[Adventure] Lost Love (DM: Velmont - Judge: Renau1g)


DM: Velmont
Judge: Renau1g

Adventure Information as of 2010-06-28

Party Members:

XP Awarded: None

Treasure Awarded:
300 gp

Rules of Play:

1. Please include your quick stats in your post on each post in combat, and on the first post where your status has changed.

2. In combat I will track your hitpoints and status effects but I'd like you to do the same in your quick stats. After all, I am not perfect.

3. If you are using a wishlist, and it gets updated, please let me know. If you are not using a wishlist, no worries. In L4W, not all treasure will be from wishlists, but I do use them.

4. I will rarely assign treasure to an individual. It is up to you to split things as fairly as you deem.

5. I will roll initiative for all. You do not need to wait for you're turn in initiative to post your actions. Enemies will usually go on one initiative.

Effects happen in the order you post. Any effects lasting for an entire round, that should affect you, will affect you and only once.

If you tie for initiative with the enemy, you will go first.

6. I will not post full stats for enemies. All status effects will be posted. Auras will be posted once they first take noticeable affect. HP will be posted once bloody. Defenses will be revealed individually once hit. Some familiar monsters are modified.

7. If an sblock is labeled for someone other than you, I ask you not to read it.

8. If you do not post for 2 days, and we are in a skill challenge or combat encounter, I will post for you. I will only use At-Will Powers.

9. If you have an image you'd like to use for your token, please send me the file julien.deslieres(at)gmail.com.

10. My rolls might not be rolled on Invisible Castle. The main reason is I will do most of my big update in the train while going to work or coming back home, while I have no internet access. But I ask you to use Invisible Castle on each of your rolls. lIf Invisible Castle is down may use Dice Room or post your actions and I will make the rolls.
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[sblock=ooc]I use CoCo Dice Roller because I like how it keeps everything grouped. It also works in more locations than other rollers and I've never had a problem with it being down. Would you be ok with my continuing to use CoCo instead of IC? I don't currently have an account with IC anyway.[/sblock]


[SBLOCK=OOC]I am not familiar with Coco, but I suppose it is fine. If I have problem with it, I'll warn you.[/SBLOCK]


Pis arrives early in the morning. Early enough, he hopes, to precede his possible future employer. He looks about for either his companions or his employer, hoping far more for the former than the latter.

His garb this morning is far more acceptable for an adventurer. His breeches are loose-fitting and a plain dun color. Over this he wears a loose white cotton shirt which is, itself, under a long brown riding coat. He is topped off with a narrow green hat with two brightly dyed pheasant feathers sweeping back from it. (OOC: something reminiscent of Errol Flynn’s hat in his portrayal of Robin Hood.) Again, his rapier and dagger are belted at his waist. New to the image is a backpack that appears full of fairly standard gear for an adventurer.

[sblock=OOC]I’m blocked from iCast about 90% of the work day. If you don’t mind I’ll find and use this CoCo, to keep things consistent. Also, I refuse to stop calling Invisible Castle iCast. I feel like there’s just enough JC in there to please me.[/sblock]
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As Pis arrives, he sees the warforged idly standing near the station amongst the hustle and the bustle of morning traffic. It appears he has simply been waiting here since the evening before.

When Unit 16 sees his traveling companion he moves over to him. "The lightning rail runs all night," he offers.

[sblock=summary of Unit 16's tactics]I re-tooled 16 a bit; he now does less damage but has even more AC. It's actually pretty obscene, in my opinion - although nothing compared to char-op boards or something like that.

