D&D 5E An Atlas of the D&D Worlds?

The Dragon's Claw Canyon (the D&D World of Night)

James Wyatt's D&D World of Night fantasy setting proposal. Here's the archived write-up.

night logo.png

Night's Published Appearances:

  • "Alternative Underdarks" (DRAGON #267): The good-aligned Underdark option is
    based on Night.
  • "The Hidden Faces of Evil" (DRAGON #270): Heavily based on his work on Night,
    particularly Shi'ara the succubus.
  • Defenders of the Faith: The Knight of the Chalice prestige
    class comes from Night.

Wyatt's maps of the Dragon's Claw Canyon:

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Pharagos logo.png

There's also the D&D World of Pharagos, which was published as the Incursion three-part d20 mini-game in DUNGEON, DRAGON, and POLYHEDRON magazines. Pharagos is described here.

incursion logo.png

Does anyone have a world map of Pharagos?
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The Stellar Ring (Star*Drive)

Since the DMG is going to have a hi-tech rules module, I suggest that for 5E, the D&D game absorb all the d20 Modern campaign models (including d20 Future and d20 Past), and also all the TSR-era non-D&D rpgs, such as Star Frontiers and Boot Hill.

These would all be "D&D Modern" or "D&D Future" settings, and would be located in the D&D Multiverse. Each modern/future campaign model would be a distinct parallel D&D Earth within the Great Wheel cosmology.

So the Stellar Ring would also be included in the Atlas of the D&D Multiverse. This was the setting for the Star*Drive campaign of TSR's 2E-era Alternity sci-fi rpg, and was also a campaign model in the 3e-era d20 Future book. The Stellar Ring is set in the year 2501 C.E., and is one timeline of D&D Earth. This setting is also tied to the 21st century Urban Arcana and Dark.Matter d20 Modern campaign models, since the alien races of Star*Drive, such as the Fraal (the "Greys"), were "monsters" which could be encountered in those campaign models. (See for example, Dark.Matter "Visitors from the Stars: the Greys")

star drive.png
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Newhon <-- this may have already been posted

krynn - lovely krynn map

Hyboria - I know it was mention

full eberron map

Athas - one I remember

All these I think were mentioned before but I liked some of these maps.


Harn - was that ever published as a D&D setting or always its own thing

how about Arcanis?

The Frontier Sector (Star Frontiers)

star frontiers.png

This rpg is set in a "spiral galaxy". It's intentionally left open as to whether that galaxy is the Milky Way or not. However, the humans of Star Frontiers are said to have arisen on a planet closer to the core of the galaxy, which is different than Earth. The basic setting for adventures is the Frontier Sector. The Frontier Sector is governed by the United Planetary Federation.

Besides the early TSR edition, there was a conversion for the 2E-era Alternity sci-fi rpg, and also a 3E-era campaign model (called Star Law) for d20 Future.

There is a relationship between Star Frontiers and Spelljammer. Reportedly some of the PC races also appear in the Spelljammer setting, but with different names:

Yazirians = Hadozee (and some say this is the same race as the Shadowpeople of Krynn)
Vrusk = Rastipede
Dralasites = Plasmoids

And also the villainous Sathar = Sylix

The map of the Frontier Sector would be included in the Atlas of the D&D Multiverse:
The Frontier Sector.png
For 5E, the Star Frontiers galaxy might be explicitly named as the Milky Way since there's plenty of room. The Frontier Sector is located in different area of the galaxy than the Stellar Ring of the Star*Drive setting. The humans of the Frontier Sector would be a parallel development of humanity, separate from Earth humans (and parallel to the humans in the D&D fantasy worlds).

As an example of a planetary map, here's the "D&D World of Volturnus."


nice maps.

Newhon <-- this may have already been posted

I like the style of this one:

If the Atlas were to invite all former TSR and WotC designers, artists, novelists, and freelancers to submit their world maps for inclusion (which would be great!), then Castlemourn would fit.
...along with:

  • The D&D World of Lejendary Earth from Lejendary Adventure (Gygax)
  • The D&D World of Ptolus (Monte Cook)
  • The D&D World of Corona, from the DemonWars Saga (R.A. Salvatore)
  • The D&D World of Sovereign Stone (Larry Elmore)
  • The D&D World of the Darksword Trilogy (Weis and Hickman)
  • The D&D World of Oathbound (Jim Butler)
  • The D&D World of Calidar (Bruce Heard)
  • The D&D World of Freeport (Chris Pramas)

and many others...

Harn - was that ever published as a D&D setting or always its own thing

It was never published or licensed by TSR or WotC. It may've had some d20 conversions during the 3e era.

how about Arcanis?

Sure, if the D&D management were to reach out to the best of 3e-era d20 publishers and make an agreement whereby their worlds were featured in the Atlas of the D&D Multiverse.

In that case, there'd be...

  • Scarred Lands
  • Dragonstar
  • DragonMech
  • The Known Realms of Áereth

...and many many others.
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God i love maps. I was googling around for map key symbols and that fantastic Thunder Rift map came up.

Lordy, i dont recall that in any of my TR products. The hex & numbering is an awesome touch.

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