Are you playing The One Ring? What are you doing with it?


I picked up the Starter Set bundle, and I'm curious what people were and are doing with The One Ring, either edition.

Are you sticking to the default era between Hobbit and LotR? Are you playing in a different age?

Does it seem to capture Middle Earth or a low fantasy setting well enough?

If one is a casual Tolkien fan does it matter or affect the game?

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Small God of the Dozens
I would recommend a thread search. I'm pretty sure there's a decent thread on this topic that's pretty fresh.

We are two sessions in.
Default timeline
The books are better organised than version 1.
The game feels like the books ( difficult journeys and much feeling the burden of travel).
I have run the adventure in the main book and the mine landmark in ruins of the north. These are all one session size things, I'm stringing into a campaign
The TN to do stuff is a tad high and I find even a simple bad guy very tough and likely to more often harm a PC than not.
We are really enjoying it.


Small God of the Dozens
Something that's the case about gaming in the Tolkien-verse is that in most iterations, even a low-level bad guy is a much bigger deal than that same dude would be in, say, 5E D&D. Most games that try to do middle earth at least attempt to match the source material in some ways, and that generally means less instances of combat but where each instance has much higher dramatic stakes. I tend to prefer that to the D&D version, but to each their own.


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