Generally he has a ton of AC and HP and his surges heal a lot, so he just likes to put himself between the bad guys and the good guys and take hits. He also does well when bloodied and his 2nd wind is even better now (he can heal 1/2 his HP with one 2nd wind). He burst-marks everything next to him 1/round, and has a two cool forms that are dailies (both add to AC), but otherwise that's mostly it. His only weakness is he can't seem to hit anything. :)

I am a fan of talking about tactics in OOC, but if that bothers anyone please let me know. Looking forward to a good group! :)[/sblock]
[sblock=Unit 16]Unit 16 Warforged Warden 5
Initiative: +2, Passive Perception: 17, Passive Insight: 12, Senses: Normal
AC:23, Fort:19, Reflex:15, Will:15
HP:64/64, 0 temp HP, Bloodied:32, Surge Value:16, Surges left:13/13
Action Points/Daily Item Uses Left/Milestones: 1/1/0
Font of Life
Nature's Wrath
Warden's Fury / Warden's Grasp
Weight of Earth
Earth Shield Strike

Warforged Resolve
Second Wind
Roots of Stone
Earthgrasp Strike
Warden's Tempest

Form of Winter's Herald - Form of Winter's Herald Attack
Form of Mountain's Thunder - Form of Mountain's Thunder Attack
Potion of Clarity

Important Stuff:
- makes lots of immediate interrupts/reactions/OAs


Full sheet: Unit 16[/sblock]
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Talkrai arrives at the station not long after Pis and sees him sitting there with Susan. She looks much as she did the day before. If you look closely you can see that the leafy pattern on her shirt is of different leaves than yesterday, but otherwise the attire appears identical.

She walks over to her companions and flashes them a bright and cheerful smile. "Good morning to the both of you. I hope you slept well. I was a bit restless. I was thinking about what was inside the door and how we might open it. It occurred to me that I heard one of the druids once talking about magical locks. Maybe there's some sort of spell or something that could open it? I don't cast spells myself, but maybe Priam could do it?"

The information all came out in something of a rush, as if she really had been waiting all night to tell them and she was eager to hear what they thought of her idea.

[sblock=Re: Tactics]I don't mind discussing tactics OOC. It is sometimes fun to do it IC as well. It depends on the situation for me. You may see me put suggestions in via Talkrai, but I overall have no problem with OOC tactics talk. :D[/sblock]

[sblock=Talkrai mini-stats]
Talkrai - Female Kalashtar Ardent (Mantle: Clarity) 4
Passive Perception: 23 (28 vs. hidden creatures), Passive Insight: 23
AC:19, Fort:15, Ref:13, Will:19 -- Speed:5
HP:40/40, Bloodied:20, Surge Value:10, Surges Left: 8/8
Power Points: 4/4, Action Points: 1, MI Daily Uses: 1, Milestones: 0
Powers: Energizing Strike, Focusing Strike, Prescient Strike
Ardent Alacrity, Ardent Surge, Bastion of Mental Clarity, Dimension Swap, Healer's Gift, Second Wind
Mental Turmoil, Manifester Weapon Power, Bloodthirst Bracers Power

Mantle of Clarity: Myself and each ally within 5 squares has +4 to all defenses vs. Opportunity Attacks. Each ally within 5 squares gets +2 to perception and insight checks.

Conditions: None[/sblock]


Apparently slow to rise in the morning, Ryda arrives after most of the party has already assembled. She is dressed in her usual mottled grey garb, hood up to keep out the morning mist. "Morning all. Who's ready to become a hunter's quarry? Interesting proposition he has isn't it. I wonder if we're the first he's tried this with. Either way, it'll be an interesting hunt, no?"

She sits at a nearby bench and begins checking and rechecking her quivers of arrows, adjusting fletchings and heads if they seem off.

[sblock=Ryda's stats]Ryda– Half Orc Ranger 5
Passive Perception 19, Passive Insight 14
AC 21, Fort 16, Reflex 19, Will 15
HP 54/51, Bloodied 25, Surge Value 12, Surges 8/8
Speed 6, Initiative +7
Action Points: 1, Second wind
At-Will Powers: Twin Strike, Nimble Strike
Encounter Powers: Evasive Strike, Cut and Run, Yield Ground, Furious Assault
Daily Powers: Split the Tree, Spitting Cobra Stance
Racial Features: HalfOrc Resilience, Swift Charge, Furious Assault
Class Features: Hunter’s Quarry, Prime Shot, Fighting Style- Two Weapon
Item Powers: Predator's Hide, Cape of Mountebank


Jarren arrives next, having risen before dawn and strolled to the station through the slowly waking city. He spots Susan's imposing figure as soon as the station comes into view and makes a beeline for him, picking his way deftly through the morning crowds.

