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Best use of Wish?

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in a 1E game a long long time ago, I acquired a wish and wished that I could acquire the abilities of permanent magic items as innate powers by grinding them up and eating them. It was pretty cool! Of course, I still had to acquire the magic items, but once I ate them , no one could take them away.



And the funniest use of wish (Divine Intervention in a RuneQuest game, actually) I ever saw was way back around 1982, when the Waha Runelord, played by a somewhat hick-ish player, wanted to use Divine Intervention to turn all the bad guys in a fight 'into Dog SH&T and Stones'.

We laughed about that for years.



I don't know if i am being dumb but couldn't making all your spells work like cantrips as in not needing spells slots be cool you can just spell after spell not caring about how many you make


Welcome to the boards, thanks for resurrecting a 12 year old thread. I was just going through the thread and noticing all the people that are no longer on the boards for several years.

I wonder how much wishes have changed since 3e. May be more the DM not trying to twist them or more so whom/what is granting them. I tend to play a wish by if someone is forced to grant them like a dao or djinn, or more friendly with coming from your god for example.


One of my players wished that his character could never be captured, imprisoned, or held against his will. It was a very cool power that we had a lot of fun with in future games. It was basically a permanent get out of jail free card. But, of course, it didn't free other party members, didn't pardon him for his alleged crimes, and caused a lot of problems when enemies figured out that he couldn't be taken prisoner.

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