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We started a 4e game of Zeitgeist on Sunday. Three of the players had played in a Zeitgeist game I ran online up until about a year ago, which cut off in the middle of The Dying Skyseer. I enjoy reading the logs of others, so I thought it would be fun to share back.

Our Heroes So Far:

Cazara del Anthra (Razorclaw Shifter Vekeshi Mystic Monk)
A former member of the Executores de la Liberta, Cazara returned to her homeland of Risur in search of her Eladrin girlfriend, who went missing over three years ago. She joined the RHC around three years ago and was partnered with IronPeak. Delft jokingly refers to the two monstrous investigators as his “Brute Squad.”

Hugh Pearsall (Human Spirit Medium Wizard|Shaman Hybrid)
Hugh is in his mid fifties. He has been contacting spirits of the dead for most of his adult life. He works as a professional magician, hyponitist, spirit medium, and has been “RHC Special Consultant to the Dead” for many years.

James M. Chinast (Human Technologist Artificer)
James has lived in Flint all his life. He worked his way up through the factories of Guy Goodson, who found that James had a sharp mind for designing technology. James also designs pyrotechnics for Hugh’s magic shows, and today was his first day on the job at the RHC.

Malkie Vienne (Halfling Docker Vampire)
Malkie is the oldest member of the group, at about 120, but she looks the youngest. She hails from a little-known villa in the Malice Lands, where she died and was reborn. For over a hundred years, she’s been working the underbelly of society, dealing drugs, counterfeiting, and selling out people she knows to the cops. After a long professional relationship as an informant, she finally accepted a full-time position with the RHC.

Monsieur Mort Stark (Tiefling Eschatologist Assassin)
Mort is a special consultant to the RHC from Danor. Stark is a relative of House Soliogn, and is here as their representative in the search for Gale. Stark has a business importing Drakran technology into Flint. This business often takes him through the hazardous Malice Lands, which is where he learned to defend himself so capably with the pistol-sword and pistol-dagger.

Stoatra IronPeak Kalagnas (Goliath Martial Scientist Warden)
IronPeak is a native of Ber, and was a member of a Beran attachment to the Risuri military in the Fourth Yerasol War. She performed well and earned a scholarship to the Battalion after the war ended. Fresh out of the academy three years ago, she joined the RHC around the same time as Cazara. The two were immediately made partners.

The group gathered in Delft’s office on the morning of the christening of the RNS Coaltongue. Delft was nowhere to be seen, but some personnel paperwork has been left on his desk with their names already filled in. (I made up some HR paperwork to get background info on everyone, including at least two relationships with other PCs, and two contacts around Flint, prepping for adventure two.)
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formerly roadtoad
After becoming re-acquainted with one another and filling out their paperwork, Assistant Chief Stover Delft arrived and gave a short briefing on the day’s assignment. Dossiers on prominent VIPs attending the launch of the Coaltongue in addition to potential troublemakers were made available to the group, so they could make their plans. (We made up little envelopes with pictures and typed-up index cards with info on the various NPCs. Extra index cards are available so the group can add their own notes to each NPC’s file as the campaign goes on.)

Once they had familiarized themselves with the potential threats and targets, most of the group headed to Royal Square to prep the area for the impending crowd. Monsieur Mort Stark headed to the Danoran Consulate, where Lya Jierre and Geoffrey Massarde had been meeting. He escorted their carriage to the event while the others worked the crowd.

Cazara scouted from the rooftops, and managed to spot a trio of suspicious-looking dockers making their way toward the front of the crowd. She signaled to IronPeak, who moved to check out the subjects. Unfortunately, Hugh Pearsall encountered them first while he was trying to use some hypnotic suggestion to calm the more surly-looking members of the crowd. When these three resisted his soothing words, Pearsall decided to summon up the spirit of his grandmother to spook the men, scattering them in three different directions. This attracted the attention of docker organizer Thames Grimsley, who was being shadowed by Malkie.

IronPeak literally collared one of the men as he ran past, turning him over to Flint P.D. without even questioning him. Cazara and Pearsall coordinated to track the other two. When the dockers met up again about a hundred feet from Pearsall’s position, the old wizard decided he would terrify the men into submission, summoning up another ghost to deafen and immobilize them. This worked brilliantly, except for the sudden panic that spread through the crowd.

Most of the crowd was calmed by the RHC and police while Malkie and Grimsley arrived to interview the two terrified men. Between the two of them, they got the men to identify their leader as a man named Dafton. Malkie and Grimsley tracked him down and got him to leave peacefully, with a little help from the hulking form of IronPeak behind them. Grimsley asked Malkie to bend the ear of Flint Governor Roland Stanfield, asking her to ask him to have the police lessen their pressure on the dockers. She agreed to talk to Stanfield at the VIP gathering later that evening.

Many VIPs arrived, the group met Principal Minister Harkover Lee, who invited them to help with security for the Coaltongue’s VIP cruise. He especially pointed out that the King’s sister Ethelyn should be in attendance for the King’s speech.

Ethelyn sought out Mort Stark to assist her in finding a room to nap in during the voyage, promising to return in time for her brother’s speech.

After the christening, the VIPs and their entourages moved onto the ship. Delft dismissed Pearsall for the day after the disruption he caused with the crowd. Malkie and James took tours of the ship, meeting some of the crew (Security Officer Divianne Atehl, guarding the ship’s magazine, and Fitz Luckshore, the youngest and smallest of the engineering crew). After finding that most of the crew would be topside for the national anthem and speech, the constables agreed that they should specifically keep an eye on the boiler and the magazine as potential targets for terrorist attack..

Mort found the Duchess a lounge to rest in, Malkie talked with the Governor, IronPeak stayed near the King, and Cazara kept an eye on the sky in case of any flying Eladrin terrorist attacks. The party progressed without incident until about 8:45.

