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General Art that exemplifies D&D to you.

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Good call! I had totally forgotten about these pieces but now that I see them again I remember how great they were. He did Paranoia art too, right?
And maybe some original Chill? I don't recognize the above pieces, but it sure seems like an the style of an artist I remember really liking.

What art really feels like D&D to you, that get you feeling pumped to run D&D? This can be anything from the great works of the Renaissance to the most recent official WotC cover art, and does not need to actually be related to D&D at all.

For my part, Frank Frazetta -- particularly his Conan work -- is definitive D&D art. Much of it is NSFW due to gore or nudity, but "Snow Giants" is a good evocative piece for anyone who doesn't know Frazetta.
The covers of the 1e PHB &DMG, hands down


Small God of the Dozens
I bet cash money the art in question is the top cover there. One of D&Ds most iconic images.


Sure, I know that. But you don't have to be giving your character contemporary haircuts. Particularly if you don't want your art to date.

I mean, WoTC didn't give all the female iconics "The Rachel" in 3rd edition.
because it wasn’t popular anymore. The 3e era art is as dated as the Elmore art. It’s very JNCO, numetal with spikes and belts and chains. Right out of a Powerman 5000 concert, spikey two toned hair and all

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