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Bar drink made from bartop leftovers

Okay, so I've had this stuck in my head for a couple of days... I looking for a word that refers to the leftover alcohol from a bar-top. I know there is a modern iteration -- "Bar Mat Shot" and it's pseudonyms-- but that's not what I'm looking for. I'm guessing it came from a D&D module, or cowboy western from my past :)

The only thing I can think of is "Swill", but not sure if that is the word I'm searching for.

Any ideas from the great hive-mind that is ENworld?

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Maybe not what you were thinking of, but...
If you've ever seen Gangs of New York, there's a relevant scene in it where they're talking about what happened to Hellcat Maggie after the Dead Rabbits Gang were abolished - back in the 1800's, places in lower-class areas would sometimes pour all the leftover booze (both the dregs from bottles and miscellaneous drinks left on the bar) into one bottle or keg, and then sell it cheaply as "Allsorts"...

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