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Spoilers Bad Batch: Final Season *SPOILERS*


So far, we don't even know that Omega does have a high M-count. All we know is that, when combined with another blood sample, her blood prevents the M-count of that sample from degrading. That could mean that she's contributing some of her own, or it could mean that something in her genetics acts as a stabilising agent when creating a clone of someone who already has a high M-count.
And it looks like it's option 2. And wow, what a grim, tense pair of episodes these were.

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Midway through the first episode of the batch. I find it interesting that the clones (edit: and non-humans) manage to be more humane than the "actual humans."
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The meat of this week's episode was a fairly standard prison break, reminiscent of Jyn's rescue/kidnap in Rogue One. But the conclusion sparked some ideas.

I think I can see how Ventress's testing of Omega is going to come into play. She may not have brought out any hidden talents in Omega, but she did provide her with a perfect "how to bring out your youngling's Force abilities" tutorial - one that Omega can profitability apply to the roomful of young Force sensitives she's currently incarcerated with.

We mooted the idea earlier, but I think it looks like this show is heading in the direction that Clone Force 99 all die, and Omega changes her name, appearance and voice, and goes into hiding on Corellia under the name Qi’ra.

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