Adventure: Poisoned to the Core DM: FourMonos Judge: KarinsDad


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The grumpy half orc trainer leads you down through the "Staff Only" access. All the while, he yammers along about the cost of keeping animals, how the crowds shrink every year and that he isn't sure the Battle Pit could really stay open that much longer unless something changes. It doesn't really run so much like a dialogue as it does a monologue.

The group travels further down through three flights of stairs until it is clear you are deep under ground. You estimate that the hallways run below the floor of the arena itself, which you were able to see when you first entered the main entrance.

He leads you at last down a 10 foot hallway with large double doors to the left. The smell of animal feces and urine is strong. The trainer opens one of the pair of large double doors and leads you into a room lined with cages.

The cages are set back into the walls, two 15 foot cages on each side and a 20 foot cage set into the far wall. Three animals are kept in the five cages.

The initial impression of a lion laying in the closest cage on the right hand is quickly dismissed as the animal stands and turns to face the group. The lion body sports an angry human face, large bat like wings sprout from its back and a tail covered with spikes raises up above its back.

Within the second cage on the left, a large black cat like creature paces. Two tentacles whip from its back and you make out the six total legs the fey beast possesses. It's resemblance, except in size, to Amarande's companion is remarkable.

Finally, at the farthest and largest cage, the chimera lays with its head on its paws, staring at the group with its three different heads.

The trainer walks into the room and waves everyone in. "Come on in. These new cages are the best in magi-tech innovation. They are a combination of iron cages and forcefield technology. Nothing is getting out of those cages unless we let them out."

[sblock=Map and Location] Link here. Please place yourself on the map behind the animal trainer in the room. [/sblock]

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"I guess they are here to fight... but what do they fight. Against each otehr or against people?" asks River, not liking much that game, but accepting it more easily than fight between two persons.


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Rumbum moves forward with his large axe head in his right hand. He says nothing, but takes time to study each large beast as he has never seen the likes of any of them before.


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GM: Sorry about the slow DM posting guys, but we're about to get to some action, so let me give this a bump and poke [MENTION=82643]CaBaNa[/MENTION] [MENTION=54810]renau1g[/MENTION] [MENTION=36973]stonegod[/MENTION]


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At the sight of the Fey Panther, Ulvellyn's fur bristles and a low growl emits from its throat. To that point Amarande was impassive, but the reaction from his companion (and potential upcoming conflict) gets his blood moving.

The smaller panther paces back and forth anxiously and Amarande turns to his new companions. "The panther is ours" he declares in a low hiss.

[sblock=Amarande Visgoth]Amarande Visgoth—Male Vryloka Fey Beast Tamer Blackguard Kensei 11
Initiative: +6, Low-Light, Passive Perception: 19, Passive Insight: 15
AC: 28, Fort: 24, Reflex: 20, Will: 27 — Speed: 7
HP: 90/90, Bloodied: 45, Surge: 26, Surges left: 12/12;
Action Points: 1/1, Second Wind: Not Used, Milestones 0
Powers -
Dominator's Strike
Vengeance Strike

Dread Smite
Shroud of Shadow
Vice's Reward
Deliverance of Faith
Student of the Sword
Frost Brand Attack Power
Backlash Tattoo

Blood of the Mighty
Knightly Intercession
Heal Fey Beast
Wrath of the Gods
Dwarven Githplate healing
Ornament of Alertness

Important things: +5 damage rolls against enemies with CA. +2 damage on bloodied enemies. Enemies adjacent to Ulvellyn grant CA to Amarande. Resist 10 necrotic/9 fire. If having thp's 1/round can take 5 damage to add 5 damage to attack's damage. At start of turn can make a saving throw against daze/stun even if condition isn't (save ends).

Ulvellyn—Key Beast 10
Initiative +6; Low-light, Passive Perception 11
AC: 26, Fort: 22, Reflex: 26, Will: 26 — Speed: 8
HP: 45; Bloodied 22
Trait: Allies gain a +1 power bonus to all defenses while in the aura 1



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The half orc glares hard at Amarande.

"Now you listen hear, Mr. Knight or wha' ever, you ain't doin' nothing to these animals. They are the property of the Battle Pit. You's said you only need a chimera claw, so we got to see if we can find one in here."

He takes a couple steps further into the room. The double door swings shut behind the group. The smell of feces and dung is fairly strong now.

"Besides, like I said, these cages are top o' da line. They are solid metal bars surrounded by a self activating shield o' force. The manticore spikes and chimera breath can't get through it. The animals are chained to the back of the cage. So even if the cages dropped, the winches at the back would keep 'em from going any further."

He walks over and points at the control panel on the wall (X on map).

"See this, only me and Ruddick knows the codes to release the cages. And that can only be done here or in the control room up there." He points to the clear window above the adventurers' heads. There is indeed a lighted room overlooking the animal cages.

[sblock=perception 20] Although somewhat insulated, you hear the sound of a scuffle from behind the clear glass. [/sblock]

With a soft fizzle, you recognize the uncomfortable hum of dissipating energy. The force fields around the cages winks out. A soft rumble is felt underfoot and the bars of the cages starts to retract into the floors.

The shocked trainer looks up at the glass, "Um... Ruddick?"

GM: Yeah, I know, everyone saw it coming. Could everyone roll initiative please? Should have done that when I asked people to put their tokens on the map.

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