Adv: Rhapsody; Judge: renau1g


Baern does a swivel on one foot and look about. He sees the retreating lizardman and almost pursues him. The dwarf shakes his head and seems to relax a bit as the healing energy from Veruza flows into his body. He moves carefully over to the hobgoblin. You best flee too. He swings both his waraxes in a reverse, striking the gladiator at critical points with the haft of his weapons.

[sblock=OOC] Move: Walk to P18
Minor: Quarry Hobgoblin Halberd
Standard: Twin Strike for non-lethal 1d20+9=26 for 1d12+3+1d6=18 and 1d20+9=29 CRIT for 15 +1d6=19 for a total of 37 damage

Baern don't leave me too close to this rock-monster! Stay back beast! Veruza begins a prayer to lower the already struggling rock monsters defenses.


Veruza currently full health, weakened, has used; Healing word X2, Command, Channel Divinity, AP.

She's getting ready to use astral seal on Cairn if their misunderstanding doesn't get cleared up before she casts.

"Stone Guardian!! Veruza!! Stop!!!!"

Nyar rushes over next to Veruza, "She is with us! We were separated on our path here. She jumped from the stands to save her sister and us. We're all on the same side! Well.... except for the hobgoblin..."

Nyar brandishes Tinder and a silver bolt flies true and smacks solidly in the halbeder's knee. "Surrender hobgoblin, you're outnumbered and alone and no one is going to help you."

[sblock=actions] Move to S15.
Free: Talking.
Standard: Magic Missle to Hobgoblin: 10 damage, nonlethal. [/sblock]

Cairn doesn't turn, for the moment ignoring the woman, still stalking the hobgoblin. There will be time enough to sort finer points later. They needed one prisoner alive. He slides closer and the ice from his torso blasts out. It is however ragged and weak, melting almost as soon as it left his body with no apparent effect on the warrior

Move: shift P16
Free: Mark hobbo

Standard: Form of the winter herald attack(non-lethal) vs Hob AC; cold damage (1d20+10=11, 1d10+5+4=13) - nat 1 !
Minor: Insight (1d20+3=14) - to read Veruza

Veruza appears to be (rightfully) concerned about the Stone Golem that attacked her sister.

Finishing her prayer, partially interrupted, Veruza places a divine glyph upon the rock beast. He's a mindless killing machine Nyar! He's not going to understand even if he can speak. Quick! Hit him while my symbol still burns his stony flesh!

Veruza prepares her next prayer, calling on all her powers, focusing on words of condemnation. Cairn can sense the fear on the girl, her desperation to live oozing from every pore.

astral seal Cairn, 16 vs reflex, hits, Until the end of Veruza's next turn, Cairn takes a -2 penalty to all defenses. The next ally who hits the target before the end of Veruza's next turn regains 6 hit points.

Veruza no longer weakened.

In her desperation, Veruza misses Cairn (+1 AC and Reflex that turn).

Dalvach finally hits the Hobgoblin in the arm with his hammer, a silver swirl surrounds Veruza.

"Ok, I surrender. But, if anyone attacks me, I'm still going to defend myself." the Hobgoblin snarls.

Dalvach hits the Hobgoblin for 7 and gives 6 temp hit points to Veruza.

27 to hit Energizing Strike, 7 damage

The Hobgoblin readies an action.

Enemy Round 7

Cairn; P16; 31/63; Bloodied, +1 AC and Ref, resist 5 cold, each square within 2 squares of Cairn is difficult terrain for his enemies, 5 temp hit points
Nyar; S15; 26/33; 5 temp hit points
Baern; P18; 22/47; Bloodied
Lizardman; R17; 107; Bloodied
Hobgoblin Halberd; O17; 89; Bloodied, marked by Cairn, quarried by Baern
Audrey; T8; 12; 5 temp hit points
Dalvach; N18; 30/43
Veruza; S16; 40/40; 6 temp hit points

It's the PCs' turn.

White boxes are doors or portcullises. Wavy lines are curtains. The walls are 35 ft and lined with spikes, except on the platform. That's 40 ft and lined with spikes.

Climb DC for Walls is 16. Or 10 with a rope. 22 to get over the spikes safely.


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Baern holds his blows and moves carefully away from the hobgoblin, positioning himself between Cairn and Veruza. He stows his nasty waraxe Claw and instead draws a handaxe. It seems your sister is still alive, Veruza so calm yourself. He turns to Cairn. You, are you a gladiator in this area?

