A Tournament of Cosmic Propotions! (Immortal's Handbook Rules)


Tournaments come in all shapes and sizes. Everything From basic Combat, To Archery, To The Magical, Psionic or even Sublime ways is tested in combat of which both luck and skill may be required to succeed. Tournaments always bring out the best in their competitors, with failure equating to dishonor and a few scars at best, and painful death or worse if things do not go well for a given competitor. What if in one tournament in particular one could literally obtain Ultimate power? To become the Paragon of Paragons or "Amidah" or "Ultimate One" in common one must slay the Amidah.

The Amidah of my Universe, for there can be only one, has recently challenged a tournament to all the gods of the realms (not just the Faerun pantheon either) to a tournament of death where only one can remain victorious. The Amidah himself, a Legendary Five Millennium old God-slayer by the name of Alabaster (see page 26 of the Immortals Handbook: Beastiary Vol. 1 for more info on Alabaster), has offered himself as the prize of any who can win a 32 Combatant tournament 1v1, five round tournament. The tournament is single elimination and the Amidah himself will only fight the winner and should the winner slay Alabaster in combat they will become the new Amidah.

Don't have the immortal's handbook? Not much of a problem as every single character entry in this thread will also contain fairly detailed explanations of their abilities and how they function.

Now the whole purpose of this thread is to be an open discussion regarding whom you think would be a good combatant to enter into this tournament. I've already got about a dozen or more combatants whom I think could pose a challenge to Alabaster. Tempus Foehammer, Boccob, Corellon Larethian, Gruumsh, and a few other Homebrewed powerful NPCs just to name a few. Now before you go spouting off names of who should fight alabaster take a look at his stat Block.

It should be noted that this Vampire is not the vampire in the 3.5 D&D monster manual. Rather he is made using a combination of Dicefreaks d20 vampire template:
Dicefreaks d20 Community • View topic - Dicefreaks Vampire Template

He is also made using rules from the IH- Beastiary and many many of these rules have been heavily revised. Wherever a character uses rules that were revised by myself or one of my associates I shall explain details of that revision in the character entry after the main statistics.

Alabaster, The Godslayer, The Amidah
Alabaster, Male Human Primal Vampire Amidah, "The Ultimate One"
Medium Chaotic Evil (Neutral Tendencies on the Evil Axis) Undead (Human, Dark Minded, Vampire)
Hit Dice: 117d100 + 6,084 (17,784 HP)
ECL: 117 class levels (97 Fighter/ 20 Godslayer) + 8 primal vampire + 111 Amidah = 236 (CR 157)
Initiative: +128 (Always acts first with steel hydra)
Speed: 900 ft.
AC: 10 + 6 profane + 52 deflection + +60 luck + 37 natural + 60 dexterity = 225 flat footed 165, touch 188
Auras: Eldritch Curse, Godblight & Atheist Paroxysm(su.) 1050 ft, Aura of Desecration 3120(ex.) ft. Evil Eye(ex.), 5080 ft.
BAB/Grapple: +69/+211
Attack: 69 + 60 luck + 4 weapon focus +67 strength +15 prowess = 215 + enhancement bonus
Full Attack: Steel Hydra - +304/+304/+299/+299/+294/+294/+289/+289 (20d10 + 220 17-20/x3 critical) Godsend - +315/+310/+305/+300 (135d10 + 231 15-20/x4 Critical) Sword of a Thousand Names - +363/+358/+353/+348 (20d10 +275 17-20/x3 Critical) The Undersword - +165/+160/+155/+150 Only requires a touch attack to hit (81 points of Permanent damage, 17-20/x10 critical) The Were-sword - +290/+285/+280/+275 Unerring (20d10 + 206 17-20/x3 Critical) Dark Nemesis – Special See Text Unarmed Slam – 90d10 + 127 (20 / x2 critical)
Space/Reach: 5/5
Special Attacks: Blood Drain(3d6 + 6 con), Children of the Night (180 HD worth of creatures), Create Spawn, Domination, (DC 10 + 58 + 60 + 52 = 180)
Special Qualities: Alternate Form, DR 175/ Epic, Cursed, Good & Silver, Evil Eye, Fast Healing 148, Gaseous Form Immune to Cold, Fire & Electricity, Acid & Sonic Resistance 20, Luck, Spider Climb, Turn Resistance 132 Undead Traits, Vampire Abilities, Vampire Weaknesses
Fortitude: 60 base + 60 luck + 52 profane = 172
Reflex: 54 base + 60 luck + 60 dex + 52 profane + 4 feat= 230
Will: 54 base + 60 luck + 47 wis + 52 profane = 213
Strength: 145 | + 67 (10 VSCs from strength, 5 VSCs from being a Primal vampire, but these apply only to slam)
Dexterity: 130 | + 60
Intelligence: 104 | +47
Wisdom: 104 | +47
Charisma: 115 | +52
Skills: 120 + ability mod + 60 + synergy/feat if applicable (+8 racial bonus on Bluff, Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Search, Sense Motive & Spot checks)
Feats: Alertness*, Blind-fight, Combat Reflexes*, Dodge*, Dark Speech, Evil Brand, Greater Two-weapon fighting, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative*, Improved two-weapon fighting, Lightning Reflexes*, Vile Martial Strike
* = bonus feat from vampire rules
Fighter Feats: Cleave, Great Cleave, Greater Weapon Focus, Greater Weapon Spec., Mobility, Power Attack, Spring Attack, Weapon Focus (Longsword), Weapon Specialization (Longsword), Two-Weapon Fighting, Whirlwind Attack
Bonus Feats: Armor Skin (X3), Great Dexterity (X7), Improved Sunder
Epic Feats: Armor Skin (X10), Epic Prowess (X15), Epic Reflexes*, Fast Healing (X6) Improved Combat Reflexes*, Superior Initiative*, Two-weapon Rend
Epic Fighter Feats: Improved Critical Multiplier, Improved Critical, Devastating Critical, Dire Charge, Epic Weapon Focus, Epic Weapon Spec, Great Strength (X15), Great Dexterity (X8), Greater Three-weapon Fighting, Improved Three-weapon fighting, Improved Critical Multiplier, Overwhelming Critical, Perfect – Three Weapon Fighting, Perfect Two Weapon-fighting, Three Weapon-Fighting, Three-weapon Mastery, Two-weapon Mastery
Class Features: Anathema Cloak, Anti-divinity, God Hunter +40, Divine Spell Resistance 207, Smite Immortal 10/day, Eldritch Curse 2/day, Atheist Paroxysm 2/day, God-slaughter, God-blight
Salient Vampire Abilities: Aura of Desecration, Bloodthirsty, Command Undead, Dark Blessing, Godless, Hypnotic Vapor, Stain on Nature (DC 180)

