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D&D 5E "As a DM I don't pay all that much attention (if any) to the PCs' remaining resources." (a poll)

"As a DM I don't pay all that much attention (if any) to the PCs' remaining resources."

  • True.

    Votes: 72 69.2%
  • False.

    Votes: 32 30.8%

A bit of a mix. I design my adventures based on party composition, same with loot. However I tend to skew loot towards player preference of type of items. If a player is primarily melee with a focus in rapiers I try to make sure they get good options for rapiers, either as a drop or for purchase, but don't cater to their desires completely. I will also try and remind my players of options they have available if they seem to be lacking healing/scrolls/etc. Other than that I generally leave the logistics to the players.

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Depends on the players. If a player is more casual about the game and likes getting suggestions now and then I may give them some ideas. Just because the PC is an expert at combat and utilizing their resources, doesn't mean the player is required to be. I play a fairly casual game and want everyone to have fun. Of course the player doesn't need to listen to anything I say. I never tell people what they should do, just give reminders and options. Hopefully if I mention something they find it thought provoking and nudge their own thinking. So I may remind the player that their fighter hasn't used their action surge, or mention the options (and potential risk) of courses of actions. This is primarily with newer players or people who just seem "stuck" and overwhelmed with options or perhaps it seems like I haven't described something well enough.

I find it can help keep the game moving, but I also double check now and then to ensure that I'm not being annoying. So I frequently have a high level idea of what resources are left.


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Again, a simple premise.

Respond True or False to this statement: ""As a DM (running D&D 5E) I don't pay all that much attention (if any) to the PCs' remaining resources."
I said "False," but it depends on how we parse "all that much." I don't keep a scrupulous eye on it because I figure that's their business and their job. But I do try to make sure I don't throw them into any meat grinders right when all their spell slots are spent.
The PC's resources are the PC's responsibility to keep track of. Period.
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I do leave the bookkeeping stuff on my players to my players, sure; what I usually won't do is cheerfully allow them to traipse right into a major hostile encounter when they're seriously depleted. Everyone in our group is close friends with everyone else, so none of us have any taste for TPKs or even just snuffing a character whose player is a bit distracted or low-energy that night. We're here to have fun, not to break balls (not that I'm saying those two categories are necessarily mutually exclusive or anything, though...).
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