D&D 5E Amazon US book sales rank.

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This probably deserves it's own thread at this point, buuuuuuuut...

I went by one of the FLGS in my area and they were down to just 1 PF2e Bestiary book. The employee noticed where I looked and said "looking for Pathfinder?". I said yes and explained what I was seeing at other stores nearby being sold out. He said they had stocked 5 2e Core Rulebooks on release and they only sold 2 of them prior to last week. Since the initial DDB statement, they sold the other 3 books they had in stock along with everything else they had besides the remaining Bestiary book. I asked if he had any idea when they were going to get more in and he said he honestly didn't know, because the previous books sat so long they were hesitant to order more books without knowing for sure they'd sell them. He said it's possible this all blows over and the demand will go back down but for now they're gauging customer interest and looking at other things like D&D sales to figure out if they should stock more Pathfinder or not.
Thank you everyone that replied. I was genuinely curious. Both my local BooksAmillion have sold through PF2 quite a few times so I was wondering for sure or not as they also sell a lot of the Pocket Guides for 1e as well. I live in the Louisville area.

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