Godslayer Presitige Class
Base Attacks Bonus: +45
Skills: Knowledge (Religion) 63 Ranks, Knowledge (The Planes) 63 Ranks
Feats: Evil Brand, Vile Martial Strike, Dark Speech
Special: The character may not possess Divine Rank.

Hit Dice: d10
Skill Points: 4+ Intelligence Modifier
Class Skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, Knowledge (Religion), Knowledge (The Planes), Search, Sense Motive, Spot, Survival, Track

1 Anathema Cloak, Antidivinity, God Hunter +4
2 Divine Spell Resistance, Smite Immortal 1/day
3 God Hunter +8
4 Smite Immortal 2/day
5 God Hunter +12, Eldritch Curse
6 Smite Immortal 3/day
7 Atheist Paroxysm, God Hunter +16
8 Smite Immortal 4/day
9 Godslaughter, God Hunter +20
10 Godblight, Smite Immortal 5/day

Anathema Cloak: (Ex.) A Godslayer is a void upon the divine matrix that underlies the Multiverse. This ability is identical to the Apocrypha Divine Ability.

Antidivinity: (Ex.) A Godslayer knows the cosmic secrets that fuel a deity’s power and is resistant to their inherent divinity. He gains resistance to Divine Damage equal to his Godslayer level x10.

God Hunter: (Su.) A Godslayer knows how to kill Immortals and excels at fighting them. He gains a +4 to attack and damage rolls against divine beings, including the Proxies or Avatars of a deity. This also allows him to qualify for the Bane of Enemies (Immortals) and Death of Enemies (Immortals) Epic Feats, even if he has no other favored enemies. These bonuses increase by +4 for every 2 Godslayer levels beyond 2nd.

Divine Spell Resistance: (Ex.) A Godslayer is preternaturally inured to divine magic thanks to his despicable training. He gains a Spell Resistance of 10+his Hit Dice+his Godslayer level against all spells cast by Immortals.

Smite Immortal: (Su.)A Godslayer can infuse his strikes with anathematic energies 1/day at level 2, when using this ability, he gains a bonus to his Attack Rolls equal to his opponent’s Divine Rank and deals extra Permanent Damage on his Damage Rolls equal to his Godslayer class levels x his opponent's Divine Rank against any Immortal. He gains one extra use of this ability per day every two levels beyond 2nd.

Eldritch Curse:(Su.) Once per day, starting at 5th level, a Godslayer may generate a Dead Magic Zone for 1 round per Godslayer level. This zone extends 100 ft. from the Godslayer, plus an additional 50 ft. per Class Level. The Godslayer himself is unaffected by this ability. A Godslayer receives an extra use of this ability at every 10 levels beyond 5th.He must still succeed on a sucessful dispel check to dispel divine abilities and Artifacts.(Caster level 167). Immortals may take a seperate will saving throw for each individual artifact they posess. Extraordinary Divine Abilities,Cosmic Abilities & Higher continue to function normally. The Save DCs are 10 + Godslayer Level + Cha Mod (+60 luck bonus for Alabaster) (WILL SAVE DC 142 negates). Non-epic spells and effects do not get a save, nor do 9th level and lower spell-like abilities. Psionics & psi-like abilities continue to function normally.

Atheist Paroxysm: (Su.) Once per day, a 7th level Godslayer can emit an inhibitive sphere of apostasic energy. This field emanates from the Godslayer and extends 100 ft. from the Godslayer, plus an additional 50 ft. per Godslayer level. This ability functions as the Divine Nullification Transcendental Ability and lasts for a number of rounds equal to the Godslayer’s class level. A Godslayer gains an additional use of this ability for every 10 levels beyond 7th. Immortals may take a seperate will saving throw for each supernatural divine ability they posess (Will save DC 142 negates in alabaster's case)

Godslaughter: (Ex.) A 9th level Godslayer is so mightily steeped in the lore of deicide that he can openly defy and challenge divine entities as can no other mortal. He possesses an Divine Rank equal to his Godslayer Class Level for purposes of overcoming an opponent’s Cosmic String.

