"Birds of a Feather"


From his tower, Vaex had a interesting point of view on the battlefield. He could easily see all those volunteers who came to fight. When Gaston asked for help to go into the forest, he thought "Yeah, right. Too kind, too blind."

Suddenly, the dream of his old friend Nympharaun, the Priest of Anshaar who summoned him to Kraven, came back to his mind.

"I had a dream, my friend. The Lady of the Night showed me the Pale Moon and under its blue light, several forms appeared to me. All together, they were attacked from all sides, but in the rage of battle, I could recognize you distinctively, surrounded by seven fighters. A Wolf, a Dragon, a Shadow, an Angel, an Eladrin and an Elf."

"By Anshaar!" If they are going in, he had to be part of this. Vaex reached ground level and approached Gaston "I have business to attend to in Kraven. If your heading that way, count me in." he said, looking at the others.

Then he remembered the last advice of the letter: "Oh, one more thing. Do not miss the shuttle. And do not try to reach the city by other means, even less during those days."

Vaex closed his eyes and sighed...
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Aës moved toward the body of Thael after disposing of the Needle Blight in her way. "...Priorities, battle, then mend, Do not let your guard down to help the fallen, they will survive by Io's blessing, and for those who die, they do so with honor, honor them by holding the line..." the Battalion Commander's front line speech echoed in her thoughts as she proceeded to sheath her sword, then knelt beside the Eladrin as the hunters resuscitated him. Placing her talon upon Thael's forehead, 'There is no dusk for you in Dawn's light, soldier' she willed her patron's energy into his life force.

OOC: add another 10 hitpoints to Thael from Aës' Lay on Hands pool

[sblock=Mini Stats]
Movement: 30
AC: 19/17(Chain Mail, Defense / Shield)
Main hand: Longsword (1d8 slashing, versatile 1d10)
Off Hand: Shield
HP: 29/29
HD: 3/3 1d10+3
Divine Sense: Action{5/5}
Lay on Hands pool:5/15
Channel Divinity (1/LR){used}
Spellcasting: Spell Attack Modifier= +6 Spell Save DC= 14
Spell Slots (1st level{1/3})
Character Sheet

Steve Gorak

Thael opened his eyes to the sight of helpful hunters, his body aching from the still open wounds from the redcap. Looking at the helpful men, he asks "Are the villagers ok?". He then stares at the draconic paladin that approaches, his body too weak to reack, and feels the life giving energy flow to him. "Thank you my friend. We are now sibiling at arms" he says, gratefully and solemly. He then looks for the gnome in wolf from, and gladly see it is still standing. He tells it "I did not want to leave you alone to face the evil alone, I am glad you are still standing" He then goes about looking at the body of the redcap for clues of its origin, and any goodie it may have. Thael was from the Feywild, so he know a thing or two about fey.

OOC: perception [roll0]

He then turns his attention to the adventurers, calming his rage he adresses them in a More formal manner.
"You have Proven that you can hold your own in a fight. Would you grace us with your assistance in taking care of this Matter?"

"I will gladly go" Thael says, "but I will need to catch my breath first"

AC: 15
HP: 11/21 (1 from first aid, +10 from healing)
1/2 1st level slots (hex has been cast)

Steve Gorak

OOC: this is a follow-up to the question in the occ thread

As Thael walks about, he says "Now that we have fought together, I no longer feel I need to hide my identity". With that, he no longer looks like an old man, but like a somewhat androgynous looking male eladrin.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Amicus Brief snarls, as his lupine head swivels toward the forest. The taste of Red Cap is still on his lips, as his body lies beneath one of his paws. Someone will check the body, he thinks, as he turns and stalks towards the darkness of the forest.

"Through the Forest is the fastest way," Gaston replies to Vaex. "going around will take you about 4 to 5 days."
A small look of suprise comes across Gaston's face as Thael Form changes. "Good too see you feel at ease then."

He Looks back at the Hunters that are running around the village making preparations.
"we will leave in about an hour, prepair how you will. We will gather at the Guard Tower."

