D&D 5E Another Critical Hits 5E Report


I've been impressed with how reasonable the discussion has been on EN World. It is really easy for all of us to feel anxiety, even fear, over changes. But the posters here have been really very reasonable on the whole. It certainly makes me more interested in discussions here than elsewhere.

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I don't get it. Is there actually an edition of D&D where this is not true? On the other hand, this is bit strange throw away, as until this point it sounded that he was advocating DM vs player style.

Yep. To some point. I think he was talking about the amunt of DM fiat expected. The cover issue was pretty good. From "ask your DM if you have partial or full cover" to "draw a line from a corner of your square and check if it touch any obstacle when you go to any other corner of your target", there's a shift of paradigm. I'm not saying that any of the two is better than the other, but for sure, there's a difference in how much you ask your DM.

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