D&D 5E Adventures in Middle Earth: Over the Edge of the Wild (RP Thread)


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Just over the hill and past the rushes, a well dressed older man stands backed up to a tree. In his hands is a large branch. He swings it back and forth in big, sweeping strikes. Three armed men surround him with shortswords drawn, but they're just being kept at bay. One has a fresh bleeding welt on his face where the branch must have struck.

"Stay back! Belgo! Run!" the old man shouts.

A young boy stands off to the side, perhaps 10 years old. Tears run down his face. "No! I won't leave you!"

Belgo charges one of the armed men, trying to tackle him, but is shoved to the ground with little effort.

The largest of the thugs sees you arrive. "Be off! This is none of your business!"

[sblock=For Halvar's eyes only]

You recognize the armed men as Jonar, Kelmund, and Finnar. Notorious troublemakers from Lake-town. In the years of the dragon, they were hired muscle under the service of the Old Master. The new, wiser Master dismissed them from service, and they've been acting as thieves and sellswords ever since. [/sblock]

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~ Halvar scowled immediately, reaching towards the quiver at his hip to grasp and arrow and knock it to his bow. A personally-crafted instrument, as any Bowman of The Guild would warrant: none would be caught dead brandishing a bow that they had not carved. As such, Halvar knew every bit about it: the draw, the tension on the string, the snap with which she released, and that it was more than capable of putting a trio of arrowheads into the bandits in front of him. Upon spying their faces, his sour look only grew all the more bitter.

" Have you no honor left, Jonar?" he called out, " Has Esgaroth not suffered long enough for you, Kelmund? Has the Dragon-Sickness consumed you all, Finnar?"

Halvar stood atop the hill, keeping the arrow at half-draw. Though it pointed down, those men would know that a Guildsman would be able to bring it to bare within a moment's notice. Such bandits were a menace, and Halvar knew that these three had never had a good bone in their body. Extortionists and bone-breakers, they had lost their power of fear-mongering now that Good King Bard had brought back justice and prosperity to Dale. It sickened Halvar to know that they still tried to continue their wicked ways, when so many had lost so much and still found the kindness in their hearts to help their fellow man, not rob and harm him.

" Drop your blades and flee now, and I'll let you continue on with your miserable lives."

With his allies close behind, the Lakeman gave a smile as cold as the deepest depths.

" Or my friends here and I can quickly save you from such a dreadful existence."

OOC: Rolling Intimidation: [roll0]

At which point Hilda appeared ahead of the others, right on cue.

A huge grey wolfhound - nearly the size of a pony - dashes up behind Halvar and comes to halt. Looking down at the scene and sensing tension, she bares her teeth.


And the sound of running feet and jingling mail follows close behind as Ceodric and Bromm lead the pack and appear moments later.


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Fear washes over the thug's faces. Two of them lower their weapons, and Jonar lifts his hands to his shoulders.

"Easy now, Sir Bowman," he said, "We're not looking for trouble. This merchant cheated us, and we just want our fair pay. Right boys?"

Kelmund and Finnar quickly nod in agreement, their eyes darting between Halvar's gleaming arrow and the hound's bared teeth.

[sblock=OOC]When Ceodric arrives, can he have a flash of foreknowledge please about the five people below?
Also, can Ceodric receive some News From Afar if appropriate?
Thank you
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[sblock=For Ceodric's Eyes Only]

At the sight of the older merchant, one of the newer verses in your dream springs to mind. The verse speaks of a worn merchant, left behind. On his road lies Destiny and Doom both.

Ceodric would need to spend some time with locals to get News From Afar. Perhaps soon, but not yet. [/sblock]

Ceodric tries his best to look as menacing as he can in support of Halvar. Being tall helps, but he is aware his lack of serious weapons or a musclebound frame don't help him overmuch. Spying the merchant, he has a familiar vertiginous feeling - the man is surely the merchant from his dream, left behind. He doesn't understand what the 'left behind' but means, exactly, but knows that this man is somehow connected to the new beginnings his dream told him would have their roots here.

He hefts his staff like the cudgel of a bandit, tapping it in a cupped hand. He has seen others perform this gesture and hopes it will aid in the Lakeman's intimidation to drive the ruffians off.

Part of him wants to help the bandit with a cut face, but the rest of him just wants them gone so they can find out what part the merchant will play on their destiny. He can't help himself, though, and asks:

"Cheated you? How? And why would this man, who shows no sign of wealth, with only a child to help him, cheat three such as you? Begone! Or my hound will cheat the bones from out of your legs!"

On cue, Hilda growls.


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When Bromm's short legs carry him over the hill he looks down at the situation and growls low in his throat. "Be off with ye or ye will regret it..." his gravely voice says, leaning on his war mattock in a menacing way...


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Jonar tilts his head and his followers move back. "We'll leave. But it's not wise to be making threats, friends. Travel well."

He turns to leave and moves off to the south, grumbling. Kelmund and Finnar follow.

The old merchant drops his stick and little Belgo runs up to embrace him.

"Father! Are you hurt?"

"No. No, they didn't get the chance," he said. Then he looked up to his rescuers. "Thank you, Guildsman. Thank you all! You arrived in the very nick of time! My name is Baldor."


