Star Wars Ahsoka - SPOILERS

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Morkus from Orkus
Boba Fett and Obi-Wan are listed as "Season 1" as well (as are all the one-off MCU shows).
Things are looking decent for getting Season 2 of Obi-Wan. The director said there is a wealth of stories to explore that could span 10 years and the president of Lucasfilm hinted at the possibility of Kenobi being involved in other narratives.


I will say, Baylon is a great bad guy. It feels like what they would have done with Dooku if they had more time with him, this dark side user that's just suave and utterly in control. I also like that he gives his word and intends to keep it. No immediate bad guy betrayal "just because I'm evil", you can tell he really does believe in this "greater good" that he is working towards.

I like his style where he's fighting with "decent" agility, but no where near Ashoka's, but then you can literally see him amp up the power and knock Ashoka back.

I also appreciated that Ashoka's concern for Sabine was the opening for Baylon to knock her off the ledge. Like master like padawan, Ashoka never could let those attachments go, and ultimately gave Baylon the opening. Its nice because Ashoka being as strong as she is its really questionable if this new guy should be able to take her down, so this narratively gives us the out. We can say "in a straight up fight, Ashoka wins" while still allowing her to lose in this particular scenario.

We also have teh "first" Holdo maneuver, and this one works a lot better for me, as the ship is standing still for a while to calculate, and the fighter squadron moves right into their path, not knowing they are about to launch. It gives the feeling that this really is a "1 in a million" kind of fluke, and not some new manuever every fleet in the galaxy should be using.

Yup he is great. Don't really need another cartoon bwa ha ha villain.

Anyway things I l8ked.

1. Lightsaber scenes. They were really good not to over the top.

2. Marrok reveal. Well guessed that wrong

3. Ahsoka got beaten fair and square. Established the new villains credibility. Shin has also gone over vs Sabine. Heroes have flaws.

4. Baylans offer to Sabine and her acceptance. He's not trying to directly lure her to the dark side. She's not suicidal if she shot the McGuffin her head cones off and Ezras still stuck.

5. Pacing. Still no Thrawn building anticipation up for his reveal. Been waiting 30 odd years to see him in live action. Few more weeks WoT hurt (next week?).

I'm liking the villains a lot. Deaged David Mustaine from Megadeth as Anakin interesting casting;).


I don’t think he was de aged. That really is the actor.

I did kinda wonder why Gera was bribing her son. Seems a really bad idea.

Are we supposed to like Sabine after that? I haven't watched the cartoons, but I'm guessing Ezra and the other rebels would give their lives to stop that ship..... All she had to do was give up someone she already thought was dread. And, I'm not really interested in a long lecture about the comics..... This is the show we are seeing.
They all seem reasonably confident Ezra is alive. They would have sensed his death through the force.

And in Rebels the "ruthless" course of action generally fails. It's when they set out to save individuals that they end up winning. I wsn't entierly joking about Anakin destroying The Eye of Sion as soon as he encountered it. Anakin was ruthless. Anakin fell to the dark side.

Of course, given that, the best course of action would have been to let the villains keep the map and stow away aboard the Eye of Sion.
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I will point out that in the publicity before the start of the show Dawson compared her character to Gandalf.
Interesting. I’ve been hoping that Filoni would resolve the questions posed about Ahsoka in the Mortis arc from Clone Wars.

One could argue that Ahsoka has already had her Gandalf moment.

I don’t think he was de aged. That really is the actor.
I’m pretty sure they’ve applied some de-aging to Hayden’s face like they did in the Obi-Wan flashbacks (to not that great effect – Hayden still looks older in all his recent appearances than he did when he originally starred as Anakin).

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