D&D 5E Bombardier and Sabatuer Artificers


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Some cool ideas! What would their "permanent" constructs be? Not they have to have them, of course; both of these ideas are centered more on single-use things. But, I could see catapults, ballistas, grenade launchers, literal or figurative monkey wrenches, particular kinds of traps (which usually have to sit there for a while before someone triggers them).
I’ll have to think on this.
I like how you began with "So, the two main archetypes that I feel are missing, other than <list of several archetypes>". :LOL:
I’m glad someone appreciated that. 😂
Finally, on spelling: Given that search functions are a thing, and not too great about fuzzy spelling match, it's really helpful to get that right. I would even recommend you edit your original post—especially the title—so it comes up when people search for it.
I get that, but when “correction” comes in the form of a drive by thread crap, as it did at the start of this thread, I’m fine with refusing to do a thing out of spite.

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