With only fifteen minutes before the King’s scheduled speech, the Duchess Ethelyn had not returned. Mort went to check on her while James headed down to engineering to keep Fitz company. Cazara kept her eyes on the sky, IronPeak stayed close to the King, and Malkie kept close watch on the serving staff.

Mort knocked on the Duchess’s door…

…and we called it a night.

5.5 hours of 4th Edition D&D and not a single initiative or damage roll. The only attack rolls were two opportunity attacks on two of the Docker troublemakers when they tried to run from Pearsall’s Spirit Companion (which deafens and immobilizes on an oppo with whatever power or feat he has).

The group seemed to enjoy the props and spent most of their time fleshing out their characters and the world. We’ll get into the action next week. At some point, we may even come up with a name for the group/game.

We have two more players working on characters, but I’m focusing on the idea that Zeitgeist can be a drop-in/drop-out kind of game, as different investigators get assigned to different cases. Pearsall’s player had to leave about 2 hours before we were done, so I had Delft dismiss him. If he makes it next week, well, apparently it was all a ruse and he was working undercover as a chef or something.

More next week…


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(Note: for those of you following along at home, we used the revised deck plans from Admiral o’ the High Seas)

We rejoined the RHC investigators just as the Risuri national anthem was beginning on the top deck of the RNS Coaltongue. Most of the constables were keeping an eye on various parts of the festivities, though two had gone below. James M. Chinast was keeping Junior Mechanic Fitzcairn Luckshore company in the engine room, and Mort Stark had gone to fetch the Duchess Ethelyn.

Up on the main deck, Ironpeak heard King Aodhan mutter something about an upset stomach, fishy burps, and a potentially upset archfey. She prepared herself to dramatically pretend to vomit in front of the king in case he started to become ill, hoping that would help him save face. A violently ill security staff is far less embarrassing than a vomiting king, one supposes.

Meanwhile, dowstairs, Mort was repeatedly knocking on the Duchess’s cabin door. After a significant delay, the Duchess’s elven handmaiden Sokana answered the door and said that Duchess Ethelyn was too ill to attend the festivities, and asked it Mort would be so kind as to send her regrets to her brother the king. Mort asked if he could speak with the Duchess, but was rebuffed as Sokana closed the door. Unable to determine how to proceed, Mort simply waited in the hall outside the Duchess’s room.

Farther below, James tried to ignore Fitz as the engineer geeked out about the technological marvels of the steam engine. James leaned in the doorway dividing the firegem room from the engine room with his musket, ready for an incident. The national anthem could barely be heard over the working engine as two engineers in full protective gear came down the stairs. James demanded to know why they were here. The lead engineer said there was a problem with the Muhurmneford Valve that needed to be fixed right away. James asked Fitz if there was a problem with the Muhurmneford Valve. Fitz said he wasn’t sure. James, no stranger to advanced technology himself, decided that the engine seemed to be running smoothly.

He told the engineers to stop, as there was nothing wrong with the engine, at which point the lead man asked who James was. James identified himself as an officer of the Royal Homeland Constabulary, threw his stovepipe hat to the ground, and drew his musket, strongly urging the men to stop advancing on the engine room. This display of force from the brand-new RHC constable (on his first day on the job) did not serve to defuse the situation. The engineers charged with their massive wrenches. James M. Chinast’s Remarkable Mechanical Hat was still in the process of deploying itself for combat readiness when it got unceremoniously smashed by an engineer’s wrench. The second engineer was grazed by a musket ball before knocking James out of the doorway. James yelled for Fitz to sound the alarm.

Up in the command tower of the ship, Malkie was busy mingling with the food-service staff who were busy getting the evening’s dinner ready. A device on the wall began to make a rattling noise. Malkie did not know what it meant, and asked the staff. The food-service staff had been brought in from off the ship and also had no idea what the strange rattling noise was about, so Malkie left to consult with her fellow constables. She found Cazara rushing past. Malkie mentioned the rattling noise. Cazara quickly responded that it was an alarm and Malkie was an idiot, and then Cazara removed a panel of the aft crane chute and disappeared below decks, leaving Malkie to alert an actual crewmember.

On the lowest deck, the two saboteur engineers had forced their way into the engine room. One of them managed to rust shut a steam relief valve while the other kept James occupied for a while. James finally managed to get a good shot off, killing one of the engineers instantly. Heavily injured, James escaped into the firegem room, intending to seek aid upstairs. Unfortunately for him, he encountered Sokana in the process of throwing an item into the furnace of the steam engine. She closed the furnace door and rusted it shut before throwing some fire at James. The fire came alive, manifesting as three separate fire sprites who held James in place, preventing his escape.

On the main deck, Hugh Pearsall (who had been in illusory disguise as a party attendee all this time) had an overwhelming feeling that something was wrong. The spirits of the newly dead were calling to him from the lower decks. He handed one end of a rope to Stover Delft, told him to hold on, and leaped over the side of the ship. Delft held on and the wizard swung down to the second deck, where he re-entered the ship through a gun port. Seeing nothing amiss on the second deck, he descended to the third.

Mort heard shouting from below. Becoming antsy, he picked the lock and entered the room, only to find it abandoned, with several windows open. He saw the telltale signs of a Water Breathing ritual on the floor and went to investigate one of the open windows. As he approached the window, a Halfling chef leapt out and stabbed him with a poison blade, nearly dropping Mort in a single blow. Mort drew his blade-pistols and took two shots at the wall as he stumbled back out of the room. He shut the door and ran off down the hall before the Halfling could catch him.

Elsewhere on the third deck, Zara belatedly realized she was on the wrong side of the ship to descend any further. Turning a corner, she spotted a Halfling chef with a wild look and a bloodied blade. She ran him down and incapacitated him with a single blow. (ran to get into melee range. -5 to hit, oh look: a 20) Then she grouped up with Mort Stark and they descended into the engine room together.