Godblight: (Su.) At 10th level, a Godslayer becomes a true bane of the divine, a theological nightmare that warps the nature of Divinity itself to aid the Godslayer in battle.The Godslayer emanates an aura of anti-divinity with a radius of 100 ft plus 50 ft. per class level, any immortals caught in the radius are affected by the ability with no save. The Godslayer gains a Profane Bonus to AC, Attack rolls, checks, DCs, Initiiative, Saving Throws & Spell resistance equal to Double the Divine Bonus of the most powerful Immortal affected by this ability. Once an Immortal Leaves the radius of this ability, the Godslayer may retain his Profane bonus for 1 round per Godslayer level,thereafter, but it soon dissapates should the god not return to his aura..

Saving Throws for all Sailent Vampire Abilities = 10 + 1/2 hit dice + cha mod + age catagory of the Vampire + luck bonus = DC 186

Aura of Desecration (Su)
The vampire's unholy presence bolsters undead, and has ill effects on holy items, plants, and water nearby.
Prerequisites: Eminent or older, Godless, Stain on Nature, Cha 21+.
Benefits: The vampire's presence has all the affects of a nightshade's desecrating aura. However, it extends for 10 ft. times their rank times their Charisma modifier. In addition, all holy symbols within this radius combust, melt, shatter, bend in half, or are otherwise somehow destroyed, rendering them useless for turn attempts, as spell foci, or other uses. If a holy symbol was enchanted, it is entitled to a Fortitude save to avoid this effect (. All non-sentient plants within the radius wither and die; sentient ones must make a Fortitude save or die. All water within this radius freezes solid. This evil aura frightens animals; untrained animals flee if possible or attack if cornered, while trained animals are skittish and unresponsive. All Handle Animal checks within the aura's radius suffer a -10 penalty.

Bloodthirsty (Ex)
The vampire's bite is more draining than most.
Prerequisites: Young or older
Benefits: The vampire deals an additional point of Con damage per rank on a successful blood drain attempt. This salient ability can be taken more than once.

Command Undead (Su)
The vampire can force lesser undead into subservience.
Prerequisites: Wis 21+.
Benefits: The vampire may rebuke/command undead as an evil cleric of its HD.

Dark Blessing (Ex)
The vampire is utterly evil, and its ties to the negative energy plane protect it.
Prerequisites: Elder or older, Cha 21+.
Benefits: The vampire may add its Charisma modifier to all saving throws. This does not stack with the blackguard ability of the same name.

Godless (Ex)
The vampire can ignore the effects of holy items.
Prerequisites: Wis 21+.
Benefits: The vampire may now physically attack someone displaying a holy symbol. It takes half damage from the touch of holy symbols or holy water, and its turn resistance is doubled. Once it reaches the eminent age category, it takes only one point of damage from holy symbols or holy water, and its turn resistance is tripled rather than doubled.

Hypnotic Vapor (Su)
The vampire's gaseous form has hypnotic powers.
Prerequisites: Cha 21+.
Benefits: The vampire can use its dominate ability while in gaseous form. To the target, the gaseous vampire appears to roil in a soothing, hypnotic pattern, while colors shimmer in its nebulous, misty form. Only the target perceives these changes in the vampire's gaseous form. All the normal rules for the domination power apply.

Stain on Nature (Su)
The vampire's mere existence is harmful to plants.
Prerequisites: Elder or older
Benefits: The vampire's presence slays all non-sentient plants within 20 feet. It is no longer affected by white roses, garlic or wolfsbane. Sentient plant creatures must make a Fortitude save or suffer Constitution drain equal to the vampire's blood drain each round they remain within range. Success on the Fortitude save reduces the ability drain to hit point damage.

Artifacts' Carried.

Probably by far the most famous of all six of Alabasters' blades is the Legendary Godsend. This unassuming coppery blade is permanently stained with the blood of it's creator. The Epic ritual that created this blade included the ritual suicide of a greater power who forever turned itself into a weapon against the gods, to be used in the hands of the Ultimate One. It has been said by immortal scholars that this blade is responsible for slaying more deities than probably any other. This longsword functions as a +100 pure Orichalcum longsword that deals an extra 1d20 points of bane damage to any immortal it strikes, per point of their divine bonus. Furthermore, on a successful critical hit the sword will sunder a god from their divinity creating an appropriately sized quintessence elemental. The quintessence elemental will be created with a number of Hit dice equal to the sundered divinity templates' level adjustment. The created quintessence elemental will be completely under the control of Alabaster, unless it succeeds on a will save equal to the DC of his Dominate Monster effect.

