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Attempt to rebuild conversion library: please upload conversions to 3.5 here


It became a problem to post conversions when creative people started getting smacked down for any adjustments. There are many examples of changes in power with the difference between editions and the folks that were doing the bulk of the conversion work had tried to make adjustments for that, but got into some trouble when WOTC threatened legal action for their updates. That pretty much ended posting conversions as apparently, no one wanted to deal with WOTC's lawyers. However, if anyone knows of some folks that are still making conversions, I would be happy to contact them directly for collaboration.


While I can't comment on the mention WOTC influence, I think this has more to do with the fact the original library being reserrected. See above post by Morrus


While it is true that the original thread has been resurrected, there have been no new contributions to it since the fracus with small changes in conversions. Not trying to argue, but neither the new or original thread contain everything produced by WOTC/TSR that could be converted, there is just no one posting those conversions anymore....


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Are there just no people willing to do the work? Or are all the major Modules already "converted?
Maybe most of the 'major' modules have been done but I think there are others worthy of conversion. I've just popped by now to see what there is and what I might convert next. Any suggestions?