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As you exit the Tavern dusk sets in. Most businesses will still be open for a couple of hours. The Key Sip is located in Torchfire, Lower Menthis, a theatre district.



DM: ScorpiusRisk
Judge: renau1g

Adventure Information as of 04/21/2010

Party Members:
Baern Woodsbane, Dwarf Ranger, lvl 4, johnmeier1
Daegaul Useurhy, Half-elf Battlemind, lvl 4, Zissou
Dalvach Dagda, Dwarf Ardent, lvl 4, modest
Nyar Harbor, Human Wizard, lvl 4, FourMonos
Veruza Jeleka, Kalashtar Cleric, lvl 4, CaBana

**If you have not ported your character over to the new wiki, please do so as soon as you can and post your link here. As of this time I only have Baern.**

Major Quests: Find the missing House Jorasco Members

Minor Quests:

XP Awarded: None

Treasure Awarded: None

Date Started: 04/21/2010
Days Played: 0

Rules of Play:

1. Please include your quick stats in your post on each post in combat, and on the first post where your status has changed.

2. In combat I will track your hitpoints and status effects but I'd like you to do the same in your quick stats. After all, I am not perfect.

3. If you are using a wishlist, and it gets updated, please let me know. If you are not using a wishlist, no worries. In LEB, I will almost always pick from your wishlist iwhen possible.

4. I will roll initiative for all. You do not need to wait for you're turn in initiative to post your actions. Enemies will usually go on one initiative.

Effects happen in the order you post. Any effects lasting for an entire round, that should effect you, do, but only once per round the effect exists, despite you're posting order.

If you tie for initiative with the enemy, you will go first.

5. I will not post full stats for enemies. All status effects will be posted. Auras will be posted once they first take noticeable affect. HP will be posted once bloodied. Defenses will be revealed individually once hit. Some familiar monsters are modified.

6. If an sblock is labeled for someone other than you, I ask you not to read it.

7. If you do not post for 2 days, and we are in a skill challenge or combat encounter, I will post for you. I will only use At-Will Powers.

8. If you have an image you'd like to use for your token, please send me the file bal112083(at)

9. If Invisible Castle is down may use Dice Room or post your actions and I will make the rolls.
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Does anyone know the way to Torchfire? Baern asks and they leave the Tavern. He still has his handaxe in one hand, though his whittling was left inside.

Triggers: Disruptive Strike (adjacent enemy attacks Baern or ally), Unbalancing Parry (enemy misses Baern with melee attack), Battle Awareness (adjacent enemy shifts or makes an attack that doesn't include Baern)
Init: +2 Speed: 5 Perception:22 Insight: 15
AC: 20 NAD:18/14/16
HP: 47/47 Surges: 8/8 Surge Value: 11 AP: 1
Languages: Common, Dwarven
Str:19 Dex:10 Wis:16 Con:15 Int:10 Cha:10

At-Will: Hunter's Quarry, Shield of Blades, Twin Strike
Encounter: Disrupting Strike, Off-Hand Strike, Second Wind, Unbalancing Parry, Battle Awareness
Daily: Chainmail of Dwarven Vigor, Jaws of the Wolf, Opportunistic Waraxe

Full Character Sheet [/sblock]
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First Post
Nyar steps from the Shard, slightly behind the rest of the party. He gathers his traveling cloak around himself. He leans heavily on his quarterstaff as he walks. His right hand appears to be keeping his cloak about him for warmth, but in fact he holds his wand for ease of use.

"Sorry Bearn, I'm new to this city. I am not familiar with the different districts. If we really don't know, we could always ask the city guard."

[sblock=ooc] Sorry for the delay everyone. I didn't know about the new location for the character pages until Scorpius made that first post. I do have my character on there now and submitted him for review. [/sblock]
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Dalvach blunders through the crowds of people as he leads the way out of the Shard. He moves at a steady pace, weaving through the myriad of people despite all the equipment he carries. "Come on lads! It's this way!" He tries to seem confident, projecting his credence about him, but really has no idea where Torchfires exact location is. Luckily his stock is that this method has always led Dalvach to right where he needs to be.
[sblock=OOC] Hey guys, sorry for the late posts. Working on character page over the next couple days. Finally eh?![/sblock]
[sblock=Check] Dalvach is going to roll a streetwise check here.
1d20+11 → [11,11] = (22) Roll Lookup [/sblock]


First Post
[sblock=Dalvach] There are yet plenty of people around, and it's not hard to find clear directions, not just to Torchfire but one individual knows the shop in the question.

He seems confused when you refer to it as a healing house. "Always seemed a bit more like a chemist to me? Sure you got your healing potions, but you also have your oils and things. Lots of mundane, helpful things."[/sblock]


First Post
"Well I usually trust a dwarf to lead in two conditions: underground or to find a good ale," Nyar muses. "But it seems Dalvach is taking a lead. I suggest we all stay together."

Nyar sets off after Dalvach, trying to stay within sight of the quick footed dwarf. While he still uses the staff for support, his movement through the crowd is much more agile than his posture and stance would have suggested.


First Post
Dalvach looks the man up and down, then spits as he projects an atmosphere of clarity amidst the hustle and bustle. "Hmm...potions and oils you say? What types of mundane things might ye be referring to, if ye don't mind me asking?"
Dalvach sends a mental 'ping' out to his comrades, letting them know that he is on the right track and where he is currently located. "Tell me manling, are we far from the 'Sip now?"


[sblock=Check] I would like to roll insight to see if he is telling the truth about the 'oils and things' and also the location of the shop in question.
1d20+12 → [8,12] = (20) Insight /view/2496513/ [/sblock]


First Post
[sblock=Dalvach]You believe he is telling the truth.[/sblock]

"Oh lots of things I suppose. Oil to toughen you're leather. Special treatment to get blood out of silk. I have a cousin works as a maid for a noble and she swears by that stuff. Thy say they're lamp oil burns longer than others but I'm not too sure about that. Seems fishy if you ask me.

"But yeah, won't take you too long. Just jump a lift to the lower level, then a bridge over to Menthis. Take you twenty minutes if your in a rush."


First Post
Dalvach nods his appreciation and offers the helpful manling a gold piece. "Come Baern, Nyar. We're not but a hobble away from our quarry. Let's get this over with.." Dalvach grumbles and quickly heads for the nearest lift to the lower level. Shoulders hunched, cloak wrapped around his frame and hammer dragging on the stones behind him, Dalvach clears a path through the crowds using cerebral 'pushes'. He nods to Nyar and Baern with a wink, "They'll catch up later, I'm keeping my mind open to Daegauls' communications. Works brilliantly when you need to be..subtle." Dalvach grins and continues ahead, recalling the time he and Daegaul met up with some Kobolds and a Bugbear in a dark alley. The story is drowned out by the bustle of the crowd and Dalvachs quick pace as he finds his way to the lift.


Baern raises an eyebrow at Dalvach's comments about Daegaul before settling back into a stride with his short legs that he seems able to keep up all day. When those in town give him odd looks he puts his handaxe away, fidgeting nervously with his hands.

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