Aligned] [Effect], Convergent Effect, Disheartening Dodge, Divine Champion, Divine Toughness, Gravitas, Heavenly Body, Heavenly Mind, Heavenly Soul, Heavenly Spirit, Iatric [Effect], Improved Damage Reduction, Lord of Spirit, Malaclypse, Perfect Damage Reduction, Rapid Rejuvenation, Regeneration, Sacred Body, Sacred Lord, Sacred Mind, Sacred Soul, Sacred Spirit, Saviour, Self-Hypnosis, Superior Damage Reduction, Superior Smiting, Vanguard Fortitude, Vanguard Reflexes, Vanguard Will

One With Virtue (Su.) The Seven Heavenly Virtues are each embodied by a Seraphim of Heaven. At seventh level the Cosmic Healer's Connection with the upper planes is so strong than when he prays for Divine Intervention, the Seraphim themselves will Answer his call. Once per day as a full round action the Cosmic Healer may drop to his knees and pray. While using this ability the Cosmic Healer may not move,cast or attack and may take no actions of his own, but nor can he be harmed in any way. For the duration of this ability only, a Seraphim (see page 42 of the IH - Epic Beastiary for more info on Seraphim) is summoned into Combat and may act as it sees fit. It is under no special compulsion to obey the Cosmic Healer, but will vanquish or deal with any evil it sees in the immediate area. The Summoned Seraphim acts on the Cosmic Healers' Initiative and disappears as soon as the round of combat is over. at 17th level, and every 10 levels thereafter the Cosmic Healer gains one additional use of this ability per day.

Summon Second Choir (Su.) Once per day as a free action the Cosmic Healer may whisper a Prayer and summon an Angel or other Deva whose total ECL does not ecceed his own. The Summoned Deva will obey any command given by the Cosmic Healer, so long as it is not evil in nature, for 1 minute per class level of the Cosmic Healer. The Cosmic Healer gains one additional use of this ability per day every 10 levels after 8th. The HD of the summoned Deva cannot exceed the Cosmic Healers' character level/HD, and First Choir Deva can never be summoned using this ability, regardless of HD.

Mercy of God (Va.) Upon reaching 9th level the Cosmic Healer has a beautiful Epiphany and realizes that his very existance is proof of the Mercy of the Supreme Being. He gains a Cosmic [Effect], except that the divine damage dealt treated as non-lethal, even to creatures which would normally be immune to non-lethal damage. He also has the option of healing creatures instead of dealing nonlethal damage, and the healing done does not use positive energy, rather it uses raw quintessence. Therefore, it can be used to "heal" creatures which would normally not be healed by cure spells and the like, such as Undead and Constructs. This ability cannot be used to deal Lethal damage under any circumstances, and other Cosmic [Effect]s that are gained from other sources (i.e. Cosmic Ascension, Inspired Cosmic Abilities, etc.) may stack with this ability, but are met with the same restrictions in that they cannot be used to deal lethal damage.
The reason I decided not to go with an Iatric [effect] is because it's already on the divine ability list available to the CH, and if I were to make this merely an Iatric ability I would have it be at least double power, so instead I went for a restricted Cosmic [Effect] that can be used to heal or deal non-lethal, but cannot kill.

Cosmic Ascension (Va.) Upon reaching 10th level, and every 10 levels therafter, the Cosmic Healer may gain a Cosmic Ability for which he meets the pre-requisites from the Following List:

Abrogate, [Aligned] Messiah, Alter Reality, Apostasy, Authority, Cogency, Cosmic Cousciousness, Cosmic [Effect] (May Stack With Mercy of God), Cosmic Firmament, Cosmic String, Cosmic Toughness, Cursed Body, Cursed Mind, Cursed Soul, Daunting Body, Daunting Mind, Daunting Soul, Divine Inspiration, Divine Nescience, Divine Presence, Dominance, Eighth Sense, Enlightened, Exclusivity, Extra Portfolio, Great Breath, Hyperstosis, Inner Eye, Innocence, Karmic [Effect], Legendary [Ability Score], Legion, Lord of Perfection, Nebulous, Nullification, Numinous, Perfect Smiting, Quivering Skin*, Quixiotic, Redivivus, Soniferous, Specular, Spirited Away, Talismanic [Effect]*, Total [Ability Score], Uncanny Smiting, Unearthly Combat Expertise, Unearthly Weapon Focus*

*Can only be taken with nonlethal attacks, or paralyze with Quivering Skin effect.

Andrew's DR is using the variant rule where Immortals DR is also multiplied by their HP multiplier. The only way to overcome Andrew's DR is to strike his eyes.
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Neo, I can't remember, what were your thoughts on my epic maneuvers? I believe I showed them to you. I was looking at them earlier today, and thought they might worth throwing up here, but I'm not sure if you liked my system of just having "epic" maneuvers for each school, rather than, say, level 10, 11, 12, etc maneuvers.

I'll attach them, just in case.


  • Epic Maneuvers.doc
    115 KB · Views: 154


Like I mentioned on the first page of this thread, I'm still working on the Epic Maneuver system, which is part of the reason why I haven't posted Tempus or Red Knight yet.

Basically I'm replacing the "Seeds" from the Psionic & Spell systems with "Schools" for building the Martial system, but I have a ton of schools to write up because I allow most of the schools from Giant in the playground, so it's largely still a work in progress. I may not be done with that for at least another week or two.


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so, can I submit a statted out version of a greyhawk diety for you to use for the tournament? i'll write up a back story to why he would engage in it as well. This thing interested me :)

if so, what do i use for base stats? wealth? also, how does one get a divine rank higher than their template?
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so, can I submit a statted out version of a greyhawk diety for you to use for the tournament? i'll write up a back story to why he would engage in it as well. This thing interested me :)

if so, what do i use for base stats? wealth? also, how does one get a divine rank higher than their template?

I'm pretty sure Neo's cosmology incorporates more or less everything (even WH40K, iirc...) so I think that would be fine.

As for the rest, I would assume you would use the stats table in Ascension for his base stats, based off his template, than assign more as you see fit. Remember, a +2 to all stats is +1 ECL, and you can trade them at a 2:1 ration, so a +7 to one stat is also +2 ECL.

Wealth, you know how to do the 4 artifacts @ 1/3 total ECL right? Other stuff you can just take on for additional ECL, but it won't be artifacts. Use the conversions in Ascension to figure out their "+ value" and the convert that to hard ECL.

And I think you can increase Divine Rank, as in Divine Bonus, for +1 ECL per point, but it might be a soft rule that you can't go past the next tiered template without actually gaining that template. I.e., an Intermediate Deity can only go up to DvR 15, while a Greater can go up to 23, etc. I'm entirely sure on that one, though.

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