Airwalkrr's The Sunless Citadel: IC

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[sblock=mfrench]Keralt enters the constable's office, a simple, one-room affair with adjacent holding cell that serves as a jail. The jail is currently unoccupied. There is a single desk in the room where a man and woman sit, talking. They look up as you enter and smile. The man stands up and introduces himself, Welcome. I'm Deputy Jym. Is there anything I can do for you?

When you mention that you are interested in the missing siblings, he nods his head, The Hucreles? Yea, they banded together with a local ranger named Karakas and some paladin what came from the city of Brindinford. Went by the name of Sir Braford. Word is he had a magic sword known as Shatterspike. The whole adventure was his idea. Sharwyn and Talgen Hucrele found his story of cultists in the Sunless Citadel intriguing and agreed to go investigate with them. They hired Karakas to come along for extra muscle. Sadly, we haven't heard from them since. Been about a month.

When you ask about the Old Road and the Sunless Citadel, he doesn't have much to say, The Old Road ran right past the nearby ruins, but fell into disuse because of goblin banditry. No one knows for sure what the Sunless Citadel was, but old legends hint that it served as the retreat of an ancient dragon cult.[/sblock]

Toram, Tomak, and Thugg have no difficulty finding the supplies they need. The General Store, run by the Hucrele family, has practically every tool you might need on an adventure (standard prices as per the Player's Handbook). You find healing potions are sold by the local healer and town priestess, a gnome cleric of Pelor known to the locals as Corkie. She is willing to make scrolls and potions of any cleric spell 2nd-level or lower up to caster level 4. She also has scrolls and potions of the following spells (caster levels, quantities, and prices listed in parentheses):
-scroll of detect magic (CL 1st; 2; 10 gp)
-scroll of cure light wounds (CL 1st; 3; 25 gp)
-scroll of remove fear (CL 1st; 1; 25 gp)
-scroll of sanctuary (CL 4th; 1; 100 gp)
-scroll of cure moderate wounds (CL 3rd; 2; 150 gp)
-scroll of delay poison (CL 3rd; 1; 150 gp)
-potion of cure light wounds (CL 1st; 2; 50 gp)
-oil of magic weapon (CL 1st; 1; 50 gp)
-potion of cure moderate wounds (CL 3rd; 1; 300 gp)


First Post
Keralt thanks the Deputy kindly, and returns to gather up the rest of the group from their errands.

"I've learned a few interesting hints of what may lie ahead for us. The Old Road out of town is known for goblin encounters; they may be lairing in the Citadel beneath the gorge. There have also been whispers of a dragon cult. I see you have been diligent in gathering supplies.

"Shall we purchase some of the potions that our ally Tomak has found for sale? They may be of some use in the Darkness below."

Voda Vosa

First Post
After de short walk, Merlitz enters the Ol' Boar. Standing in the middle of the room, she looks by and speaks in a soft, but loud enough voice: "Well, I need to ask some questions, who wants to answer, hm?"


The Ol' Boar has few patrons this early in the morning, but the barkeep, a gruff man with a black beard with wisps of gray who calls himself Garon, looks like he knows a thing or two. He has a twinkle of wisdom in his eye and a quaint charm about his manner that sets one at ease. A perfect companion for those who wish to drown their sorrows in ale.

Pleasure, miss, the old barkeep nods kindly as he speaks, Quite a tall order comin' in like that. Why don't ya just sit yerself down, have a drink and tell me what it is ye wish to know? At this he pours a mug of ale and brings it about to a table. He pats the table with his hand and pulls back a chair, as if gesturing for you to sit.

Voda Vosa

First Post
"Finally, a gentleman." She says, sitting down "My name is Merlitz, rather new to this town. I was wondering would anyone know something about The Sunless Citadel. I was going down there with some... Er... Friends. Presonally I don't like to get myself in anyplace from which I can't go out." Merlitz says, playing with the jar of ale.


Toram purchases 10 torches @ 1sp each=1gp
2 lanterns @ 1sp each=2sp
8 flasks oil @ 1sp ea= 8sp
1 grappling hook=1gp
3 50' hemp rope @ 1gp ea=3gp
Total spent =6gp.


The barkeep scratches his beard, The Sunless Citadel you say? Well not much is known. But I can tell you better than anyone else. Garon hears about everything that passes through this land.

Now, as I say, there isn't much to be known 'bout the ruins down below, but if the old bards are to be believed, it was once the dwelling of an ancient sect that made offerings to dragons. Some say they offered gifts to placate the dragon Ashardalon after his great rampage transformed the Ashen Plain into the lifeless wasteland it is today. Others say they were simply deluded cultists who sought draconic power.

It is funny ye ask about the Sunless Citadel though. Garon hasn't heard anyone ask about that place in over a decade. Ye see, 'bout thirteen years ago a grim man named Belak stopped by inquirin' 'bout the ruins. Seemed a queer sort to Garon, not the kind of fellow what normally passes through here. Most peculiar 'bout him though, was the enormous tree frog what sat on 'is shoulder like 'twas a pet or something. Never heard from the fellow again after that. Wonder what became of him.

OOC: Graybeard, torches cost 1 cp each so the total for 10 torches is 1 sp, not 1 gp.


Tomak looks at the prices of the potions, shrugs and leaves.

ooc: I have like........15gp unless he paid us in advance, which I didn't think he did.

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