Airwalkrr's The Sunless Citadel: IC

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Toram locates an unused chair and sits down to wait for their employer. He mentally notes the assortment of people gathered thus far trying to size up each of their abilities.


From the sitting room, you hear the front door open. In strides a middle-aged woman with brown hair graying at the edges and a fair complexion. She is dressed in stylish, but modest clothing, and wears a pair of simple silver rings on her fingers and a silver necklace around her neck that holds a small locket set with an opal stone. She glides elegantly towards the sitting room where you await and gives a slight curtsy.

Kerowyn Hucrele, she states plainly, then snaps her fingers at the servant, who takes her coat. Kerowyn moves to take a seat at one of the couches while another servant, clearly well-apprised of household procedure, moves into the room with haste carrying a tray of coffee and biscuits. Kerowyn places a single sugar cube into her coffee and stirs. Meanwhile the servant offers each of you coffee and a biscuit, as well as a tray of sugar cubes.

Kerowyn takes a small sip of her coffee and closes her eyes with a large sigh. So nice to finally relax. This little crisis has been terrible for my family and awful for business. I trust you have heard by now. My niece and nephew, God save them, are missing after a foolish outing into the Sunless Citadel. That arrogant knight, the so-called "Sir" Braford, convinced them that an evil dragon cult had formed within its depths, and they believed him. They are young and naive, so what can be done? Still, they haven't been seen in over two months. I even resorted to sending criers all the way to Brindinford to seek explorers to track them down. Well, thank the Light you've answered my call.

The offer is just as you were told. Since my family owns the land in under which the Sunless Citadel is located, I am prepared to offer you salvage rights, meaning any treasure that might be found there is yours to keep, as well as 125 gold pieces each for the return of my nephew Talgen and niece Sharwyn. I will double that if you bring them back of sound mind and body. Should you find evidence of their demise, their signet rings with the sign of House Hucrele will suffice.

At this, Kerowyn gestures towards the hawk and gander upon a green background coat of arms hanging on the wall. She then sips upon her coffee again.

And don't ask me what you'll find there because I haven't the slightest idea. I'm a businesswoman, not an adventurer. It's just some old ruins. However, if you wish to know anything else about this incident, I shall do my best to answer your questions, though I am not sure how much help I can be. It really is imperative that I solve this matter promptly. The rest of the family has grown quite anxious and I have promised them to do everything within my power to lay it rest, as it were.


Tomak simply waves the offered coffee and biscuit away, listening intently to the woman speak. When she finished speaking, he looks around, trying to take a measure of the others faces.


When Kerowyn enters the room, Toram stands in respect and bows slightly.

It is a pleasure to meet you maam.

Then he sits down again and listens intently as she explains the situation to the group. He accepts the coffee out of common courtesy but politely declines the biscuit.

When Kerowyn finishes, Toram says,

It would be my pleasure to assist in locating and returning your missing children.

Voda Vosa

First Post
"Uh biscuits AND sugar" Matliz says, weaving away the coffee with a movement of her head, saying"Nanay"
She doesn't seems to pay that much attention to Kerowyn, and is rather focused in the food.


First Post
Keralt stood to receive the lady of the house, and resumed his seat at the appropriate time. He gladly partook of the food offered him, thinking, "Ah, finally some real civilized coffee! It will be a shame to be back on the road with hardly a real cooked meal in my belly. However . . .

"The Light must be brought to this ruin, and I will do everything in my power to effect the safe return of your kin."
Another few days of campfire food, and then, perhaps, a chance to eat a few real meals? Or even, Elishar-willing, a decent warm bath!

But first, his duty as a Servant-Brother required that he brave the unknown perils of this dark place for the chance to rescue those in need. Inwardly, he began to resolve himself for the dangers of the days ahead.


Good then, Kerowyn says, it appears that's settled. I'm glad to have your assistance. Now, if there is nothing else I can do for you, you'll come calling when you find something?

Her trailing words are a statement more than a question. She quickly stands, giving you not even a moment to respond. I must excuse myself. So much work to be done. Family members to appease. Books to work. Jeffers will show you out.

The servant shows each of you to the door. You have several options available to you.
  1. Visit one of the locations in town to see what the locals know of this Sunless Citadel.
  2. Visit the General Store for supplies.
  3. Head straight to the Sunless Citadel.
  4. Discuss some other course of action.

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