D&D 5E Basic Game cover mockup


Well, that was fun
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OK, apologies in advance for the crappiness of this. MS Paint, y'know! I used the example art from the article, and tried to match fonts and logos. Just because I was bored, really.


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Love the enthusiasm for the new game.

I had to comment on this sentiment...

Reading through the comments on the L&L page and the thread here, I too was noticing and revelling in the sheer positivity I was seeing. I think WotC might have actually succeeded in doing what they planned to do when they set on on this D&D Next adventure.

Patrick McGill

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If the Basic set is free to be printed I would definitely try to use this as the cover.

Got half my Christmas list done just with that thought alone, in fact.


More Basic Mockups!

So I was inspired by Morrus and decided to create some mockups as well. The fonts on the cover that I could identify with WhatTheFont are: Modesto Condensed for the titles and Modesto Text Medium for the blurb at the bottom of the cover.

I was unable to identify the font used for the D&D logos. My guess is that it's custom, but what do I know? I am not a graphic artist/font expert. :D

I couldn't decide whether I like "Basic Game" or "Basic Rules" better so I made both. The first set is the artwork (low resolution) from the Mike Mearls column on wizards.com.


Next, we have the artwork associated with D&D Next. That one is nice and High Res.

Finally we have the 3 core book covers all sharing a bit of themselves for the Basic version, so I figured why not all 3 covers sharing the Basic Rules/Game cover?

Let me know what ya think and I hope you enjoy them!

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