D&D 5E Adventures in Middle Earth: Over the Edge of the Wild (RP Thread)


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"Oh, uh, the cart's mostly full of iron tools," Baldor said, "As well as some wooden toys. If you do want to join me, I was getting ready to load the cart onto a ferry just over there." Baldor points past the hill. "In any case, I suppose I need to get back to it. It won't load itself."

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" Allow me to assist," Halvar offered, " Many hands will make the work go faster."

This was not what he had set out for this morning, but the Lakeman assumed that there was some purpose behind it. To travel Mirkwood was to invite foul luck, but even here, near Dale, Halvar knew that there were equally villainous predators. That the father and his son had been lucky enough to nearly reach the ferry was a blessed thing, more so that there were protectors to drive off the wolves.

He gave a small thought to the men they had chased off. Would it have been better to stop them entirely? To jail them, or worse? The more the wolf was denied food, the hungrier and more desperate it became. However, Halvar knew that such men would still be invited back by King Bard: they still had a place at home, should they choose to accept it. It pained him that still so many could not willingly embrace such an offer of brotherhood. The damage that the Old Master had reaped upon his people was far longer lasting than the Dragon Fire.

" T'was mighty fine fortune that we were here, Baldor," Halvar admitted, " Have you had much trouble on your journeys before?"

He kept the conversation going whilst following any instruction the merchant set out to help get the goods from the cart to the ferry station, and from there loaded onto any boat that would arrive.


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It was a good hour before the elves arrived.

"Suillad mellon!" the lead elf called to Baldor on sight, "It's good to see you again, Baldor! And well met, to your companions!"

"And you, Lindar," Baldor answers.

Between the party and the newly arrived elves, the supplies are quickly loaded onto the boats.

The ponies are initially wary of stepping onto the raft, but when Lindar steps forward to whisper in one of their ears, the little beasts are quickly comforted and step aboard with no more time lost.

As the party finally departs, there is a sense of grand new beginnings in the air. Of hope, and freshness. The trees seem greener than they sometimes do, and much conversation and laughter is had. Especially with little Belgo, whom the elves clearly love and have known for a long time.


A day and a half into the journey, on a cool, clear day, one of the elven scouts calls out.

"Fallen tree!"

And indeed, in the path of the boats was a large tree that had fallen over the river. The water babbled softly as it flowed over it in some parts and under in others.


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With some quick thinking on Ceodric's part, combined with the skill, smarts, and athleticism of the others, a plan is devised.

Using ropes, one of the boats, and a woodcutting axe, the party manages to quickly eliminate the blockage in the river, chopping the tree in several sections until a path can be cleared.

"Wow," Belgo said, "You all cleared that in no time!"

"Impressive work indeed," Lindar echoes.

Which it was. The work is completed in less than half and hour, and in the backs of their minds, the company began to realize that they synergize well together.


The remainder of the journey went without incident, though the rowing was difficult and the forest canopy somewhat oppressive as they paddled further into the woods. Finally, the watergates of the Woodland Realm were in sight, and although every aching muscle was keenly felt, it was a good ache. The ache of a journey well traveled, for a worthy cause.

"Hail, Baldor," the gate guard calls, "The Elvenking welcomes you back to his halls. And who among you speaks for the newcomers?"


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As per normal, Bromm kept to few if any words with his new companions. During the rowing and moving of the trees he worked in silence and suborning pushed through to the other end. At the gate he puts up his oar and pulls out his pipe and pipeweed. He lights the weed silently and waits others to do the talking. Plus he didn't quite trust elves...


~ Halvar stepped forward, having no qualms with Elves and their ilk; he had fought alongside them beneath the shadow of The Lonely Mountain, and considered those of Mirkwood fast friends of his people.

" Hail, Friend Elf," he called out, " I am Halvar, Son of Halstein, of Esgaroth. These are my companions."

The man stepped aside so that his cohorts may speak for and introduce themselves should they wished.

" Baldor had requested our aid to reach your lands," he explained after the introductions, " And we have insured that he and his son have arrived safely. May we enter alongside the merchant?" ~

In the gap allowed by Halvar for introductions, Ceodric spoke briefly and softly in Elvish. When he indicated Hilda, she barked but it seemed to be in a much softer manner than before, and even in a different accent. Almost.

C: Hail friends. We are acting as guides for this merchant and his son who were waylaid by bandits. I am The Dreamer of Rhosgobel. This is my hound, Hilda.
H: Rowf.


