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D&D General Are you a DM?

Have you DMd a game?

  • I have DM’d a game

    Votes: 251 99.6%
  • I have never DM’d a game

    Votes: 1 0.4%

  • Total voters


Well, that was fun
Staff member
By which I mean have you ever run a game, not whether you are doing so right now.

I suspect this community is DM heavy, but I’m
curious to find out.


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I suspect you are correct. Trying to get my players to check out forums and go read them to get ideas and just yap was like pulling teeth...with cotton gloves on...dipped in Vaseline.

Needless to say, I have failed. Miserably. :(

HOWEVER, on my private forums for various games I've run, that also had an Obsidian Portal campaign page (I've been using Obsidian Portal for years), I had one Player that used it all the time (more than me!), and the others posted only rarely, if that.


Paul L. Ming


Well, that was fun
Staff member
Thing is, rare is the long-term player who hasn't tried DMing at least once; thus even if 99% of their time has been spent on the player side of the screen they'd technically answer 'DM' in this poll.
You say that, but I see a lot of social media posts asking "I'm thinking about starting my first game as a DM and I'd like some advice".

Clearly those people aren't posting here. :)

You say that, but I see a lot of social media posts asking "I'm thinking about starting my first game as a DM and I'd like some advice".
Which is a shame, as this is a Forum where it is possible to have interesting, DM oriented conversations. Other forums, seem to have developed a "RAW" only mentality which extends to a prohibition on even considering Campaign context in Thread discussions.

I have two players in one of the games I DM, start their own campaigns, with themselves as the DM.

It would be interesting to know if the 5e rule set is encouraging more people to try DM-ing.


Mod Squad
Staff member
I have been the major GM of my group for... 15+ years.

My last campaign was one session short of completion when covid-lockdowns hit. We just declared it done. I have been on break since - haven't run anything in seven months. I have, however, gotten a chance to play rather more than usual, which has been good - playing in three games (two D&D and one Fate, one of the D&D runs nearly weekly, the other two are occasional.

The stresses of the world these days have been a big drain on my concentration, drive to create, and desire to commit to the responsibility of running a thing regularly. But I'm starting to come around to figure out what format of game I want to run now, and what I want to do in it.


I've been the GM for more sessions than I've been a player. A couple years ago that ratio was lopsided but either I've inspired others or they're sick of my crap because now they all have campaigns they want to run. At this rate I won't be behind the screen again for a year at least.

I've been a player more than a DM, since the start of Covid and getting involved in some Play-By-Post games, but it used to be the other way around.


I've pretty much been a DM since I started playing. I had three younger brothers and a few friends who loved the game but really wanted to play characters so it fell to me to DM. I loved designing worlds and plots so it worked well.

We had a long campaign based in Greyhawk from, say, 1986 to 1993. Then another from 2000 till around 2005. Started a Realms campaign in 2019 that's still running, albeit largely digitally now because of the plague. I have three of my original players in the current campaign. 44 years of gaming, with long breaks.