Hugh arrived on the third deck and could see the commotion between Sokana and James on the deck below thanks to the floor grate. He summoned up a spirit next to Sokana to try to hold her in place but she responded with a whirlwind that carried her up through the series of grates to the second deck.

On the top deck, Ironpeak had noticed that most of her comrades had disappeared below decks. She alerted Principal Minister Lee that there seemed to be trouble and she was heading below. He asked that she report back as soon as possible with an update. She descended to the second deck and immediately noticed that no one was guarding the ship’s magazine. She opened a door and found the bludgeoned body of security guard Divianne Athel. Just as she turned to go back up the stairs and alert the king, Sokana materialized, threw fire sprites at her, and dove off the ship.

Seeing the fire in the stairwell, Malkie shouted for the assembled crowd to start readying lifeboats in case an emergency evacuation was necessary. From the stairs, Ironpeak yelled for Minister Lee to get the king off ship.

Mort and Zara found the surviving saboteur engineer preparing to sabotage an engine relief valve. He put up a good fight. Too good for Mort’s taste. The Tiefling, deciding they already had a Halfling to interrogate, killed the suspect. With most of their enemies down or having fled, and unaware of the fire sprites near the ship’s magazine, the RHC investigators were feeling pretty good about their progress.

And then the steam engine buckled. The entire ship shook and the evacuation of the RNS Coaltongue deck began.

Mort opened one pressure relief valve while Zara broke the other open with her fist (Eagle Claw Strike: +2d8 damage vs unattended objects), filling the engine room with steam.

Malkie descended to join Ironpeak in her struggle to put out the fire threatening to engulf the ship’s magazine. Having taken a tour of the ship earlier, Malkie noticed that the fire wards were missing from the doors of the magazine. The vampire and goliath made short work of the fire sprites and headed down to the engine room. Once there, they discovered the others with a few sprites of their own to mop up. Seeing that James was still surrounded, Malkie used Docker’s Jank to teleport him out of danger. Ironpeak had taken the Form of the Fearsome Ram in the fight at the ship’s magazine. Seeing that Mort was struggling with the rusted furnace door, she shooed him out of the way and charged it head first. She failed to make good contact, but at the last moment stuck her shield in the handle and used it as a lever to pry the door free.

The intense heat of the furnace was being amplified by Sokana’s Rod of Affect Normal Fires. Mort knew what he must do, but he needed some help from Malkie. If Mort was close enough to death, he could invoke the Icy End of the Earth and supercool the engine, averting the impending disaster. He asked the vampire for an assist, and she was all too ready to oblige. She drained perhaps a bit too much blood from the Tiefling, but his plan was already in motion. He dove headfirst into the furnace and sent out a frigid blast. The furnace cooled dramatically, but not before burning Mort to within an inch of his life. Seeing that Mort was not moving, Ironpeak dashed into the furnace and carried him out. (Mort ended up at -10hp, 2 shy of death. Ironpeak went from 24 down to 4 pulling him out. Were Mort not a Tiefling, he would have died in the effort)

Afterwards, the king thanked the constables personally. He then gave a speech on one of the escorting ships to the assembled VIPs, announcing his intention to finally make peace with Danor. There would be a peace summit in one year’s time in Flint, and the King would be marrying a Danoran. Mort suggested that his cousin Lya Jierre would make a lovely bride, but the king seemed not to pay attention.

The Halfling chef-assassin claimed under interrogation that the Duchess Ethelyn was behind the sabotage attempt. Within a week, his claims seemed to be borne out as Assistant Chief Inspector Stover Delft called most of the squad into a meeting with Lya Jierre. (Hugh, as a consultant, was not immediately available, and James was busy with remedial Use-of-Force training.) She brought news that the Duchess Ethelyn had led an invasion of Axis Island, a key part of the Yerasol Archipelago, won by Danor in the last war. It seemed that the Duchess was trying to provoke a new war. Risur, with Lya Jierre’s help, was now planning a covert mission to retake the island from the Duchess’s forces, and then officially hand it back over to Danor before word can spread of the attack.

Of course, the mission requires a small team of infiltrators to land on the island and make an overland approach to the Axis Island’s main fortress, where they will infiltrate the rebel forces and open the fortress’s sea gate. At that point, Risuri marines will storm the fortress. The RHC is tasked with collecting the Duchess Ethelyn and bringing her to justice. Lya also asked the favor of finding her cousin, an astronomer named Nathan Jierre, who was stationed on Axis Island.

Delft gave the constables a stipend to collect gear from Requisitions, and told them to report to the RNS Impossible that evening to begin the trip to Axis Island.
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I love the offer to be the 'vomit scapegoat.'

I'm impressed that the group split up so thoroughly. I read that a lot of groups stick together as one, so when the fight starts Sokana usually goes down pretty quickly. I like that this one was spread over several areas, so each PC was reasonably imperiled until they could all link up together.


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We got about halfway through Dying Skyseer on my first run-through of this campaign (with three of the six current players, who are doing their best to let the new players figure tihngs out). The first time, Sokana did not make it. I was definitely focused on using her two teleport powers to get away... now I'm going to have to add her in to Axis Island somewhere... :)

One of our players held up the picture of Sokana next to the picture of Gale and remarked that one could be the other in disguise. You know how sometimes the players have the best ideas at the table? :devil:


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Wow....Sokana escaped in my campaign too. I didn't put her back in on Axis Island (thought about having her dead at Varal's feet). But this...I mean, my players hate Sokana - mostly because she was the first enemy and she got away. But if Sokana=Gale? I have no idea how my player would react. They might immediately enter combat...instead of treating her as a potential ally. I really like the twist...and they have similar ideals. they COULD be the same person, right?

