[Adventure] The Lost Treasure of House Cannith (Judge: Evilbob)

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OOC - So is the purple tile now in column 2 or is it something else entirely? If there is now a purple or red tile in row V then that's where I'm headed, if not then I'll shoot for gold.


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GM: Apologies. I didn't notice that the new map didn't attach properly. It is attached to this message for you.


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Karananak lands adeptly on the blue tile in front of him and then promptly loses his balance as the floor slides to the side underneath him and falls on his face, but quickly crawls forward out of the gas cloud. He then stands up and joins the others in the laboratory as the poison gas dissipates.

GM: Please be sure to let me know which square in the lab you end up in when you are finished searching around.

[sblock=Perception 22]You find a loose brick in the north part of the wall the hallway is on.[sblock=Perception 28]You can see a niche in the lock and tiny holes around the safe edges. This looks like part of a trap on the safe lock. Revealing this information to someone attempting to pick the lock before they make the attempt will grant a bonus to the lock-picking attempt, as they will have some idea what to avoid.[sblock=Perception 30]In the rear corner of the room (square O1) there appears to be some very fine cracks in the wall and a loose brick that you didn't notice at first. It's possible this is some sort of hidden door.[/sblock][/sblock][/sblock]

[sblock=mechanics]Karananak athletics for balance - 1d20+1=10 - falls prone
GM: For the record, the DC to maintain your balance on moving tiles was a 12.


[sblock=pc status]Kaelan:
HP: 26/41 Surges: 4/9 AP: 0 MI Daily Uses: 1

HP: 19/45 Surges: 9/11 AP: 0 MI Daily Uses: 1
Conditions: bloodied

HP: 41/43 Surges: 8/10 AP: 0 MI Daily Uses: 1

HP: 13/32 Surges: 6/6 AP: 1 MI Daily Uses: 1
Conditions: bloodied

Experiment 354b:
HP: 21/40 Surges: 7/9 AP: 1 MI Daily Uses: 0


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The Map Room:

Swarmwhisper finally clears the shifting tiles, and and bursts out of the green cloud that obscures the hallway. The feline-formed swarm of humming creatures stands up on its hind legs and reshapes itself into the wilden form of Karananak once more. The druid lopes out into the room, and taking a casual look around notices the loose brick. "Why doan we be ealin up befoa we keep own lukin fuh dat tin we be needin?" He sits down right in the middle of the room without further action taking a rest to close the wounds from the hallway.
[sblock=Actions]Free: Speak
Move: to (?/?)
Standard: Short rest.[/sblock][sblock=Swarmwhisper]Karananak Bole—Male Wilden Druid 4; Resist 5 Fire, (Resist 4 Melee/Ranged in Beast Form)
Initiative: +2, Low-Light, Passive Perception: 22, Passive Insight: 22
AC: 17, Fort: 18, Reflex: 15(17 in beast form), Will: 19 — Speed: 6
HP: 45+3/45, Bloodied: 22, Surge: 11, Surges left: 10/11
Action Points: 0/1, Second Wind: Used, Milestones 0
Powers -
Savage Rend
Locust Swarm
Chill Wind

Scattered Form
Voyage of the Ancients/Wrath of the Destroyer*/Pursuit of the Hunter
Battering Claws

Summon Pack Wolf
Healing Infusion

Item Powers:
Beast Hide Armor (Encounter: Shift 2 in beast form)

Character Sheet
[/sblock][sblock=OOC]I just used my passive Perception to see the loose brick.[sblock=Translation]Why don't we heal up before we continue searching the room for what we need?[/sblock][/sblock]
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GM: You may want to reconsider the passive check. As indicated in the rules in the OP of the adventure, the stacked sblocks mean it's one roll used for all of them and you open as many as you can with what you rolled. Using your passive check on the 22 means you forfeit your ability to see the others, since it indicates taking a 10 on the roll. This is why I didn't write "(passive)" next to the DC, as the OP of this thread indicated I would do if you are able to use a passive result. Although I concede that searching is something you should be able to take a 10 on, it would count as your search roll for the room. Something to think about. Please let me know which map square you stop your search in.

If the group decides to take a short rest, then everyone in the group should indicate how many surges they spend, etc.


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OOC: Maybe if you roll the Perception check for Karananak, the universe won't be so ready to mess with me. It's a +12 to the roll plus however many of the party can aid me after the short rest. And I'll spend 3 HS.


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GM: If you'd like me to roll it, I certainly will. I'm happy to try my luck for you. Just go back and edit out what you found in the 22 block from your last post (whether I roll or you do) and you can repost later based on what you find. :)

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