BLEB1: Beer Run (stonegod - Designated Driver)


The man with the probe
This is the adventure thread for Beer Run, which was first recruited in this post.

I prefer if you color your speach, but it's not nessassary. However, please put any thoughts in Italics, and try to format things to be as readable as possable (Using multiple paragraphs, punctuation, etc). I'd prefer longer OOC comments be put in sblocks (using [ sblock=OOC ]), but short comments or questions can be left outside. If you want to do something, either say it in character, or out it in an OOC and I'll narate it. If you're waiting for a consensus or just ready to move on, let me know as well. It will help keep the game moving.

I will do most of the dice rolling, particularly in combat. Outside of combat, flavor stuff you can roll yourself using Invisable Castle using your user name or character name (and be consistant). Other things, like healing out of combat can be handled in this manor as well. I tend not to post the results of the roll (IE, the exact number), because I think the transparancy, though I'll occasionaly make comments about realy good rolls.

All in all, let's have fun. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday tend to be my slow days, though if work gets rough, other days I may be more or less available. I'll try to keep things moving, though I'll also try not to leave anyone behind, and even if all you're doing is watching, an occasional "John Doe shifts his weight as he watches the exchange between Jack and Jill" post lets me know you're still here and paying attention.

Finaly, if you expect to be away, let me know. My e-mail works on the boards, or you can use, except replace billgates with bront20 and with if you would rather use e-mail. I understand it can't always happen, but at least try to let me know in some way, particularly if you have to drop. I understand RL comes first, so no hard feelings :)

Current Adventurers:
Paitlin - Rionus el'Aundair
ajanders - Kenn Alyard
Wik - Khoros Taural
Someone - Tam Aritz
Drowned Hero - Khuther Qbyer
IamTheTest - Fritz
Moggthegob - Mardigan d'Orien

Before we begin, I'd like to ask that players either have a link to their character in their sig, or post a link to their character in their first post here. Once I have all players posted, I will begin. Please do not post here if you are not approved for the adventure.

I'm also going to ask that players put in their first post their current HP, any spells they have memorised, and any other current status information (PPs, active spells, etc). This will help me not have to bounce back to the character thread constantly, and hopefully will make it easier for you as well (you can edit your post here when you need to update HP, Spells, or anything else). This has generaly made things easier for me in previous games.

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Rionus el'Aundair, often called "Rio."
HP: 21
Action Points: 6
Lay on Hands: 6 of 6 hp remain
Smite Evil: +3 Attack/+2 Damage 1 of 1 use remains

While Rio has had training in magic, it hasn't taken to any noticable extent. His teachers are frustrated with him, and have been unable to tap the potential that they see in him. (In plainer language, he won't have any spells until he hits 5th level, which isn't much of an immediate concern.)


First Post
Shifter Scout 1
HP: 10
Action Points: 5/5

A weather-beaten and unkempt man, with a lion-like mane of black hair striped with red. Khoros carries a spear and a throwing axe, and has long, sharp incisors that are shown everytime he speaks - his lips cannot seem but help to curl back in a sneer when he speaks.
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Drowned Hero

First Post
Khuther Qbyer

Khuther Qbyer

Lvl 2 Sorcerer - Least dragonmarked of warding on his two forearms

HP: 14
AC: 11
Action points 6/6

Spells for today (1st gameday)

Spells /day: (Save DC 12 + spell level):
0 lvl - 6
1 lvl - 4
Spells Known:
0 lvl - 5
1 lvl - 2

Spells available:
0 lvl:
Acid Splash, Ray of Frost
Detect Magic
Read magic
Repair light damage (1d8+2 to construct)

1 lvl:
Magic Missile

* Least dragonmark of Warding: Alarm 1/day.

Who is who in the group
-short small resume-


01.- Kenn Alyard (by ajanders): Human - Rog 1/Psychic Warrior 1
02.- Rionus "Rio" el'Aundair (by Patlin): Human - Paladin 2
03.- Khoros Taural (by Wik): Shifter -Scout 1
04.- Tam Aritz (by Someone): Human - Psychic Warrior 2
05.- Khuther Qbyer (by Drowned Hero): Dwarf - Sorcerer 2
06.- Fritz (by IamTheTest): Human - Wizard 1
07.- Mardigan d'Orien (by Moggthegob): Human - Fighter 1


Money out of the BAG

Rio: -50gp 
Mardigan: -50gp
Kenn: -50gp

Travel to Thaliost -2000gp

Map(s): Korth, 10 gold

Travel to Rekkenmark 297gp 4 silver

cart and mule in Rekkenmark 20 gp

On the way back

into the boat 219 g = 130gp for cargo, 28 gold and 2 silver standard fare for each person, while steerage is 4 gold, 2 silver, and 3 copper. The train will get you there latter in the day tomorrow; departure is 6am sharp. [URL=""]post here[/URL]

[COLOR=Magenta]Money intothe bag - Group treasuery[/COLOR]

-10 Platinium coins
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First Post

Lvl 1 Wizard

HP: 6/6
Action points 5/5

Spells for today (1st gameday)

Spells Prepared
Lvl 0 3 Acid Splash, Light, Read Magic
Lvl 1 2 Grease (DC 15), Color Spray (DC 14)


The man with the probe
stonegod said:
Need a Judge?
Probably :)

My work schedule just changed, I'm hoping to start this off tomorow, I should have some time then :)

OK, I was going to get er started, but I want Moog's stuff in here first (Sorry, I just like knowing where to get links rather than digging through the character thread) Hopefully he'll be around tomorow before I'm ready to start.
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