Steel Hydra:
This polished longsword has a pommel shaped like a Cometary Dragon biting it's own tail. The Blade is constantly vibrating visibly even to the naked eye. Rumors say that Alabaster stole this blade from a god of time he slew in ages past, who now lies buried in his Graveyard of Swords. This weapon functions as a +88 Sonic Blast Everdancing Longsword made of ordinary Steel. This weapon always acts first in combat unless it is against a being who has the Perfect Initiative divine ability, or similar ability, in which case initiative is rolled normally. It doubles the number of attacks made with it per round, and upon scoring a successful critical hit will steal an attack from an opponent. (In the following round, the foe loses one attack and Alabaster gains one attack)

The Were-Sword:
This weapon has two appearances, the first, witnessed only by day is a glassteeled Longsword. The second form which is used in Alabasters' statistics assumes it's after dark and the sword becomes a demonic looking jagged red blade. The weapon retains it's +75 and everdancing properties in either form.
By Day, the weapon seeks to protect the bearer at all costs. The bearer can only be struck by a natural roll of "20". This ability is counter-acted by an immortal with the Inner eye cosmic ability, but otherwise functions normally. Furthermore, when an opponent strikes the bearer, they suffer half the damage they just dealt. The wielder can also sacrifice a number of attacks with this weapon to block a like number of attacks from an opponent.
By Night, the blade thirsts for blood, both the opponents' and the wielders.In this form the blade only ever requires touch attacks to hit. When it scores a hit upon an opponent, it will heal the wielder for half that amount. The wielder can also choose to sacrifice an amount of hit points no greater than 1/ECL and deal this as additional damage to an opponent.
The Version used in Alabaster's stat-block assumes it's after dark.

The Undersword:
This legendary blade of Byss is sometimes called "The Unsheathable Blade of Finality." The blade is a small crack in the dimension of Entropy and it has been dubbed the Undersword because all of it's previous wielders have been put in their graves by the blade.
This blade functions as a -50 Everdancing Cursed Longsword and deals no base damage. For Alabaster However, it's positives far outweigh any potential negatives. It only ever requires touch attacks to hit and deals permanent damage which ignores all damage reduction and hardness. It also nullifies the most powerful property possessed by an opponents' weapon. It ignores immunity to critical hits and has a critical multiplier of x10.
Any wielder who does not deal a positive amount of damage suffers an amount of permanent damage equal to the negative penalty.

The Sword of a Thousand Names:
The Sword of a Thousand Names... and all of them spell death, or so the legends say. The sword seems to change with the mood of the bearer and never stays the same for long. The more agitated the bearer becomes, the more threatening the weapon looks.
This steel Longsword Carries an enhancement bonus of +158 but it can manifest any special ability known to the wielder by sacrificing +2 points of enhancement bonus for every +1 point of special ability manifested.

Dark Nemesis:
This blade appears to be cut from the night sky, with a hilt made of Death Knight Bones. This weapon duplicates the special properties exactly of any one opponents' weapon. Furthermore, it has the terrifying ability to summon the single most powerful NPC ever faced by the opponent before, from beyond the grave if necessary. The summoned creature will fight for the bearer of the blade for 13 rounds. Only one such creature can be summoned at a time, and only one per day.

When the wearer of this ring slays an immortal, all of their quintessence is absorbed into the ring.
The wearer of this ring gains a apostasaic bonus "divine template" eaqual to an immortal of the quintessnce trapped in the ring*. Furthermore, the wearer also gains the apostasy cosmic ability.
He also gains the benefit of the double Deicide portfolio with a divine status eaqual to an immortal of the same trapped quintessence.

*The virtual divine template functions as follows. He gains all the benefits of an immortal equal to appropriate divine status of how much quintessence is currently contained within the ring. Alabaster begins combat with enough quintessence to make him a greater deity. He gains +32 anti-divine bonus to ability scores, 16 divine abilities, And all the abilities from the double deicide portfolios. He does not gain any further natural armor, spell like or any other abilities from being a divine being. He loses these benefits if the ring is ever sundered completely (reduced to 0 HP) it is a fine object with hardness 170 and 1700 HP. Alabaster may repair the ring and slay a new immortal to regain these benefits. The virtual divine levels cannot exceed Alabaster's HD.

True Perfection:
The wearer of this ring may always take the highest possible dice rolls. It also bestows a moral penalty on enemy saves and attack rolls eaqual to the wearers' charisma modifier.

These boots grant alabaster the benefits of the Sixth Sense making it virtually impossible to catch Alabaster Flat-footed. He can only be caught flat footed by opponents whose ECL exceeds his own by at least 4. Furthermore, Al gains a single changeable divine ability and may ignore the pre-requisites for any divine ability. Lastly, Alabasters' Slam VSCs from being a Primal vampire also apply to his feet, should he decide to kick an immortal square in the face...hence the name.

Alabaster is also in possession of Robes of The Almight, but for unknown reasons they provide no benefit for wearing them. Alabaster is simply in posession of them so that they might be offered as a reward to anyone who can slay him.

The following was done almost entirely by one of my friends who has helped me to a great degree on this project. I believe his name is Belzamus on these forums but on Dicefreaks he was known as SpectreOfEschaton.

Dicefreaks d20 Community • View topic - A tournament of cosmic proportions!

That's the original forum and thread where we first started our revisions to some of the rules on D20. Warning it's an ENOURMOUS wall of text so reading the whole thing may take an hour or two so you might want to skip over some of the idle chatter. Unfortuneatly I got into a bit of a spat with one of the Moderators of the dicefreaks and I'm no longer a member of their community and I had all but scrapped this project when I decided to retrieve it from the grave and start work once again.

Now that all that has been said, who wants to help me? Possible even design some competitors for the tournament? In spite of what you may read in the old thread I've decided to more or less clear the roster and there's more than 20 spots open. Suggestions anyone?
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One of the first major revisions that came into play during the thread was the revision to the rules regarding damage of weapons and such with the application of virtual size catagories. At the highest levels of play the rules in the IH turn the game into a game of rocket-launcher tag that greatly favors fighter types and has them doing damage far surpassing even the greatest of epic spellcasters of their level of power. Take a look at some of the data gathered by my friend Belzamus.