~ Halvar watched the cowards flee, making sure that his arrows could no longer reach them before turning his attention to his newfound comrades at his side.

" Many thanks for your support," he offered gratefully, " Though it shames me that this must be your introduction to my home."

The drawn arrow went back into its quiver and the bow was carefully slung about Halvar's shoulder. Striding down the hill to greet father and son, the Lakeman gripped his fellow's forearm with his hand in a friendly meeting.

" No thanks are necessary, good Baldor. Your bravery before your son is an inspiration for all children of Dale." Halvar complimented, stepping back a bit.

" I am Halvar."

The Guildsman paused for a moment to allow his companions to make their introductions as well as they felt necessary before interjecting.

" I hope that those ruffians took nothing from you? It is a dour day when Men of The Lake prey upon one another, as the Old Master once did." ~


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Bromm eyes the trio leaving wearily. When he is sure they are gone to watches and listens to the old man and boys tale but does not offer his name.
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Ceodric gives the merchant and his son a once-over to see if they're hurt in any way.

He introduces himself: "I am The Dreamer, of Rhosgobel. This is Hilda. She's not as fierce as she looks"


"Most of the time."

He addresses the merchant. He remembers the words of his dream. He decides to go for it. He looks him seriously in the eye.

"You have been left behind. My dream has spoken to me of this. But by whom and why, I know not".


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"Left behind?" Baldor said, "I'm sure I don't know what you mean, Mister...umm, Dreamer. I'm just a merchant, and I travel only with my son. We make ends meet. Maybe not as much as some of the others, but I'll get back to where I was, someday. But, no, they didn't get the chance to steal from me, Guildsman, since you asked. I hired them on to work as guards for me as I cross Mirkwood. I supposed they didn't want to wait for payment at the end. But now I find myself with nobody to help me cross the forest..."

Baldor scratches the back of his head. "I'm getting older. But I can't retire, and I have a son to support. And yet I don't think I can keep him safe in the journey, with just me."


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The encounter with the two ruffians was over before Poppy knew it, and thankfully without incident. She listened to the exchanges between the Men and stepped forward to address the merchant. "Seems to me they sure didn't wait long, did they? I've passed through Mirkwood once before, but I'm afraid I couldn't protect you by myself." She turned to her new-found companions. "I don't know what's meant by dreams and all, but surely we can't let them cross by themselves if they're going through that wood. Especially a child. Doesn't seem right."


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"Well," Baldor said, "I'm sure you all have business of your own. But, if any of you were willing, I could certainly offer fair payment for an escort across the forest."

"I believe it was fated that we meet, Baldor. My dream reveals many things to me and it has shown me you", here Ceodric turns to the others, "And it has shown me that a meeting by the lake will be the roots of mighty deeds against the Shadow. I believe we should accept this task."

He gestures to the assembled group.

"I have travelled from Rhosgobel through and round Mirkwood. Each step has led me closer to this moment. I see things, and people, in my dream verses. I am a healer. These lands need healing after the scars they have suffered. It is my fate to journey wide and help those that need it. I have foreseen great things for the tree that grows from the seeds of this meeting. I will go with you, Baldor."


He smiles at Hilda.

"It seems I have been granted permission."

Looking at the group, he takes on a serious aspect. His eyes glitter. His tone turns deeper.

"Those who wander seeking adventure have been called here. And here adventure finds us. There are those here who seek to protect; who seek new experiences; who seek their doom; their destiny. I see all this in my dream, and I see this man", gesturing to the merchant, "and I believe this is the path we must take."

[sblock=OOC]LM, I am suggesting that Ceodrics harrowed dream has let him understand these drives being assembled, not necessarily who has which one, as a function of Foreknowledge just to try and tie the group together. If this is overstepping let me know and I will happily amend[/sblock]


Halvar considered all this for a moment. While the Mirk was certainly no place for a child and his father, there was still the summons of Good King Bard to be answered.

However, as a Guildsman, as the last son of Hal, he knew that Kings could wait. Here was a chance to make a difference for others within The North: to turn it aside would be disgraceful. This was the new Kingdom that Bard was making, and it was one that he was proud to be from.

" The Halfling and our Dreamer are right: Laketown can wait," Halvar agreed, " Such dark forests are no place to travel alone."

Turning towards the merchant, he raised an eyebrow. Though Ceodric appeared to have some type of ... gift, of foresight, there was still something that had not been addressed.

" Baldor, where do your travels take you, that you must cross land as dangerous as Mirkwood ..?"


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"Oh, of course. See, I'll be going to visit the elvenking first," Baldor explained, "Then after that, it's my intention to take the long road west until I reach the forest gate. Then I'll swing south to trade with Beorn's folk and the Woodsmen."

"I like the elves," Belgo says, "They're always nice to me."

Baldor smiles at his son. "Well, they don't see many children!"


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Bromm shrugged his shoulders, thinking one doom is as good as the next. He then says "I'm Bromm, son of Brodin. I will join you". He then walks back down to the docks to grab his travel pack and rejoins the others.

"It will be a pleasure to meet the Elven-King. And to return to my homelands. If I can help you trade with the Woodmen, I will do so gladly. But", and here Ceodric looks about, "what exactly are you trading?"

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