BLEB1: Beer Run (stonegod - Designated Driver)


Kenn nods.
"Just exactly right. Maybe we ran into all our trouble on the way out."
He goes back to looking out for trouble so he can avoid it.

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Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Kuther, Kenn, and Rio settling in for the long trip. I it is uneventful except for one odd occurrence: Sometime during the trip, Kenn finds in his pocket a sealed envelope. On the inside, the strange paper says: Say nothing about what was under the hill. After some strange glances from the others, the note bursts into flames and is soon ash!

It is not long after the the gang finds themselves back in Sharn. Some arrangements later and Brews is taken deliver of Miller's L.I.T.E. Beer. The warforged is grateful to the group, and after going over Kuther's careful accounting, hands each the reward promised. With that, the strange, long adventure comes to an end. And as a bonus, each gets a complementary sample of the brew!

It tastes great and is less filling!

XP & Treasure
Everyone gets 350gp, minus any used for pre-purchases during the trip (anything not from personal funds).

XP Posts
- First (consolidated)
- Second

Since that last one, you've dealt with the zomforged menace and did some negotiation. For time XP: 3/08-2/09 (That long!?!), 11 months. Iamthetest gets Time XP up to April, and Mog/Wik up to October (1 and 7 month's respectively). Thus:
- Kenn (2nd): 1840
- Rio (3rd): 2390
- Khuther (2nd): 1840
- Mardigan (2nd): 1440
- Khoros (2nd): 1220
- Fritz (2nd): 100

If you level up, please use the new Character Review. I'm swamped too much to have a look at the characters myself, so peer evaluation will hopefully speed this up.

Pending approval, I will get 11 DM credits.

OOC: Sorry for dragging this out. I had another idea for an encounter, but never really had the time to develop it and don't want to belabor the point further. Anyway, hope you had a fun time in Bront's game. See you around!

Drowned Hero

First Post
ooc: Thanks for the ride stonegod. Khuhter updated.

Khuther takes farewell with Kenn and Rio at the Tavern. 'Im heading for my House and my teacher in sorcery' 'im going to study for a while' 'if ya need me im in the House library or at the kitchen' 'maybe we se each other again in the Tavern looking for work he?'

Khuhter starts moving up a long twisting stair on one of the many towers waving goodbye.

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