He strolls up as Talkrai is halfway through her spiel and greets the assembled companions with a silent nod, not wishing to interrupt. He seems particularly cheerful this morning, gazing about him with a childlike interest and obvious pleasure in his surroundings. "Seems like a sound idea," he chips in once Talkrai finishes. "Let's see what Priam says when he gets here. We might be rushed, though, if our hunter friend wants to get us on a certain train. Unless Priam chances to know to that sort of ritual already, I reckon we might end up just having to improvise."

[sblock=Jarren Status]
Razorclaw Shifter 5
Initiative: +4, Senses: Passive Perception: 24, Passive Insight: 22, Low-light vision

AC 17, Fort 18, Ref 16, Will 20
HP 48/48, Bloodied 24, Surge Value 12, Surges 10/10
Saving Throws +0
Speed 6

Action Points 1

Healing Spirit x2
Capturing Jaws
Second Wind
Speak With Spirits
Razorclaw Shifting

Spirit of Life
Spirit of the Healing Flood
Wind of Pain and Succor

Daily Item Powers 1
Bear Spirit Leather Armor
Cloak of Resistance
Potion of Clarity

2x Potion of Healing
2x Potion of Clarity
337 gp



Pis, having spent a bit too much of his attention on some of the passing lady-folk, spots the group and joins them. “Salutations my friends. I am hoping everyone slept well. It seems to be a fine day to start an adventure, neh?”

[sblock=Tactics]After the first turn, Pis will be using Bluff for CA a good deal. He gains and extra die of SA with a successful bluff. He’ll also likely hold his second action until just before Susan, just in case he hasn’t gotten to use Warden’s Fury yet. He’ll be making an attack that provokes and OA and hoping that the enemy takes that chance. It’s also likely that one of these will be preceded by Sneak in the Attack so that Susan can surprise everyone with his rogue-i-ness. Will this mesh alright with the rest of the party? Between the Artful Dodger benefit and Talkrai’s Mantle, I probably won’t end up getting hit to frequently. With the harassment from Bluff checks, hopefully they’ll still try.[/sblock]


A moment later, Jasper enter the compartment where you are sitting. "Sorry to be that late. I'm not use to travel through all those tower. I was lodging at higher ground and it took more time to come back here than I thought."

The man look around. "There is still missing one person. I hope your erudite didn't change his mind. While waiting for him, let me fill you with more detail."

"As I told you, one reason I could by such estate was the low price asked by the seller. The last owner died a few years ago, it was just after the war ended. His family tried to sell the land but only find someone willing last year when I choose to buy it. I was able to get a good deal. From what I heard, the last owner killed himself. I think the man had seen too many of his children dying in during the Last War. What a sad story isn't it?" Jasper pause a moment as he see a staff member of the train passing next to the cabin. "Sorry, could you bring some drinks." He hands off a gold piece to the man. "Thanks, I'll pay for them once you get back with them."

He sits back to his place "Now, as I have told you, there was rumors of that place being haunted. From what I have heard, it all come from a story that start over fifty years ago. The owner of that estate had a charming young lady who became crazy one night and killed her mother before killing herself. Since that time, the young lady souls is supposed to be lost and haunt the estate. That is ridiculous, just a bedtime story. I've been over 6 month in the last year in my estate and I have not seen an hint of something like that."

"The only real thing about that story, it is it scare my workers who seems to be the superstitious kind of the worst type. They were digging the earth where I want to build my small cottage in the wood where I go hunting. They were working on my wine cellar (what's best that a good and fresh wine with some juicy boar or deer steak) when they couldn't dig further. First, we thought we had hit a large rock. The land is kind of rocky and it's not easy to dig for the workers. But the more we dig around that rock, the more it became obvious it wasn't one. It was flat, and as we dig, we found the crack that limit the door. But whatever we are trying to do, no way to open that door. After cleaning the dirt, we found the scripture written on the door. Bu as I told you, the tutor of my kids, who knows many language, was unable to read it."