It would be great to do this...but I'm worried a player immediately attacking. Interested in hearing anyone else's thoughts!


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Infiltrating Axis Island

Five of our constables boarded the RNS Impossible that evening, making their way to Axis Island. Duchess Ethelyn was trying to start a war by invading Danoran territory won in the Fourth Yerasol War. Hugh Pearsall was not present.

The constables' mission was complicated: infiltrate Axis Island by way of an undersea cave, exit the connected mine, make an overland trek to the main fortress on the island, gain entry, make it to the lighthouse and gatehouse, signal the fleet from the lighthouse, open the harbor gate, and watch the Risuri Royal Marines take back the fortress.

Once the island was secured, the constables were charged with arresting the Duchess Ethelyn and checking on Lya Jierre’s (and Mort’s) cousin Nathan Jierre, an astronomer who worked in the observatory on the island.

During the journey, Malkie and Mort engaged in nightly philosophical and political debates with Captain Rutger Smith. Zara and Ironpeak preferred to get drunk and climb the rigging. Zara especially seemed to enjoy watching the birds from a higher vantage point, but she also took time to heckle the more sober members of the party from high up in the ship’s rigging. James spent most of his time tinkering with his Remarkable Mechanical Hat.

Forty-seven hours after departure, the Impossible arrived at Axis Island. After nightfall, black sails were hoisted, at the ship slipped into a cove. The constables used a Water Breathing scroll to enter the ocean and proceed underwater to an sea cave said to lead into a mine.

Just before entering the cave, large rocks appeared in the water above the constables. The rocks fell, catching Mort and Cazara unaware, but they both managed to extricate themselves from under the sinking rocks before being crushed on the ocean bottom. James remarked that it seemed as if there had been a planar disturbance that caused the rocks to simply appear above the constables heads.

The team proceeded warily into the submerged cave. At the end of a long tunnel, they found themselves in a large half-submerged chamber with a natural column near the middle. Scaffolding around the walls of the room and along the column seemed to indicate an excavation had been recently occurring. Unsure if the rock fall had been a planar anomaly or a trap, they attempted to move stealthily into the cave. James and Ironpeak noticed a faint glow coming from the stone pillar, which was emanating from a three-inch-diameter golden “coin.”

A gunshot rang out from a ledge high on the wall of the cave which seemed like an exit. Then a heavily-accented Danoran accused the constables of being “dirt worshippers” who had come to kill him. Mort and James circled around behind the pillar, Cazara skulked up the scaffolding as close to the Danoran as she dared, Ironpeak strode out of the water and stood on a platform under the ledge, and Malkie repeatedly failed to pull herself up onto the scaffolding, twice slipping off and loudly splashing back into the water.

An earth elemental came after Ironpeak, some sort of shadow creature harried Mort (and eventually Malkie), and James exchanged fire with the Danoran, distracting him from Zara flying at his head, claws first. She found him unusually resistant to her attacks. She also noticed that he was wearing a necklace with two more of the large golden coins.

Before the combat could become too dangerous, Mort explained that the group had come to help liberate the island from the Duchess Ethelyn’s rebel Risuri forces. Mort showed the Danoran that he was himself a Danoran, and was able to defuse the situation peacefully.

The Danoran turned out to be a mine foreman by the name of Nicolas Dupiers. He explained about how the Risuri rebels had killed his men and so he had taken the golden icons and fled here to claim the third. Dupiers told a tale of how the iron miners on Axis Island had discovered three trees made of marble deep in the earth, and in each tree they had found a golden icon. The three icons depicted imagery and constellations connecting each of them with one of the planets. Dupiers had brought with him the Golden Icons of Urim (earth) and Nem (shadow), which made him resilient and hard to see. He hoped the Golden Icon of Avilona (air) would help as well. The earth elemental and shadow creature also seemed to be connected to the icons, protecting the bearer.

Dupiers pulled the icon of Avilona from its marble home, which had been eroded away by the sea cave so as to be unrecognizable. Only a large splinter of marble remained, instead of a great marble tree.

Dupiers offered to show the constables the way out of the mine so they could finish their mission to liberate the island. Mort and Ironpeak and Cazara managed to talk the man into donating the Golden Icons to their cause, on the condition that they stay on Danoran soil and be returned when the island was officially returned to Danoran control. He made a point of handing the icons only to Mort Stark, as a representative of the government of Danor. James asked about the sudden rock fall and Dupiers explained that sometimes stray thoughts could cause strange happenings on Axis Island. He showed the group the iron spikes that his miners had driven into the walls of the mine every thirty feet. Dupier claimed that these spikes helped to ground reality so that strange things were less likely to happen.

The group thanked Dupiers and exited the mine. Dupier had given them directions to the fort, which involved crossing over a wooded mountain ridge. On their way down the far side of the ridge, the group found themselves suddenly standing in knee-high water in wooded marsh with yellow frogs, a purple sky, and a bright blue sun. James reached into his bag for an iron spike and immediately shoved it into the squishy mud beneath his feet and the group found themselves on Axis Island again.

A few miles farther along, James and Zara spied a nearby iron golem stumbling around through the woods with no head. The oil spurting from the construct seemed strange to James, but he wisely decided to keep a safe distance from the flailing machine.

After a few hours of travel, the group arrived at the fortress, where James was ready to use a Passwall scroll to go through the wall. Fearing that there might be a guard patrol on the other side of that wall, Zara claimed the Icon of Avilona and flew to the top of the outer wall. From atop the wall, she noticed a commotion at a nearby stable which seemed to have been converted into a prison. The commotion seemed to be distracting the guards, so she signaled James, who used the scroll, and the group hurried through the wall.

