Ask your players how they feel


You're at the table, things are going well, or maybe they're going bad again. Someone is building a dice tower, or checking their phone, or just not saying much and waiting for the combat to start. This may be one player, it may be all of them. Most groups will have a mix, characters that are constantly taking the spotlight and ones that never are. Your group may have a DM that drives everything along and drags the players through a module, or maybe the really talkative player has totally seized control.

You know what would be really nice? If everyone was engaged, their characters interacting and bantering. Everyone is helping drive the story forward, with little side-stories where one character is the focus and resolving something from their past that weave in and out of the grander narrative. Where upon reaching the BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy) every character has had a struggle, a connection, and a reason for being there. How could we begin to accomplish this?

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