Avengers, 1889 [IC]


"Don't worry bout it, Golden boy, I've never minded the cold. I do got a couple ideas though.. If your majesty will oblige?" He looks at the Cap with a grin "If the big guy wants to throw me, I can get in there pretty quick and start taking them out, OR I'm pretty good at sneakin' in behind people if ya want me to get in there quiet-like till we're ready to go."

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The Scarlet Witch begins to speak, "The man who gestured with the crowbar to conjure those walls wields unusual power, possibly magical in origin, so it would seem that is the source of his eldritch might."

"Captain, I believe my hexes can bring down those ramps easily...if Dame Fortune agrees to it." Wanda smiles wryly.

Wanda continues, "From this distance, my hexes can create quite a bit of chaos in our enemies' midst--I can put a fix on them to stumble en masse...or I can addle their thoughts with unpredictable consequences. They are spread quite far apart, so I am limited as to how many I can affect at one time though. Perhaps this would serve as a distraction for some of you to confront them in melee?"

Karl Green

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Elric said:
"Inspector Kastle- do you wish to come with us and then signal to your men when we have disabled the cannon so that they can approach, or do you wish to lead them towards the battle yourself once the cannon is disabled? Justice can carry you with his powers, but not all of your men as well. I defer to your judgment here."

Inspector Kastle thinks for a moment, looking at his men, and says to Captain Britania “I will lead my men into the area after the Avengers engage them. They have far more firepower then I anticipated, and I wish to make sure that my men not put into harms way without my say so. Having said that we will not shruk our responsibilities and will follow right after Justice lands among the swine.

Karl Green

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(OCC –Updated Map key… the larger RED dots are the bigger men wearing overcoats and wide-brimmed hats. The smaller PURPLE dots are men carrying the rifles. The two larger ORANGE dots are where the multi-barreled guns have been set up. The BROWN squares are the six-horse wagons (the direction they are facing is with 1 black dot in front and a number behind them at the rear loading crates or getting ready to). The black dots are the shoremen working with crates either on the docks or the ship. The red lines are the semi-transparent walls that the guy with the crowbar made (he is in square h12). NOTE - the 'force-walls' in front of the gatlin guns have a big hole in front of them

Now I am still not 100% on the plan so I don't want to post it until I know who is doing what... some Wolverine going to make the Hulk mad? Is Black Widow and Ronin using Sneak?


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"Sorry, Dr. Banner. Perhaps my eyes are deceiving me"

A thought bubble pops up and Captain Britania wonders how in the world he mistook Banner for the seven foot tall and green Hulk.

Then a ghostly figure of She Hulk appears. She explains to readers of Avengers 1889 that Captain Britania is being played over the internet in a play by post campaign and consequently isn't actually seeing Hulk. This explains his incredible lack of perceptiveness- even a natural 1 doesn't get you a notice check result that bad!

Captain Britania shoots a look at Wolverine and Ronin that says he'll be the one responsible for angering Banner when the time comes- and it won't be by hitting him over the head or saying mean things about his mother!

"Scarlet Witch, a distraction consisting of destroying the ramps or otherwise hindering the ship would be most appreciated. Thor, thy powers of controlling the rain can hide our attack. Once we are in the midst of battle it will not be as important to remain undetected- we will want to see where they are as well.

Wolverine, even you will not want to take on that army alone and we would lose the element of surprise if you went in first. I believe that Justice's powers allow us to move in different directions by controlling our own movement (looks to him and gets confirmation), so if you wish to take on an entire regiment by yourself, you can indeed do so."

hero4hire said:
[sblock=ooc]Sorry for the confusion, but just like in the comics Banner will need to be hurt or pissed off to Hulk out.[/sblock]
[sblock=ooc]Oops. I guess I had assumed otherwise because you started out as Hulk in the first round of the opening fight, but I guess that was just KG being particularly nice[/sblock]

Karl Green

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A light rain quickly forms into a downpour as the mighty Thor calls upon his god-like control of the weather... those without any form of special senses can barely make out where the ship is, much less any of the villain.

Inspector Kastle readies his men and looks towards Captain Britania "We are ready..."


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Captain Britania begins:
"Gentlemen, does it not anger you that these men come here bringing firearms to disrupt our Majesty the Queen's birthday celebration?
Does it not anger you that they plan an attack on her royal Person and with her our entire Realm?
Does it not anger you that these villains have killed many before and will undoubtedly do so again?
Does it not anger you to see the fruits of our labors to make this realm peaceful threaten to be torn asunder?
Does it not anger you to see so proud a ship turned to so low a purpose?
Does it not anger you enough to do something to stop these evil smuggling swine?
Have courage; channel your righteous anger, and we shall stop these slimy scurrilous scalawags. Onward, men. Long live the Queen!"

[sblock=OOC, Capt's movement](Hopefully this has made Banner angry. Once we get him angry and he transforms into Hulk, there's no time to lose. Not sure what kind of a check this would be, but if this wouldn't work I'm spending an HP and 'using' Leadership to give Banner the 'angry' condition :))

Captain Britain will fly himself over to where the Northern Cannon is being manned by the three guys (just south of the cannon).

Are partial charges around in 2e? If so, Capt Brit has enough movement to partial charge instead, and I think it's +1 attack, -1 or -2 Def. In this case, Power Attack 2 and attack the gunners for the cannon, taking 10 on attack rolls. I'll activate Master Plan to go activate at the start of the first real round of combat, unless a bunch of us are using partial charges on the surprise round, in which case I'll activate it now.


If the Captain's speech fails to raise the ire:

Seeing everyone ready for action Banner begins to slink away looking for a good place to hide.

[sblock=ooc]]I think you can pertial charge if you ONLY have partial action for that round (like if you are slowed)[/sblock]


Assuming Banner gets mad, Wolverine will go with Justice, dropping himself right beside one of the guns and starting to slaught..er, that is, 'subdue' the gunners

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