The town inside the fortress offered new challenges. Duchess Ethelyn’s rebel troops were everywhere. The infiltrators were going to have to find some way to pass as rebels (with a Tiefling in the group) in order to pass the harbor gate to get to the lighthouse so they could signal the fleet (and open the sea gate).

Cazara observed that the rebels were still wearing their Risuri Army or Shale Police uniforms, but had added red sashes. A plan to distract the guards, gain some allies, and get some red sashes was quickly formed. The group started working on a plan to go to the makeshift prison and break out the prisoners. After a few scrapped plans, someone remembered that Mort looked a lot like a Danoran (since he is one), and a Chewbacca Gambit was put into motion. Mort was fake-shackled. Ironpeak and Malkie were to play the part of the patrol that had found him. James and Cazara waited nearby in case anything went wrong.

The team talked their way past the guards outside the prison and made their way inside to a small caged receiving area inside the makeshift brig (which had been converted from a stable). With only two guards in the area, Malkie drew her gun, intending to shoot one. Before she could find her target, Mort drew a dagger and slashed at one of the guards from atop Ironpeak’s shoulder. Ironpeak threw Mort down onto the guard, yelling that the prisoner was armed. Mort managed to kill one guard before they could get their swords out. Seeing that Malkie and Ironpeak were drawing weapons, and with no evidence yet that they were not on his side, the remaining guard slashed at Mort and then was taken out by Ironpeak. Malkie just put her gun away.

Malkie’s player said,“I shoot one of the guards,” and the entire table went “noooo” (since they’d just talked their way past twice as many gaurds outside the jail) so I had them roll for initiative to see if they could stop her. Malkie got dead last, but I decided the guards were not ready, so the PCs would get a surprise round and then I would roll the guards’ initiative. Once they knew they had surprise, they forgot about stopping Malkie and just went into attack mode. Mort used quick draw to attack with his surprise action. Ironpeak used Mort as an improvised thrown weapon with her surprise action. Malkie drew her weapon. The guards ended up second in initiative. Mort killed one on his first round. The other one missed him. Ironpeak got her sword out and killed the other one. Then Malkie finally had a chance to shoot someone, but there was no one left to shoot. I love that I was able to apply the game mechanics to let it happen organically, rather than just letting the person with the first idea control the flow of the game.

Inside the prison, the guards met with Danoran Lieutenant Hessar Merseine, who had already organized the prisoners for resistance. Merseine led his hundred prisoners away from the direction of the lighthouse, starting the second battle for Axis Island within a week. With most of the rebels suddenly busy, it was fairly easy for the group to make their way through the harbor gate in a wagon (with Mort hidden inside). While most of the group approached the lighthouse in the traditional fashion, Cazara took the Pyrotechnics scroll and climbed back outside the fortress. She was in position to scale the lighthouse from the outside and signal the fleet while the others took control of the sea gate controls.

Find out what happens next week when the constables go…

To the Lighthouse!
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House Rules we are using (mostly gun-related):

- Flanked creatures give up combat advantage to all melee attackers, not just the flankers.
- Killing Tool from the Zeitgeist Players' Guide (firearms lose Brutal, gain 2[W] damage per attack).
- Threat of Force from the Zeitgeist Players' Guide (a loaded gun gives you a range-6 Immediate Reaction that eats your next turn's Standard Action)
- Firearms Expertise reduces Reload Standard to Reload Move (no running and reloading your musket. Makes for some tough decisions: get behind cover or reload?).
- Reloading a Firearm provokes Opportunity Attacks. This has been amended to allow the OA even if the provoked character has already used its OA this turn (so you can't cheese it by provoking twice with a shot and a reload).

I'm thinking of bringing in the Escalation Die from 13th Age.
I'm also thinking of bringing in the Obligation mechanic from Edge of the Empire.

I'm disappointed no one is using guns in my campaign. No idea why.

You might recommend that the PCs each carry a single gun as just a back-up weapon. Even if they don't want to have it as their primary weapon, and even if they never intend to spend the long time needed to reload it, having a single shot pistol or musket can be handy in a pinch. Your ship's about to ram theirs, and you can't close to melee yet? Bad guy's running away? Group of enemies gathered by some handily color-coded red explosive barrels? Draw your pistol and fire. Then get out your normal weapon and go for it.

You're doing 4e, right? It's a flaw of the system, I feel, that you're strongly pushed to focus one on specific weapon type. There aren't many ways to make use of 'secondary' weapons. It's usually better for a fighter to charge a gang of bow-wielding enemies who are on the far side of a canyon than it is for him to keep his distance and shoot back.


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You're doing 4e, right? It's a flaw of the system, I feel, that you're strongly pushed to focus one on specific weapon type. There aren't many ways to make use of 'secondary' weapons. It's usually better for a fighter to charge a gang of bow-wielding enemies who are on the far side of a canyon than it is for him to keep his distance and shoot back.

Quite so, although all low DEX low STR classes suffer when it comes to basic attacks (which were always weak in every system for characters that nerfed those stats). To broaden the appeal of firearms somewhat, I've house-ruled a few gun variants that are analogues of heavy thrown weapons, so our fighter and warlord can use them in a pinch. But only one of my characters uses them as an essential part of his build.


Quite so, although all low DEX low STR classes suffer when it comes to basic attacks (which were always weak in every system for characters that nerfed those stats). To broaden the appeal of firearms somewhat, I've house-ruled a few gun variants that are analogues of heavy thrown weapons, so our fighter and warlord can use them in a pinch. But only one of my characters uses them as an essential part of his build.

Yes I agree and foresaw the same issue with my group. I resolved it by giving each PC the free feat 'Firearms Training' (which is the same as Melee Training except for firearms) at level 1. You can see it here http://www.enworld.org/forum/showth...tgeist/page2&p=6092733&viewfull=1#post6092733 .


