Brother Redeemers


First Post
A man dressed in redeemer clothingwalks up to the boards and tacks a note

Brothers and Sisters

Teht has chosen me to call the Priesthood back to action...The Crossroads Tavern has been overrun by the Soulless. We are called back to action to purify the realm of the soulless. If any of you read this please submit a response to let me know that you are with Teht still.

Jacen Solaris

Chosen of Teht

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Lurking Shadow

First Post
A shadow passes over the note written by Jacen and once it has passed the edges of the note are covered in frost and the smell of carrion however there is a spot without frost and something is written there

It seems your brothers have forsaken your cause

The note is now signed "A Lurking Shadow"

Epic Threats

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