[sblock=OOC]Move: Shift to Q17
Minor: Stow Claw
Standard (Minor): Draw handaxe
Free: Talk


First Post
Nyar positions himself between Veruza and Cairn as well, "Aye, Baern is right. Your sister is well and the stone guardian here fought against the captors. I'm thinking he mistook your sister for a distraction, a ploy, similar to the changling who lured us here. All is well, let there be no more bloodshed, especially since we appear to be on the same side."

"Speaking of which", talking to the hobgobling, "Gladiator, who are those three who tricked us here? The elf, the tiefling and the changling?"


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Cairn looks at the dwarf protecting a woman and then at the hobgoblin
"You, stay! We'll need you to lead us to drug stash."

Turning back to the companions

"No. They intended such fate for me I believe, but their drug doesn't work. They ordered me to get some thieves"
he indicates battered companions
"Instead I went for their leaders. And now you're protecting one of them just as your companion let the thiefling go. And yet, you fought against these 'gladiators'. Explain yourself!"

Only shortest of pauses, before anyone can speak
"No. If you don't want to fight me, come with me, we can talk later. The guards will arrive any moment Idon't want to explain what happened here. Bring your females."

Again toward the hobgoblin
"I bear you no ill will. You were under orders. Come in peace and help me find the drug lords. You can go wherever you want after we talk."

Cairn starts toward closest exit, turning and waiting for a moment to see if others follow.


First Post
Dumb piece of rubble, you let the tiefling go, and nearly killed my sister! And how did you guys get yourselves trapped in here anyway? Veruza is obviously confused, and doesn't lower her guard.


Total Defense


"I ain't going nowhere with no lumbering statue. Ya want to talk to me, ya do it here." the Hobgoblin looks around at the patrons that are still leaving. More than half of them are still in the arena due to the difficulty of getting out the exits. "And I don't know nothing about no drug stash. Do ya think that if I knew sumtin about a drug stash that I'd be fighting here?"


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Cairn eyes both of his opponents wearily.
"Weren't you forced to fight due to threat of being denied the drug? I was offered that choice and that wasn't really pleasant. ... ... Altough the drug seems to be targeted at humanoids. Besides, the choice whether to go is not the right one. It's this. You can walk or be carried.

And you, lady, I did my best to stop him and returned only because I believed I was needed here, which may or may not be a ruse. And I DID give everyone up there a chance to surrender, delaying my own attack. If she's not one of the ring-leaders, what did she do up there?"

After second sentence, the voice slows down, becoming deep rumble and mist starts seeping through the cracks and joints in stone statues body. It then retreats into the body. The voice returns to normal speed, but it is clearere, almost human, and speaks with more elaborate sentences.
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"Ya'll threatening me? Youse a menace, that's what youse is. First ya try to kill that gal over there and now ya'll threatening me. I don't take well to threats statue boy. Ha. Ya'll putting the blame for your own deeds on sumbody else. Now it's the gal ya tried to off. That little gal was being held and had her hands tied and you still knocked her off that ledge. Ya'll a sweet talker and that's for sure. But just cause you attacked me and my pals don't make you no hero. Youse a menace. A moment ago you were saying you beared me no ill will and now youse threatening me. Next ya'll be attacking me again. Youse a liar." the Hobgoblin then spits before backing away and pointing his halberd at Cairn.


First Post
"Whoa there, ugly. You put that thing down or I'll burn your dirty hands off. I put up a defensive position and asked you to not fight. You said "got no choice" so don't give us any crap about who started what."

"You said you'd cooperate. You better start now, those three acted like they run this place, who are they?"

[sblock=insight 11] 1d20+8 → [3,8] = (11) Roll Lookup [/sblock]

[sblock=intimidate 5] 1d20 +2 → [3,2] = (5) Roll Lookup ach with the crap rolls, can someone with some personality interogate this idiot...[/sblock]


"Youse a liar too. I ain't said nuting about cooperr, coper, whasever youse said. I only said if youse wants to talk to me, youse do it here. I ain't said nuting about having no choice. And, I ain't going wich ya nowhere, and I ain't putting me 'berd down neither." the Hobgoblin says. Then, something dawns on him "I knows why youse in a big hurry. Youse afraid of Gurg. HA! If they sends Gurg down here, youse in a big world of hurt." the Hobgoblin laughs.

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