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Yes I agree and foresaw the same issue with my group. I resolved it by giving each PC the free feat 'Firearms Training' (which is the same as Melee Training except for firearms) at level 1. You can see it here http://www.enworld.org/forum/showth...tgeist/page2&p=6092733&viewfull=1#post6092733 .

I'm not sure my lazy players would go for that, as they would have to work the numbers out for themselves instead of relying on the builder. (For the same reason they usually forget or ignore almost every non-canonical power and magical item unless I prompt them.) Gah!


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Half of my group are using firearms in some way (two as primary weapons, one as a sidearm). I found the Threat of Force optional rule combined with the Killing Tool optional rule helped push guns. The fighter charging those "bowmen" is going to be in a lot of trouble if they all get to unload on him before he can finish his charge, and all those basic attacks are doing 3[W] damage. He's going to have incentive to find cover and shoot back.

I was thinking of Firearms training as well, but I didn't want to push guns too much. I enjoy the fact that the group is split right down the middle. It feels very Zeitgeist, especially with the traditional-weapon users being our Shaman, Warden, and Monk (two of whom are from Ber).


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We're playing in Pathfinder, and the firearm rules in Zeitgeist make firearms a martial weapon, so any warrior, at least, can use them. We also have a Gunslinger. One other character could use a firearm without penalty but, as yet, has not. I'm not sure whether he has a ranged weapon - may be worth suggesting a firearm in that regard.


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Yeah..I'm 4e. My have to literally force it into their hand. Hopefully they will be intrigued with the Vendetta Bullets, but maybe if I incorporate extra damage, it might make them at least carry one.


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The constables made their way to the lighthouse to achieve the first part of their objective. They found the guards on duty to be pretty easily swayed by Malkie’s bribes of Fey Pepper, and were inside the sea gate control room without a fight. When the sea gate opened, the constables found themselves in a pitched fight with a wizard and some soldiers, but the RHC won out and, with the expert help of the Earth Elemental from the Golden Icon of Urim (who Ironpeak named "RockDog" or possibly "RawkDawg") they managed to set up enough defenses to withstand wave after wave of rebel soldiers. Within ten minutes, the Risuri navy had arrived and the latest battle for Axis Island ensued.

With the loyalists outnumbering the rebels five to one, and a contingent of Danorans freed from prison and already running rampant inside the walls, the battle did not last long. Captain Smith offered congratulatory cigars and urged the constables to go and arrest the Duchess as soon as the Inner Keep could be breached. While the constables were still prepping for their next escapade, one of the Risuri ships erupted in a ball of flame.

A figure with a flaming sword and throwing shield could be seen cutting a swath through the Risuri troops on his way to the central tower of the fortress, where the duchess was believed to be hiding. He leaped walls, walked up walls, and burned everything in his path. James, Mort, and Ironpeak agreed that the attacker matched the description and fighting style of Asrabey Varal, an eladrin who had fought alongside Risuri forces in the First Yerasol War, some two hundred years’ past. The constables headed after him as quickly as they could follow.

At the Inner Keep, they found the Risuri loyalists preparing siege engines to scale the walls while rebels harassed from behind crenellations. As Asrabey approached the wall, reality shifted, replacing an area of wall with daylit jungle. Asrabey dove into the jungle and passed into the keep. With the reality shift rapidly closing, the constables dashed into the weird jungle. Malkie was forced to don her hood to avoid the sudden sunlight.

Through the jungle the constables rejoined reality and found themselves on the edge of a hedge maze, through which a direct path had been burned. The path could be followed, but only at risk of lighting fire themselves. The group’s Tiefling, Mort Stark, led the way, completely unconcerned about being burned. Ironpeak followed, trusting in her Golden Icon of Urim to keep her safe. James used a pair of infusions to make himself and Cazara briefly fireproof, and Malkie invoked her Golden Icon of Avilona to leap from one hedgerow to the next, avoiding the fire entirely.

Halfway across the maze, the constables were accosted by Ghillie Dhu, a nature spirit who demanded to know their reason for trespass. Cazara quickly explained that they needed to stop Asrabey from killing the Duchess, and Ghillie Dhu waved the group through. He had a fire to put out anyway.

Through the hedge, they spied Asrabey walking up the outside of the tower. James got off a potshot with his musket, but to no avail. Ironpeak used her knowledge of Martial Science to judge that Asrabey was probably at about the 20th level of fighting prowess, and thus would be nearly impossible for James to effectively hit.

The group headed inside the tower, where they found two floors of charred defenders, apparently casually torched through a window by the passing Varal. On the third floor, they found a large door, through which they overheard the following conversation:

Duchess: “Asrabey, don’t do anything you’ll regret.”
Asrabey: “Save your pleading breath for prayer.”
Duchess: “If you have come for the reason I suspect, you should pray with me as well. You are a murderer, Asrabey. Did I so displease the Court that you needed to slaughter a hundred to reach me?”
Asrabey: “To forestall war, yes! Your people must not think we are the ally of a kingslayer. And worse, one who consorts with devils.”
Nathan Jierre: “Um, perhaps reason is bit much to expect at this time, but can we talk about this?”
The sound of a flame whip cracking
Asrabey: “You are lucky your cursed flesh will not burn. But I have other ways to make you suffer.” To the duchess he says, “Prepare yourself, and you may die with dignity.”
Duchess: “Wait! My brother won’t execute his own blood, and so long as I live I can still oppose him. There are more important matters than-”
Asrabey: “You struck the first blow. Aodhan was a soldier, as I am, and forgiveness does not come easily to our kind. He’ll never listen to you, not in the short years he has left. Already you are vilified. You promised your land would pull away from these fiends, would return to the old ways, yet you have fallen in with them yourself.”
Duchess: “You don’t understand. Nathan is on our side. There’s a threat to Risur and the Unseen. I told the Court as much-”
Asrabey: “Enough. Ethelyn, please do not make me watch you beg.”
Duchess: “Asrabey Varal, your closed mind has doomed us all. Very well. Finish it.”
Tiefling: “Wait a minute, Varal? Are you kin to a Kasvarina Varal?”

