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Heretic of The Seventh Circle
I wrote a sketch for a Conveyor subclass of the artificer, but it is a cluttered mess and needs several design passes.

That’s pretty cool. I’ll post mine this week, after a round of editing.

Mine’s a bit more focused on what the aeronaut can do, and allows them to do cool things with “powered devices” which are magical or magitech devices of certain types, rather than only their personal vehicle.

I’m trying to find the balance between that and having a cool customizable vehicle.

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Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Alright, it ain't perfect, it's too wordy, and some of it still needs to be offloaded to stuff other characters have access to, because this belongs as part of a setting document, but! I think it's pretty good.

I'll try to write up some airships and the like, more devices like emplaced weapons, shield emiters, cloaking devices, communications devices, etc, soon. It's a lot to write, so...idk when exactly.

I also have a basic concept for a flying whale-dragon known as a Sorrow-Song, that is like a sperm whale with extra fins that make broad wings that taper down all the way to the end of it's tail, and with coral formations growing from it's forhead to it's tail-fin. Fairly peaceful and often friendly, but also extremely dangerous when roused, and a pod can easily send an airship, even a man-of-war, hurtling to it's doom.

Anyway, the weapons at the end of the doc are general rules stuff that the aeronaut dips into, but anyone with proficiency can use. Also the device module are not artificer exclusive, and can be used to customize any device with module slots. The idea is that the DAAM has more module slots than other vehicles it's size, and the aeronaut can grab some modules for free.

anyway, please be nice about it, but tell me what you think!


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