OOC: So everyone gets to take a Short Rest or take a Look around the village & maybe assist the Hunters or anything else.
If everyone can reply with their desired action we'll see how fast this rest is ;)


The paladin nods at Gaston. She attempts to follow the others back to the village but slows and veers toward the guard tower. Uneasy and unsure of what transpired. Dropping her pack, planting her shield into the ground before her, she kneels behind it like a makeshift altar, and stares off into the skyline in deep contemplation. The previous battle replaying in her mind, she prays silently for answers, emerging from her reverie with more questions.

She gathers her things and readies herself, falling in as Gaston and the rest regroup to head out.

OOC: short rest, regaining her channel divinity

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
At the forest edge, as the others head inside to the warmth and the light, Amicus changes back. And again the gnome, now on all fours and much smaller than he had been moments before, stands up, and dusts himself off, adjusting his belt so that it sits on his newly re-formed hips.

He coughs, and picks at his teeth, and finds he is no longer hungry as he had been.

He wanders over to Red Cap's body, and examines it. Red Cap is also small, and amicus tries to drag the body behind the inn until the undertaker comes for it. He wonders what he can work our about this fellow, and if he carried anything of value.

OOC: for those inspecting the Redcap you find nothing special, Just the Big sickle it wielded. You do notice however that It's hat is not red because of any colouring but is actually still dripping with blood.
Thael recalls that Redcaps appear whenever there is alot if bloodshed.

Steve Gorak

After inspecting the redcap's body, Thael turns to the hunters and Gaston: "Has there been bloodshed here recently? These foul creatures appear whenever there is a lot of bloodshed."

"Bloodshed? mmh..." Gaston takes a moment to think, his eyes narrowing as he does. "No, nothing in particulare. the only Blood that gets shed is during our hunts in the forest. But that has been done for generations." you then see a spark of realization in his eyes. "Ofcourse travelers have gone missing in the forest lately, perhaps thats the cause? Blast! All the more reason we need to get this dealt with then!'

Steve Gorak

Thael tries to determine if Gaston is saying the truth or hiding something. He looks at the hunter to determine the same.

OOC: Insight Gaston [roll0]
Insight Hunter 1 [roll1]
Insight Hunter 2 [roll2]
Insight Hunter 3 [roll3]

OOC: the Hunters have all gone off to ready everything for the departure, if you want to question them you'll have to go search for them.
one went to the stables, the other to the Smithy and the third is asking for volunteers

as for your Insight check on Gaston, he seems like a straight forward enough guy and you notice that he is concerned with the wellbeeing of everyone present.
and it sounds like he sincerly doesnt know anything about extreme bloodshed happening, but you do notice he isnt telling you everything.

Steve Gorak

Thael looks at the big warrior, and pushed the issue a bit more "Gaston, we are brothers in arms. I shed blood in this bottle, and came close to giving my life to protect the villagers. I have a feeling that you are not telling me everything, and since I am offering my life to help and go fight in the forest, I feel you owe it to me and to the others that willl join to tell us what you know."

OOC: persuasion roll [roll0]

Gaston looks around him and then pushes Thael further towards the Forest, away from the village.
"Listen," he whispers "I have a good idea who's causing this, and the fact that if I'm correct then this could have have been avoided."
He lets out a long drawn out sigh
"Couple of weeks ago, a strange female figure traveled these parts. I felt Something was off but,"
He looks at the group gathered around him.
"That's not to strange here. But this Person... just kept to herself. All the while having this dark playful grin on her face and this strange magical aura around her."

Steve Gorak

"Thank you for sharing this, Gaston" Thael says earnestly. "Tell me, did you notice if this woman had a wand or a staff? Can you describe her a bit more?" Thael then opens his hands and the face of a generic woman appears, and if Gaston cooperates, he will try to create an image as close to her appearance as he can. He of course tries to be discrete, and has his back toward the others.

OOC: Repeated castings of silent image if applicable. After this, and after a short rest to recover his HP, Thael will be ready to head out

OOC: the discription Gaston gives you sound like a young woman in her midtwenties. With bright green eyes. Her face looked human bit at the same time it looked like something out of this world. Her hair long and wavey like Tall Grass.
Overall She looked uncannily human.

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