When the Lightning rail is made available, Pis is rushed inside by the loitering crowd. He finds his companions, and Jasper, shortly afterwards in the foremost cab. Pis remains relatively quiet during Jasper’s talk. His reactions are a bit pointed and exaggerated.

“What a sad story isn't it?"

Pis nods solemnly. It appears he might have known other who shared this fate.

“Since that time, the young lady souls is supposed to be lost and haunt the estate. That is ridiculous, just a bedtime story.”
An eyebrow rises, quirked in curiosity at that. He cannot seriously disbelieve the unquiet dead…

As Jasper wraps up, Pis cuts in, “We’ll ask a final time before heading back to the Shard. You hunt what in these woods of yours?” Pis attempts to read the mans face and demeanor as he answers the question, testing for the lie.

[sblock=Insight]1d20+9(Pis)+2(Talkrai)=25 I hope I did that correctly...[/sblock]

[sblock=Stats]Din “Pis Memish” – Level 4 Changeling Rogue
Initiative: +6 Passive Perception: 17* Passive Insight: 19*
HP: 39/39 Bloodied: 19 Surge: 9/9(7)
AC: 18* F: 13 R: 18 W: 17
*22 vs. OAs, 26 vs OAs when w/i 5 of Talkrai
AP: 1
Changeling Disguise
Sly Flourish
Deft Strike
Imposter’s Chain
Changeling Trick
Dazing Strike
Low Slash
Sneak in the Attack
Dynamic Dagger
Bluff for CA
Second Wind
Precise Incision
Imposter’s Chain
Dynamic Dagger

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"Good morning to the both of you. I hope you slept well..."
Unit 16 starts to open his mouth to explain that he never sleeps, but keeps quiet as Talkrai finishes her story.

"Unless Priam chances to know to that sort of ritual already, I reckon we might end up just having to improvise."
Unit 16 nods in agreement.

[sblock=tactics]twilsemail - I never even realized you were a rogue until just now! That's actually great - I'd LOVE to set up some flanking with another melee character. (Thanks to Warforged Tactics, I get another +1 when an ally is standing next to an enemy, so flanking = +3 for me.) Anyway, I'm down with your plans![/sblock]
[sblock=platinum pieces]So I don't recall how much the rituals we need cost, but if there's any money left over from the 3 platinum pieces, should we get a healing potion or two for the group? I could do that "yesterday" if that's cool with folks.[/sblock]

"Sorry, could you bring some drinks."
Unit 16 holds up his hand to motion that he does not need a drink.

He listens to the rest of the story quietly.
Priam spent the remainder of the previous day running around town hoping to find someone who could sell him a Comprehend Language ritual for his book as well as some appropriate reagents that would be required to cast the ritual.

[sblock=rituals]Priam would look for the ritual and enough alchemical reagents to use the ritual 3 times.[/sblock]

Though he'd run himself ragged preparing for the journey, it's not the case that Priam overslept, in fact he'd hardly slept at all. The excitement was simply too much to allow his mind to drift to slumber. So he took a late night stroll around the city and simply lost track of time.

Now he comes running down the road, nearly tripping over himself, trying to catch up before it is too late.

"Hold the train! I'm coming."

He arrives on time, but out of breath. He looks at his comrades with a sheepish grin.

"Did I miss anything?"

[sblock=tactics]Priam moves enemies around, a lot. I'm not sure what the DM plans to use for mapping, but I'd like to suggest http://ditzie.com/. It's a fairly easy to use tool. The DM sets up an account and upload images for maps and tokens, then provides a link to the map. Each player can then update their own position on the map and then post the updated link (You save the map by pressing Enter. Every time the map is updated Ditzie provides a unique URL). I find that with static images I have trouble keeping track of where everyone is, especially if I'm the last one to go in a round.