130 STR/Orichalcum Weapon/DvR 10 assumed


Scimitar: 12d6 +60 18-20/x2, average 102, maximized 132, critical 144-264 @ 15%

Longsword: 12d8 +60 19-20/x2, average 114, maximized 156, critical 144-312 @ 10%

Greataxe: 12d12 +90 20/x3, average 168, maximized 234, critical 306-702 @ 5%

Scythe: 24d4 +90 20/x4, average 150, maximized 186, critical 456-744 @ 5%

Original Unearthly Weapon Specialization

Scimitar 24d6 +120 18-20/x2, average 204, maximized 264, critical 288-528 @ 15%

Longsword: 24d8 +120 18-20/x2 average 228, maximized 312, critical 288-624 @ 10%

Greataxe: 36d12 +270 20/x3, average 504, maximized 702, critical 918-2,106 @ 5%

Scythe: 96d4 +360 20/x4, average 600, maximized 744, critical 1,824-2,976 @ 5%

Doubled Base Damage

Scimitar: 24d6 +60 18-20/x2, average 144, maximized 204, critical 168-408 @ 15%

Longsword: 24d8 +60 19-20/x2, average 168, maximized 252, critical 168-504 @ 10%

Greataxe: 24d12 +90 20/x3, average 246, maximized 378, critical 332-1,134 @ 5%

Scythe: 48d4 +90 20/x4, average 210, maximized 282, critical 552-1,128 @ 5%

Doubled Total Damage

Scimitar: 24d6 +120 18-20/x2, average 204, maximized 264, critical 288-528 @ 15%

Longsword: 24d8 +60 19-20/x2, average 228, maximized 312, critical 288-624 @ 10%

Greataxe: 24d12 +180 20/x3, average 316, maximized 468, critical 612-1,404 @ 5%

Scythe: 48d4 +180 20/x4, average 300, maximized 372, critical 912-1,488 @ 5%

+10x DvR, multiplicative

Scimitar: 12d6 +160 18-20x2, average 202, maximized 232, critical 344-464 @ 15%

Longsword: 12d8 +160 19-20/x2, average 214, maximized 256, critical 344-512 @ 10%

Greataxe: 12d12 +190 20/x3, average 268, maximized 334, critical 606-1,002 @ 5%

Scythe: 24d6 +190 20/x4, average 250, maximized 286, critical 856-1,144 @ 5%

+10x DvR, non-multiplicative

Scimitar: 12d6 +60 +100, average 202, maximized 232, critical 244-364 @ 15%

Longsword: 12d8 +60 +100, average 214, maximized 256, critical 244-412 @ 10%

Greataxe: 12d12 +90 +100, average 268, maximized 334, critical 406-802 @ 5%

Scythe: 24d4 +90 +100, average 250, maximized 286, critical 556-844 @ 5%


250 STR/Neutronium Weapon/Greater Critical/Greater Critical Multipler/DvR 32 assumed


Scimitar: 115d10 +120 12-20/x4, average 752, maximized 1,270, critical 940-5,080 @ 45%

Longsword: 153d10 +120 15-20/x4, average 961, maximized 1,650, critical 1,092-6,600 @ 30%

Greataxe: 230d10 +180 18-20/x7, average 1,445, maximized 2,480, critical 2,870-17,360 @ 15%

Scythe: 153d10 +180 18-20/x10, average 1,021, maximized 1,710, critical 3,330-17,100 @ 15%

Original Unearthly Weapon Specialization

Scimitar 460d10 +480 12-20/x4, average 3,010, maximized 5,080, critical 3,720-20,320 @ 45%

Longsword: 612d10 +480 15-20/x4 average 3,846, maximized 6,600, critical 4,368-26,400 @ 30%

Greataxe: 1,610d10 +1,260 18-20/x7, average 10,155, maximized 17,360, critical 20,090-121,520 @ 15%

Scythe: 1,530d10 +1,800 18-20/x10, average 10,215, maximized 17,100, critical 33,300-171,000 @ 15%

Doubled Base Damage

Scimitar: 230d10 +120 12-20/x4, average 1,385, maximized 2,420, critical 1,400-9,680 @ 45%

Longsword: 306d10 +120 15-20/x4, average 1,803, maximized 3,180, critical 1,704-12,720 @ 30%

Greataxe: 460d10 +180 18-20/x7, average 2,710, maximized 4,780, critical 4,480-33,460 @ 15%

Scythe: 306d10 +180 18-20/x10, average 1,863, maximized 3,240 critical 4,860-32,400 @ 15%

Doubled Total Damage

Scimitar: 230d10 +240 12-20/x4, average 1,505, maximized 2,640, critical 1,880-10,560 @ 45%

Longsword: 306d10 +240 15-20/x4, average 1,923, maximized 3,300, critical 2,184-13,200 @ 30%

Greataxe: 460d10 +360 18-20/x7, average 2,890, maximized 4,960, critical 5,740-34,730 @ 15%

Scythe: 306d10 +360 18-20/x10, average 2,223, maximized 3,420, critical 6,660-34,200 @ 15%

+10x DvR, multiplicative

Scimitar: 115d10 +440 12-20x4, average 1,072, maximized 1,590, critical 1,820-6,360 @ 45%

