Adventure: Poisoned to the Core DM: FourMonos Judge: KarinsDad

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First Post
With the Boromar goons running away, the adventurers are able to climb into the Professor's skiff without issue. Right before take off, the group is joined by Amarande and his fey beast companion. Based on River's instinct, instead of returning to Morgrave University, the group returns instead to the Tavern Shard.

Brews moves the group immediately to the upstairs large bedroom. Brews always jokingly referred to the room as King Galifar's room. Now, with several members of the guardsman in the room, it would not surprise anyone if royalty was in place. Of course, the ancient healer Shageon is at the center of the room caring for the poisoned guard, now lying on a bed.

River moves toward Shageon and shows him the chimera claw.

"Wonderful!" exclaims the elder halfling, "The professor sent many necessary ingredients over after you visited him. This is the last thing that I needed to perform the poison specific delay."

Under the watchful and curious eyes of the guard and adventurers, Master Shageon performs some skilled alchemy and a healing ritual that culminates in pouring a light blue tinged elixir into the unconscious guards mouth. Nothing happens at first. Over the next several minutes, the guardsman starts to stir. Eventually he lifts his head from the bed and looks about the room. He looks at his comrades for half a moment before realizing what errand he was on, "Brothers! There is going to be an assassination attempt! We must hurry!"

The guardsmen quickly reassure him and inform him and the adventurers that there was, indeed, an attempt to assassinate several ambassadors yesterday. The attempt was foiled by some brave patrons of this very bar, who in turn, are helping the ambassadors find and defeat the assassins.

Shageon brings the adventurers together for a quick meeting, "I can't thank you enough for your efforts here today. With the poison suppressed, this man's life will be saved until we can further research and cure his poison. I fear that we may have saved one man but uncovered some deeper conspiracies. Please don't venture far from Sharn, we may need your help in the future brave warriors."


First Post
"I won't be far. You can count on my skills. It is sad there is so many evil scheme. People doesn't seems to know they would prosper far better in peace than in conflict." replies River.

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