D&D 5E Adventures in Middle Earth: Over the Edge of the Wild (RP Thread)

"It would be remiss of me if I was to fail to properly pass on Radagast's good wishes to Thranduil...if he would consent to my meeting him."

He thinks.

"Is it allowed for Hilda to accompany me?"

He indicates the Hound, sat up politely, head on one side, slight whimper.

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"The dog may certainly come," Lindar said with a smile, "As for meeting Thranduil, that is no easy thing even for an elf. I will attempt to pass the well wishes to him, however. Perhaps someday, if you be worthy, he may deign to meet you. Will it just be you two and Hilda, then? Or will any of your companions be accompanying us?"


~ With the Halfling in tow, Halvar spoke up as if on cue. In such halls, the normally bold Lakeman measured his voice, sounding almost humbled in the presence of Lindar now that he stood in the home of the elves.

" If ... If it were no trouble," he started, " I am sure Miss Greenmeadows shares my wishes to pay my respect to Thranduil."

He looked down to the Hobbit for her answer, but felt as though he knew it long before she spoke. ~


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OOC: Unfortunately, Poppy doesn't really know much about the elves beyond the tales told in the Shire


"Certainly, I will convey well wishes from your entire party," Lindar said, bowing, "As soon I find the opportunity. Come, now! There is much to see."

Lindar, over the next days, takes you on multiple trips through different parts of the halls, and you have the opportunity to meet a lot of elves. The elves themselves are polite, in a sort of pulled-back, suspicious way. Nevertheless, as they see more and more of you, they open up somewhat.

Yet their opening up reveals more of an inner somberness and tension than any sort of joy. Or at least, not much joy.

Lindar takes you through the system of caves, which he explains were a natural formation, in which Thranduil lived going as far back as the First Age of Middle Earth. The caves have been worked on by both elves and dwarves since then, though not in a great many years.

"Is Thranduil seeing anyone today?" he asked the Sentinel who stood near a large and intricately wrought gate of silver, which barred the way to stairs leading to a high platform, which Lindar explained was Thranduil's "throne room."

The Sentinel shook his head. "I'm sorry. He is not. Nor has he informed us of plans to open the gates anytime in the next few days."

Lindar nods respectfully, and leads you on. He shows you the many levels of the halls. Marketplaces, homes, barracks, musician's halls, crafthouses, cellars, and much more.

Until at last, on the morning of the third day, he arrives in the company of Baldor and Belgo.

"We are ready for the next leg of our journey," Baldor says, with a smile. "Will you all be prepared to leave within the hour?"
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~ The time spent here had been akin to magical for Halvar. It was not often that a Man be allowed to experience such things, and whilst they were unable to meet the lord of These Halls, there were other luxuries abound. He had seen remarkable steel shaped by the finest of Elven Smiths into blades that left the one at his side feeling dull. The sound of flutes coaxed from the river reeds wafted along the scent of fresh breads, honeyed wines, and sweetmeats. While Laketown would hold his heart always, there was a small pang of jealousy that his own homeland could not be so ... so innately beautiful.

So it was that when Baldor came to continue their journey, Halvar was both ready to get away from such wonders but also sore that he had to: his place was not here, amongst craftsmen and musicians, but in the wild, serving The Good Folk of his home. It was there, over hill and under tree, that he withstood The Shadow and all of its villainies.

" I am certainly ready, Master Baldor," came the reply when he asked, his Longbow unstrung but still carried with a state of prep, " Where does our journey bring us next?" ~


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Bromm nods in agreement with Halvar, having spent the last few days by himself with his woodcarving. Nothing here really interested the brooding dwarf but he was happy for the elves hospitality if nothing else. But it was time to get back out into the world... there was evil about and Bromm meant to find it and face it.


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It didn't take long for everyone to pack and be ready. After all, such adventurers tended to keep everything in their travel packs, ready to go with short notice.

Lindar escorted them through the halls, to the edge of the caverns.

"The most important thing I can tell you is to keep to the path," he said, "Everything about this forest in this time will try to deceive you, but the path is old and true. It will not lead you astray, whereas anything else might. My final warning, as you swing south, the Enchanted River follows alongside the path. Do not drink from it, lest your mind be cast asunder."

As the company passed over the eastern bridge, Lindar paused. "Be well my friends! I do hope we may meet again."

Baldor and Belgo said their goodbyes, and at 10 o'clock that morning, the company was off.


That afternoon, as they enjoyed a light lunch, a voice called out from East, down the road.

"Hail friends," it said, "Do you journey from Thranduil's halls?"

An elven scout stood down the road a short ways, approaching the camp.

"Hail!", cries Ceodric, rising from his seat on a small boulder from where he had been sharing his lunch with his hound.

OOC: before I go any further, do I have any Foreknowledge about this scout?


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OOC: This meeting wasn't foretold to Ceodric, and he didn't expect it. But his dreams offer verses about very old and very dedicated watchers in the forest. Some good. Some not. Those verses float to mind

The scout arrived. On his back was a bow and he had a knife at his belt. Typical gear for such an elf. "It is good to see that the King still opens his halls even in these late days. Where do you travel from?"

Ceodric bows to the elf and introduces himself: "Well met. I am The Dreamer, of Rhosgobel. These are my companions. We have recently come from Laketown. Come, join us, and tell us of what you have seen these past days so we may be prepared for our journey to come".

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The elf sat down next to the companions. "Rhosgobel, you say? That is quite interesting, as I have just come from Rhosgabel. I sought the council of the Brown Wizard there. The forest grows treacherous, these days. Always it has been hazardous, but now, spiders come up from the south. And fouler things. Do not fear to travel! Only, stay to the road. My scouts keep it clear, but the task grows more difficult by the month. It was my hope that Radagast could offer insight into these fresh troubles. Alas, for all his wisdom, he's still in the preliminary stages of his own investigation. But the King has leapt to his own conclusions, and seems to be preparing for some hardship. Though, even those closest to him cannot guess at what he has seen..."


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Bromm huffs a bit too himself and watches the elf wearily. Its probably nothing, elves are a secretive and untruthfully as a whole. Oh there were exceptions, but what elf ever spoke plain when flower words and hidden means spilled from their tongues so easily? The dwarf remained silent though and would mention it to the others when he had a chance. It was probably nothing but one never know where one's doom might come from...

Ceodric starts at the dwarf's words. He senses that this is no ordinary elf, but an elf of some reknown and power, probably travelling incognito.

"Ah, forgive our dwarven companion. He speaks bluntly but his wits are sharp. You do not name yourself, yet I feel we should perhaps know of you."

"You mentioned the spiders", he continues. "Are we to expect them on our way?"

He stops.

"Forgive me. Please, sit, rest awhile. You are welcome to share our meal".


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"You forget whose land you tread on, dwarf," the elf said. He listened to Ceodric apologize for Bromm. "It is forgiven. But i would expect better from a dwarf, or anyone, who was allowed into Thranduil's own halls. That is a privilege."

Despite his stern words, the elf had no ill will in his eyes. He accepted the invitation to eat.

"I am Legolas Greenleaf, and these lands are my responsibility. My father, the king, attends to matters of state and military strategy. Meanwhile, it is my duty to deal with more immediate threats to the safety of these lands. Such as these spiders. I and my scouts hunted several as we made our way back to these halls. You may encounter some for yourself, though it is unlikely to be in overwhelming numbers if you should keep to the path. Never the less, sleep in shifts. Now, what news do you carry from afar?"

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