Longsword: 153d10 +440 15-20/x4, average 1,281, maximized 1,970, critical 2,372-7,880 @ 30%

Greataxe: 230d10 +500 18-20/x7, average 1,765, maximized 2,800, critical 5,110-19,600 @ 15%

Scythe: 153d10 +500 18-20/x10, average 1,341, maximized 2,030, critical 6,530-20,300 @ 15%

+10x DvR, non-multiplicative

Scimitar: 115d10 +120 +320 12-20/x4, average 1,072, maximized 1,590, critical 1,260-5,400 @ 45%

Longsword: 153d10 +120 +320, average 1,281, maximized 1,970, critical 1,412-6,920 @ 30%

Greataxe: 230d10 +180 +320, average 1,765, maximized 2,800, critical 3,190-17,680 @ 15%

Scythe: 153d10 +180 +320, average 1,341, maximized 2,030, critical 3,650-17,420 @ 15%

As you can see the newer rules help to nerf damage a little bit and make an attempt to restore something that resembles balance.


First Post
Unless you progress standard D&D Deities out none of them would probably survive as most are under CR40. But throw I'd throw in Asmodeus and progress him out another 100+ levels or whatever it took to be of Equal CR to you. I'm guessing that would be a long fight...lol


Truth be told in my realm Asmodeus is already an Elder One (Overgod) and is too high of an ECL to even enter the tournament. Oh I suppose I should explain the rules shouldn't I?

1. Fight to win, use any and all means available to obtain victory.
2. If your opponent dies, or gives up, you win and may proceed onto the next round.
3. Anyone between ECL 150-239 may enter, mortal or divine. (however most non-divine entries will be from paragons, as the Amidah template can only be applied to immortals and paragons)
4. The match must always begin with only two combatants. Additional combatants may be summoned into combat via use of summoning magic or similar abilities. If either one of the original combatants are slain or give up, then the match is over.
5. The Battleground of this Tournament is to be held in the Graveyard of Swords, Alabaster's Demi-Plane. Should either combatant leave the demi-plane at any time during combat, they are automatically disqualified and their opponent may proceed to the next round.
6.The tournament will take place over 5 days. Each day will be a round of the tournament. Each individual round fought in the Graveyard of swords is limited to 10 minutes of combat. If no definite winner is apparent after 10 minutes, the combatant with the most HP remaining wins by default. Once a winner is decided they may face the Amidah.

Like I said, Asmodeus is ECL 240 and is technically too powerful to even enter himself. The entities described in the D&D Deities and Demigods are made using a completely different set of rules, and I've taken them down with a party of 20th level characters before so I can't even rightly call them CR 40. If you're looking for good rules regarding divinity look no further than the Immortal's Handbook.
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I recommend giving him spells, or he's not going to be able to do much.

If it isn't a rule of the tournament already, I would disallow any sort of buffing beforehand, since that's really against the spirit of the competition.

Of course, that doesn't help against Celerity>Intensified Time Stop>Gate chain...

But, in all honesty, spellcasters ought to be few in number, just from a flavor perspective. Alabaster isn't really that interested in fighting casters the same way he is in proving himself the greatest swordsman in the kosmos.

Also bear in mind that most of the opponents entering will be gods of one kind or another. I'm not entirely sure on the wording of how Neo changed his Eldritch Curse ability from my original, but the way I had it to begin with was that it just created a flat-out dead magic zone.

Actually, Neo, on the balance of that ability, I think it would be a lot less complicated, and more balanced, to just have it affect Alabaster as well and just function as a normal dead magic zone. The way it's written now is terrifyingly complicated.

But, that said, from what I remember of your Boccob build, I have a feeling he's going to sweep this tournament. We're not high enough level here to really get into the time hax and similar abilities that level the playing field against casters.


The method we agreed on for VSCs was your second method in that document.

Having a straight up dead magic zone wouldn't be a bad idea and I suppose it would simplify it a bit. It's been ages since I looked at my revisions to your PRC.

Oh and speaking of Boccob.

Boccob, Lord of Magicks
This unassuming Wizard appears as a middle aged man, with short gray hair. He carries a wooden staff with the Symbol of an Open Eye atop it. He wears flowing purple robes that are covered in Draconic Runes. Around his head is a linen Headband and his eyes are pale Blue, hinting at hidden intelligence behind the seemingly delicate facade of this wizard. His face appears aged, but his face is always smiling calmly, for this Legendary Wizard is Boccob and he knows full well that there are few in the Cosmos who could threaten his seat of power.