Of course it doesn't completely resolve the problem for me as in most cases I only move the enemies when I hit with a power.[/sblock]

[sblock=stats]Priam d'Lyrandar Half-Elf Invoker 4
Initiative: +2, Passive Perception: 16, Passive Insight: 18, Senses: Low-light
AC:21, Fort:16, Reflex:15, Will:17
HP:39/39, 0 temp HP, Bloodied:19, Surge Value:9, Surges left:9/9
Action Points/Daily Item Uses Left/Milestones: 1/1/0


Divine Bolts
Vanguard's Lightning

Cloud of Daggers
Thunder of Judgment
Lightning's Revelation
Channel Divinity: Armor of Wrath
Channel Divinity: Rebuke Undead

Nature Sense
Silent Malediction
Quickbeam Staff of Forceful Rebuking +1
Hero's Finemail +2



Jarren shares Pis's feeling of consternation at Jasper's insistence that the estate's haunting is only a rumour. "Events like that echo on in the spirit world," he murmurs. "Don't write it off just because you haven't seen any obvious signs. If the workmen sense something wrong, there might be something to that. I suppose we'll see soon enough."

[sblock=Tactics]I've been scanning over Talkrai's sheet, and I'm struck by just how similar our capabilities really are. Both of us grant quite a lot of temporary hp, both of us need to use a Standard Action for a melee attack in order to grant Saving Throws. Both of us are focused very much on healing and defense rather than offensive buffs. The main differentiator I can see is that Jarren is a little better at multi-target healing whilst Talkrai can do more for a single target.

Some of our abilites (notably the temp hp-fest) will tread on each other's toes a bit, but others (like Jarren's power which increases the next 3 hp gains from any source on allies adjacent to his Spirit Companion) will synergise nicely.

Overall I think that we'll provide a very strong defensive backbone, and hopefully the synergy between Unit 16 and Pis will help to make up for some of the lack of offensive buffs from our leaders. Priam's debuffs and forced movement on enemies might also help quite a bit in that regard.[/sblock]


[sblock=Query]Does anyone have anything we should be adding to our stat blocks? Something like Talkrai's Mantle? Also, does her mantle affect our passive scores or just checks? I'm guessing just checks.[/sblock]


Talkrai nods agreeance with Jarren's words. "Just because you can't see something doesn't mean it's not there."

When Priam comes in she greets him with another cheerful smile, a quick change from the seriousness of discussing undead and the full attention that she was giving to their employer.

"I don't think you missed much. We were just hearing a tragic story about a woman who killed herself on his estate. That's who is haunting it." You'll note that she said "is haunting" with certainty, not as though it is only a possibility.

Returning to the task at hand, she asks Jasper, "Just how far out from the main building is this door in the ground? You said miles. Half a day's walk? or something shorter?"

Her mind is still running through possibilities of what could be behind it. Somehow she feels the distance from the main building could be a factor in that.

[sblock=tactics]Yea, sorry Jarren. D: I've actually never played a 4th ed leader before, so I went for as healy as I could get and still be an ardent. Hopefully we can make it work out. I can at least try to target people with mine that don't already have yours.[/sblock]


[sblock=tactics]Yeah, we are actually in a really good place: our offense is pretty strong with two strikers, and we have more than enough healing to outlast most foes. :) Hopefully with all the CA and such 16 can be more offensively effective as well. The only thing I think we'll need to worry about is the squishies taking too much damage: we have 4 ranged guys and 2 melee guys who work best when near each other, so being surrounded is a concern. (Then again, two of the ranged guys have over 20 AC so we're still doing well.)

Son of Meepo: did you have any cash left after getting what you needed? If you have at least 50g, can we spare a healing potion? If not it's all good - I think we're extra covered. :)[/sblock]


Ryda listens as others share their remorse for the lady, quietly thinking to herself about what a great cover story this to try and lure people in to be hunted. She smirks as Pis’s asks again what Jasper’s prey is, confident he’ll give some common answer like deer or bear to hide his true intentions. She remains quiet though, determined to not be caught unawares. She refuses any drinks of food offered, lest they be drugged to slow the body and cloud her wits.

[sblock=OOC]I shoot things, hard. I’ll pretty much never get locked down in melee since nearly every power allows me multiple square shifting. I’ll either cover a flank with Priam, or assist in dropping the main target that Pis/16 are hitting. Also, Ardents are Melee leaders, so Talkrai will be in there too.[/sblock]