OSR BECMI, how do you say it?

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I always end up saying it as BEEEEEE-See-Em-Eye. For whatever lazy reason I never put a true break between the end of 'B' and the beginning of 'E', so instead it just becomes one longer BEEEEEE rather than BEE-EEE.

I also pronounce them as EEE-ENN World (E.N. World), and WOT-zee (WotC).


Scion of Murgen (He/Him)
And the obvious one:

How do you prononuce ENWorld?

For me it's "Enn-world" but some would say it as "Ee-enn-world".
It's officially (as confirmed by Morrus and others) "ee enn world". Because it was started by Eric Noah, and we're pronouncing his initials. That's why they're capitalized, as well.


Morkus from Orkus
First, I just noticed when creating this thread, there is no prefix for B/X or BECMI. so I guess OSR is the closest prefix.

Anyway, I heard The Rules Lawyer say today that he pronounced BECMI as "Beck-me". I've always said "B, E , C, M, I" saying each letter. That's how I remember it when it came out.

How do you say it?
I say it like you do. Each one is an individual letter representing one of the basic rule sets.


Morkus from Orkus
I type them out a lot more than I say them, but mentally in my head they can interchangeably be B.E.C.M.I, beck-me, Mentzer, 'the Mentzer boxed sets,' or 'the five colored boxed sets' depending on the needs of the conversation.
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