Medium-Sized Outsider, Neutral (Lawful Tendancies)
Wizard 98/Loremaster 20/Warmage 1/DvR 23 greater deity template with equipment + 4 bonus Divine abilities = ECL 238 (CR 158)
HP: 2856x4 = 10,344 (Doubled on his home plane)
Init: +40
Speed: 90
AC: 10 + 34 natural + 17 dex +1 dodge + 23 divine + 30 deflection + 47 morale + 23 Intellectual Body (competence bonus) +23 Cunning Body (circumstance bonus) = 208, 190 flat-footed, 174 touch
BAB/Grapple: 60
Attacks: 60 +181 intellectual mind + 181 cunning mind + 2 str + 23 divine + 8 staff = + 455 Melee
Full Attack: +455/+450/+445/+440
Damage: (1d6 + 33 + Up to 12th level spell cast by boccob into the staff (quickened) as part of the attack action)
Space/reach: 5/5
Special Attacks: Ummm... Magic?
Spell-like abilities: 23/day Wish, At will - Commune, Dream, Etherealness, Geas/Quest, Greater Dispel Magic, Greater Teleport, Magic Jar, Sending, Tongues, Magic Aura, Identify, Imbue with spell ability, Spell Resistance, Anti-magic field, Spell turning, Protection From Spells, Disjunction, Detect Secret Doors, Detect Thoughts, Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, Divination, True Seeing, Find the Path, Legend Lore, Discern Location, Foresight
Spells: So long as he is in Posession of his Grimiore Ultima Arcana , Boccob has unlimited spells per day and may cast spells or use spell seeds from any spellcasting (not psionic or martial) Class. He may cast any epic spell with a spellcraft DC up to 526, as he has a spellcraft check of 506 and his staff allows him to take a 20 on any dice roll. Spell save mod for his 59th level spells factoring no feats:
23 divine + 23 portfolio +181 int + 20 (d20 roll maximized by the staff) + 59 spell level +23 intellectual soul +23 cunning soul = DC 352 save for his 59th level spells.
Caster Level 165th. All spells cast are cast as spell-like abilities.
Each round boccob uses the same spell or special ability, it gains a cumulative +2 bonus (up to a maximum of +30) each time it is cast (but can still only increase by 2 in per round, which would take 15 rounds of continously casting the same spell at least once to reach +30)
Special Qualities: DR 110/Epic and Mithral, SR 165, Divine Bonus +23, Divine Senses, Godly Realm, Greant Spells, Immortality, Immunities & Maven (From Being a greater deity)
Fortitude: 56 base +181 intellectual Soul +4 con + 23 divine +2 = 266
Reflex: 56 base +181 intellectual Soul +17 dex + 23 divine +2 = 279
Will: 62 base +181 intellectual Soul + 30 wisdom + 23 divine +2 = 298
Strength: 15 +2
Dexterity: 44 +17
Constitution: 19 +4
Intelligence: 145 | 372 +181
Wisdom: 70 +30
Charisma: 70 +30
Skills: 122 ranks + ability score bonus + 23 divine bonus + 48 synergy bonus where applicable + other modifiers.
Feats: Combat Casting, Craft Magic Arms & Armor, Craft Rod, Craft Staff, Craft Wand, Craft Wonderous Item, Forge Ring, Magical Aptitude
Epic Feats: 32 epic feats, Craft Epic Staff, Craft Epic Wonderous Item, Great Charisma x2, Great Wisdom, x2, Improved Metamagic x3, Improved Spell Mastery x23
Wizard feats: Summon Familiar, Scribe Scroll, Quicken Spell, Maximize Spell, Empower Spell, Extend Spell, Improved Spell Mastery x24, Meta-magic Freedom,
Loremaster Feats: Improved Spell Mastery x3, Secret of Inner Strength, Lore of True Stamina, Secret Knowledge of Avoidance, Applicable Knowledge (Enlarge Spell), Dodge Trick
Divine Abilties: Alter Reality (cosmic, inspired, 6 divine ability slots)
Apport,Anyfeat, Cunning Body, Cunning Mind, Cunning Soul, Cunning Spirit, Distant Gaze,Divine Architect
Divine Wizardry,Energy Immunity(Force), Energy Absorbtion (Force),Gravitas,
Intellectual Body, Intellectual Mind,Intellectual Soul, Intellectual Spirit, Learned Spell Immunity,
Omnicompetent,Spell Reflection, Superior Combat Casting,Third Eye
Portfolios: Knowledge & Magic
Portfolio Abilities:
Knowledge Portfolio: Sheeps Strength (already factored), Ring of Truth(Boccob cannot tell a lie), Shield of Knowledge (Immune to int drain/damage), Scion of knowledge (already factored), Wise Brethren (Those summoned gain a +23 divine bonus to int.), Transcompetence (Competence bonus from enemies abilities only apply 50% of the time), Uncanny Withering Mastery (Gain an uncanny int draining attack), Wise Soul (Boccob adds his int modifier to his fast healing)
Magic Portfolio: Sheeps Strength & Fly's endurance (Already factored to ability scores), Spell Block (The first spell used against Boccob each round automatically fails), Scion of Magic (+23 competence bonus on SR, CL checks, and spell DCs), Improved Summoning ((Constructs) Constructs summoned/created by Boccob have 50% more HD), Divine Magic (50% of Boccobs Spells affect targets normall immune to magic), Uncanny Force Mastery (Boccob has an uncanny force effect), Spell Absorbtion (You can absorb one spell per round, gainaing 10 hp/spell level)
Artifacts: Grimiore Ultima Arcana: Boccob's Spellbook, Grants acess to two cosmic abilities (Enlightened & Enscrolled, Allowing Boccob Acesss to all spells that have ever been known and allowing him to cast any number of spells per day)
It also grants it's wielder a +47 morale bonus to AC.
Robes of the Cosmic Archmage : Grant Boccob a +120 Bonus on all spellcraft checks made to cast epic spells or other uses of the skill. His robe also adds the Mithral component to his DR. It also gives him access to the feat Epic Skill Focus (Spellcraft)
Cosmic Headband of Legendary Intellect +82 (doubles, then adds +82 to boccob's int score)
Staff of the Inner Eye: +85 eaquivelent staff (144.5milgp)
(+36 grants a cosmic ability Inner eye allowing Boccob to take 20 on all dice rolls)
(+36 allows boccob to Abrogate one foe within his aura)
It is also a +8 defeding quarterstaff of epic spell storing (capable of storing a single spell of up to 12th level) made of Magically treated Ironwood.