And then Cazara and Ironpeak kicked through the door, where they saw Asrabey preparing to strike down the already critically-injured Duchess as Nathan Jierre cowered nearby. A large telescope dominated the room, and the bodies of a dozen guards and half as many wolves lay scattered about. The wolves were slowly fading out of reality, clearly having been summoned.

Malkie rushed into the room and starting talking down Asrabey. Asrabey was completely impervious to negotiation, claiming that the only way the Unseen Court could have justice was by taking Ethelyn back for a “trial and execution.” Cazara calmed the eladrin by reminding him that proper vengeance should not be meted out in the heat of battle, but should be done carefully and properly.

The two sides agreed upon a trial of the Duchess Ethelyn by a tribunal consisting of one judge from Risur, one representing the Unseen Court and a third neutral party to be agreed upon by the first two. Asrabey specifically excluded any “devils” from the tribunal. When Mort tried to argue for Danoran representation, Malkie and Cazara – sensing that negotiations were perilously balanced – shut him down before he could provoke Asrabey. Mort stormed out in a huff and the RHC proceeded to take the Duchess and Nathan into custody. Asrabey refused to leave the Duchess’s side, claiming that she was also in his custody.

After everyone left the observatory, James stayed behind to see what he could discover. He found Nathan Jierre’s astronomical notebook, full of telescope coordinates. He noted the position of the telescope matched up with a seemingly-important set of notations in the book. Looking through, he noted a particularly brilliant blue star. James also noticed a dissected yellow frog in Nathan’s lab, held down by gold pins. The two of these reminded James of the bayou the group had reality-shifted into on the trek from the mine. As his thoughts turned to the blue sun and yellow frogs of that place, suddenly he was there. As he looked around for any clue about the place, he made the disturbing realization that every yellow frog he could see was looking back at him, and they were slowly closing in. James hurriedly drove an iron spike into the ground and returned to reality. One frog came with him, slowly hopping toward him until it faded out like the Duchess’s wolves. James hurried out of the observatory before something weird happened again.

The prisoners were loaded into the RNS Impossible and, over the course of the night, most of the fleet left the harbor. At daybreak, a Danoran steamship entered the harbor. Lya Jierre was first off the ship. She and Malkie signed the one-page treaty officially handing Axis Island back over to Danor and holding neither side responsible for the Duchess’s actions.

After the treaty was signed, Malkie dutifully gave the three Golden Icons to Lya, explaining how they had been gifts from a crazy miner and that they seemed to be tied to the planets, but probably only worked on Axis Island. Lya looked them over, thanked Malkie for returning Danor’s property to Danor, and then promptly gave them back to Malkie, saying they were a gift for the constables, to thank them for all their hard work. She then made sure to invite the group to her wedding next year to King Aodhan before they parted ways.

And so the constables returned to Flint and to their relatively normal lives of crime and paperwork.
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Ha, that's probably the nicest Lya Jierre I've seen in anyone's campaign. :)

Yeah, I figured I'd play her completely up-front, honest, and helpful to the party for this adventure, since she's not been drawn into the Ob yet. (and the fact that my players are very suspicious of any NPC. They always assume the "friendly" NPCs are out to get them. Zeitgeist should do little to disabuse them of that notion.)

Anyway, off to the next adventure!


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Three months later, on the 1st of Summer, the constables were once again assembled into a task force for a matter of international importance: a Risuri citizen had been killed at the Danoran Consulate and Delft wanted them to investigate.

Since we last left them, Ironpeak had done some investigating of the Ragman murders in Parity Lake. She discovered that the victims’ wounds were necrotic in nature and were re-arranging themselves over time to the same pattern, again and again. She began to suspect that the Ragman was reliving the same traumatic event over and over.

Ironpeak and Zara had taken a class together at The Battalion on hunting, tracking, and neutralizing Fey beasts. Zara was already familiar with one of the Fey beasts: the Fey Hummingbird, a carnivorous variety that travels in packs and drinks blood. Malkie – in her off time – did some promotions for a new opera at Navras Opera House, in addition to publishing a scandalous rag about Guy Goodson’s upcoming nuptials. Mort and James did some research into the rash of fires in Parity Lake, discovering clear signs of arson, and also suspected insurance fraud. Mort was disappointed that the leads there did not see to point towards his quarry, Gale Soliogn.

On the morning of the 1st of Summer, Mort was enjoying some free breakfast at the Danoran Consulate when he heard gunshots from upstairs and a commotion outside the building. He discovered that the young lady who had brought the breakfast for the staff had been caught stealing on the 4th floor and had been shot during an attempt to escape. Since she attempted to escape by literally flying out of a window (arousing suspicion of Gale’s involvment), and since she fell and landed atop the fence at the edge of the property (putting half of her in Risuri territory), he called in the RHC.

Upon arrival, the squad talked to Julian Lebrix, the Chief of Security for the Danoran Consulate. He explained that he had caught the young woman stealing valuables and had shot her to prevent her escape. He produced a jewel-encrusted egg form his pocket, indicating that he had recovered it from her. They thanked Lebrix and headed off to check out the 4th-floor crime scene. Mort convinced Lebrix to leave him in charge of escorting the Constables.

