Aphantasia and Role Playing Games

Thomas Shey

I turned fifty last year and then made my discovery too. Mind blowing really

Its not that surprising, really; if the extreme cases are rare, it'd be easy for them to assume others talking about it are using a metaphor, and with the rest how often is someone going to go into it in enough detail that someone else would realize their experience is different.

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I first realized I was different while talking to my brother in our early teens. We both read fast, he a little faster. I asked if he would skim or some other trick to get through quicker. He responded that as he read it was like watching a movie in his mind. I compared that to what I saw, which was the words scrolling through mine. Makes sense why he was faster and enjoyed books I never could get into.


I'm still quite fascinated by all of this and in a bit of shock that I could blithely sail through life without having a clue that most other people were experiencing the world differently!

If it wasn't for PbtA games, I probably would have went my whole life not noticing.


I'm between a 4 and a 5 when trying to visualize most things, but having just say down to try imagining things with other senses, I definitely get a much stronger reaction when trying to imagine food taste and texture. I can easily just think "heavily spiced pumpkin pie" and bam, flavor, crumbly crust, dollop of whip cream. But ask me to visually imagine that pie? Ehhh... The ol' brain tries its best.

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