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"It is my duty to vet each and every potential entrant to the Woodland Halls, Halvar, son of Halstein," he said, "It is a privilege not freely given to all, and though we know of Baldor and his son, we do not know you. At least, not yet."

He then turns to The Dreamer.

<Sindarin>"Hail, Dreamer. Rare is the Woodsman who speaks our tongue. When and where did you spend time with my people to learn it?"</Sindarin>

<Sindarin> From Radagast the Brown and from listening with those of the Woodland Realm that have visited with him.<Sindarin>
<Quenya> I have a skill with languages. I pick them up easily. <Quenya>
<Westron> Though the tongues of Men come easier to me.<Westron>
<Sindarin> I am a healer and a seer. My blessing and my curse.<Sindarin>


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<Sindarin> "Radagast is known to us. He is great among the wise, and your education is indeed reflective of such a teacher. I will welcome you into these halls. But, do you also vouch for these companions? Who are they?"

<Sindarin> The halfling is Poppy Greenmeadows. She has travelled far and is wise. The dwarf is Bromm of the Iron Hills. He is not a talker but I see in him a stout heart. The last, Thorondir, is a Dunedan. His kind are friends to your people.<Sindarin>
<Westron> I will vouch for them all.<Westron>
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"Very well," the sentinel said, "You will all be held responsible for whatever deeds you commit while within the Woodland Realm."

<Sindarin>"In addition, Dreamer, you will be held partially responsible for the deeds of your companions until they leave the Woodland Realm, as you have vouched for them."

A few orders are shouted, and the water-gate is opened, allowing the ferry to pass beneath the stone cavern walls into the Woodland Realm.


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Bromm remains weary and watchful. His folk and elfs are not natural allies but he has nothing against them personally. Until they prove themselves to be the enemy Bromm will simply watch them...

As the boat passes under the stone Ceodric turns to his companions with a brittle smile. He speaks softly.

"So. Just so you know, I'm apparently your sponsor. Of a sort. So if anyone does anything...unacceptable, they'll treat me as guilty too".

He spreads his palms.

"I mean, not that you would. But circumstances...". He sighs.

Has he made another blunder? He chews his lip, strokes Hilda's shaggy head for comfort.

"Just be careful. The elves can be distrustful."


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[sblock=For Bromm] You notice, perhaps with interest or perhaps not, that the gate and stone you pass under is very obviously Dwarf-wrought.[/sblock]

With cautious courtesy, the elves escort the party through a labyrinth of stone to their living quarters. The rooms are fine, and sleep 2 each in comfort.

"You are free to wander these halls, only know that you will be seen, even if our sentinels are unseen. You have our trust, however."

Baldor is waiting in the guest rooms already. He explains it will take about 2 days to do his rounds in the Elvenking's Halls.

((Anything you'd all like to do in the meantime?))


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Bromm nodded his head sadly at the dwarf-work. Better days he thought. Once escorted to the sleeping area he unpacks his pipe and woodcarving set having little interest in exploring...


Unlike Bromm, Halvar was intent on exploring as much of the Elven Halls as would allow. While he had met many in his time, the Elves of Mirkwood were not exactly keen on Men traipsing through their lands, especially not their homes. Though he kept his blade, bow, and shield with him, the Lakeman felt comfortable enough leaving his gear behind and makes for the door, turning to his companions once reaching it.

" I've yet to see a place quite like this," he confessed, a bit of excitement creeping into his voice, " And I'm not going to waste the opportunity. Any whom would like to join me are more than welcome."

And with that, Halvar was out the door to see the sights of Woodland Halls. ~

Ceodric asks, "Is there any need for the skills of a healer? I am happy to help if my abilities can be of use - I have some renown."

OOC: Can I pick up News from Afar? I should just pick it up according to the book.


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With great excitement bubbling up inside of her, Poppy put her things to one side carefully. She had to agree with the Lakeman...this was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Until this point in her travels she hadn't met Elves, let alone set foot inside their halls. Slipping through the door, she set off after Halvar.


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Lindar waits outside the rooms. He offers a slight smile. "I suspected you would like to look around. I thought I'd wait a short while and show you Thranduil's Halls, if you like. What would you most like to see? I will guide you."

[sblock=Ceodric's eyes only]

In conversation with the few elves you've encountered so far, you've been able to exchange a bit of information and news. Thranduil is troubled. Elves are being recalled from the farther parts of North Mirkwood to the Woodland Halls. Festivities once common have become a rare sight, and the elves are more melancholy these days. One can only guess why Thranduil has ceased to indulge his subjects, but he is wise, and surely has his reasons. [/sblock]

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