All of this rendition of Boccobs' abilities are straight out of the IH and his artifacts are pretty straight forward. The only noteworthy change is his Inspired Cosmic Ability.

Alter Reality
Pre-requisites: Ability to cast 9th level spells, Cha 70, Spellcraft 70 Ranks
Benefit: Boccob has the uncanny ability to use Wish as a spell like ability at will, but this ability goes far beyond the norm for the limits of Wish. It can be used as a free, swift, or immediate action and this particular ability allows Boccob to apply any Meta-magic effect he has to the desired wish effect for greater results to a maximum of the highest level of spell he can effectively Cast. Furthermore, this ability functions normally in an Anti-magic or Dead Magic zone, but boccobs artifacts and other magical effects must still save or otherwised be checked for a sucessful dispel.
Finally, Boccob may use this ability to give himself a circumstance bonus on all dice rolls equal to 9 + the number of Improved Spell mastery feats he possesses. (59 + 9 = 68)

I decided to go ahead and run some numbers and seeing as how the highest level Epic spell I've found was the level 23 Vengeful Gaze of God, I decided to run the numbers again using something a bit more to Boccobs' scale of power.
Boccobs' Vengeful Gaze
Level: 60
Spellcraft DC: 526
Components: (See Superior Combat Casting)
Casting Time: 1 swift action
Range: Extreme (1000 ft + 100 ft per caster level)
Target: One living creature, or one 10 foot cubic object within line of sight
Duration: Instantenous
Saving Throw: Fortitude (partial)
Spell Resistance: Yes

To Develop: 3,682,000 GP, 147,280 XP
Seed: Disintegrate (DC 24)
Factors: Increase Level based Damage to a maximum of 284 d6 (+122 DC), Increase each d6 die to d12 (+30 DC), +10 Bonus to overcome Spell resistance (+40 DC), Increase range to extreme (+4 DC), Ignore Immunity to disentegration (+40 DC), Add 133d6 Worth of base damage (+266 DC), Change casting time from standard action to swift (+28 DC)
Mitigating Factors: Burn 2,800 XP

The target of this spell is subjected to 133d12 points of disentegration damage plus 2d12 points of damage per caster level (maximum 417d12), or 138d12 on a sucessful fortitude save. If the target is reduced to -10 hit points or below (or a construct or undead is reduced to 0 hit points) it is utterly destroyed as if disentegrated, leaving behind only a trace of fine dust. Creatures normally immune to disentegration effects suffer damage as if they did not posess their immunity.

So long as Boccob is in posession of his staff all variable numeric effects of his spells are maximized.

Now, Boccob has to change one of his Anyfeats to yet another Improved Spell Mastery feat just to cast this spell, so this Spell is pretty near the top of his limit.

Assuming you can't pass the DC 353 Fortitude Save required to not take full damage from this attack, that's gonna equal out to about 5004 damage per failed save. Boccob has between 51-52 levels of free meta-magic each round so that means he can cast roughly 12 or so quickened spells in a given round of Combat. If he were to use this spell 12 times in a single round, and you didn't pass any of the saving throws that's roughly 60,048 damage per round, with the save DC increasing by 2 each cast. Youch.

Edit - I fixed Boccobs' AC and a few other things. Also I sense some of you may be pondering as to just how I managed to jack his Intelligence up so high, so here's how I got my numbers.

Boccob, Lord of Magicks
How smart is Boccob? (Wizard Wizard98/Loremaster 20/warmage 1/DVR 23 LA 119 Divinity Template(Magic & Knowledge portfolios)
Assuming he was middle aged when he underwent his apotheosis.

Base str of 10 + 5 inherit + 46 divine - 46 portfolio weakness penalty
Base dex of 16 +5 inherit +23 divine
Base con of 14 +5 inherit +23 divine
Base intelligence of 19 + 5 inherit + 69 divine + 23 portfolio +29 leveling up = 145 (290 base from legendary int, 372 with +82 to int from headband)
base wis of 17 +5 inherit +46 divine
base cha of 17 +5 inherit +46 divine

Intelligence score of 372 +181
Spellcraft 122 ranks + 181 int + 23 divine + 10 epic skill focus + 120 artifact + 48 synergy + 2 magical aptititude = spellcraft 506

Also forgot about the new ruling on DR granted from templates bumping it from 1/2 to 1/1 Per HD with subtypes adding elements to overcome an immortals' damage reduction. Also added in a guide for his skills & factored in the HP mult. from being a greater power.

Yeah he can dish out a lot of damage but he is rather squishy. It wouldn't be hard for Alabaster to defeat him using his Eldritch Curse.
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I recommend giving him spells, or he's not going to be able to do much.

As far as spells go the most he has access to is the Wish at will from Alter Reality. You can use wish to duplicate most any spell, but even some epic spells don't hit as hard as he does with his sword.


This thread is too big for my little brain to process.

So, basically, you're saying "This is my really really super uber strong guy, who'd you want to make to fight him?"

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