While the others headed into the Consulate, Malkie worked the crowd, searching for eyewitness accounts. What she found out was that most people’s version of events did not match up with LeBrix’s story: witnesses reported that the woman flew out the window and fell onto the fence before being shot. The shooter was reportedly cloaked in shadow, but his chrome pistol could be seen clearly. She was shot twice after handing a bundle of papers to a man with a black goatee who was dressed in a foreign style. No one was really sure what country he seemed to be from, however. The woman whispered to the foreigner, and then he took he necklace and ran off down a nearby alley. Witnesses also reported seeing a mysterious man shouting at Lebrix and duNadria as the woman as being pulled off the fence. Even though the man was the loudest and most agitated, none could produce a description of him.

Malkie investigated the alleyway, discovering signs of a fight. Two men dueled: one escaped from the far end of the alley, while the other was knocked down before returning in the direction of the consulate. Malkie found strangely-congealed blood that seemed to show signs of electrical magic, and also a deed for a Danoran barge.

Meanwhile, the other constables were checking out the fourth floor of the Consulate. They quickly discovered that Consular duNadria’s office door lock had been picked and a rug had been thrown down to cover a blood stain. The blood stain on the floor and wall indicated a slashing wound, which had not been mentioned by the consulate staff. Mort also revealed to the constables that he did not believe Lebrix’s story. Julian Lebrix was a by-the-book, ask questions first, shoot much later kind of guy, and Mort did not think that he would shoot someone for picking up a piece of jewelry, no matter how valuable.

The constables met up with Malkie and headed downstairs to do an examination of the body. They found a bailment letter from the Parity Lake Police, identifying her as Nilasa Hume, a 29-year-old half-elf. A physical examination showed two gunshot wounds, in the back of her left leg and left shoulder, a necrotic injury of some kind to the top of her head, and several parallel slashes across her face which had been posthumously healed to make the wound almost completely disappear. Signs of the injury were only visible under close inspection. James also did an arcane reading and discovered signs of both invisibility and flight magic having been used on or by Nilasa.

The constables sent Nilasa away to have their Spirit Medium, Hugh Pearsall, interview her. Then they had an interview with Consular duNadria, who was almost entirely unhelpful, except that he mentioned meeting that morning in the basement with a man named Cillian Creed, who duNadria described as the attaché of the Mayor of the Nettles.

The constables interviewed a security guard at the consulate who was Nilasa’s boyfriend. His name was Braden Sarkin and he told the constables that Nilasa worked for Heward Sechim at his alkahest facroty and also that she often dropped by to deliver treats to the consulate staff. She would get these treats at the Thinking Man Tavern in Bosum Strand, a place she had once taken Braden, but it wasn’t his kind of place. He mentioned that she knew the place well and was well-liked by everyone. Malkie detected that the guard seemed to be high, but Braden did not seem to be aware of it.

The constables then left the consulate, in search of two staff members who had gone off-site for lunch: receptionist Tia and security chief Lebrix. On their way off the property, they were stopped by a Flint PD officer who had a carriage driver with him. The carriage driver told his tale of having picked up a surgeon with a foreign accent and bloody hands, who needed a ride to his hostel, The House of Blue Birds, for supplies. At the hostel, the man asked the carriage driver to wait, but the surgeon never returned. After half an hour, the driver returned to where he picked up the surgeon, hoping to find someone who knew him. Upon seeing the crime scene, the driver stopped a police officer to tell his story.

Mort paid the carriage driver two gold for his trouble, then hired him to take the team to The House of Blue Birds to follow up on the lead. Once there, Zara and Ironpeak (“The Brute Squad”) canvassed the outside of the building while Mort, Malkie, and James (“The Goon Squad”) headed inside. Cazara found some blood drops by the entrance that seemed to match up with the carriage driver’s story, but no other evidence. Inside, Malkie and Mort talked with the proprietor of the hostel. She informed the detectives that a police detective named Roger Porter had already been by in search of the surgeon, a Wolfgang von Recklinghausen. James searched Dr. von Recklinghausen’s room, turning up nothing, but Malkie had a look at the doctor’s references, finding a Dr. Barnaby Camp and a Professor Lynn Kindleton of Pardwight University. The constables sent a courier to RHC headquartes with a message to send out three subpoenas: they wanted Dr. Camp, Professor Kindleton, and Heward Sechim to come in for questioning on the following day.

The contables then returned to the consulate to find Tia and Lebrix. Tia told the constables that she said she would look into finding which papers Nilasa had stolen, while also telling them that she had seen Nilasa and Dr. von Recklinghausen talking in the lobby that morning. Tia recognized the doctor because he’d been visiting the consulate on a regular basis, trying to get his travel visa approved. While not from Danor, Wolfgang is a citizen of Arrovia, a small country on the border of Danor whose citizens use Danoran consulates for international travel. Malkie showed Tia the barge deed she had found and asked Tia if she knew what types of files it might be found with. She mentioned a couple of options, but the constables seemed most interested in a recent review of the security of Danoran-owned factories in Parity Lake, conducted by Julian Lebrix.

Lebrix seemed evasive, however. Zara inferred that the security chief might be more talkative in private, so she invited him to RHC headquarters for an interview later that evening. He accepted and the constables left the consulate for the day.

On the way back to RHC headquarters, they decided to stop by the Thinking Man Tavern in Bosum Strand. Along the way, they started to hear the mysterious whispers of Hugh Pearsall, carried on the wind:

“I only have twenty‐five words; moreover, (which is one word and therefore more efficient), I can only send one message every five minutes; you should . . . “

Five minutes passed, and Hugh’s whispered voice returned.
“ . . . your name, dead girl. It is . . . what? Nilasa . . . Where do you—did you—live? Magazine Street? Number forty‐seven . . . oh, and your last name is . . . what . . . ?”

Five more minutes . . .

“. . . Sechim’s? OK then. You were stabbed and shot? Oh my . . . and you flew, did you? Forty feet: that is something, even for a wizard. Now . . .”

and another five . . .

“ . . . Seedism? Ah, yes, that explains a lot then, especially when we consider the Dreaming. Of, course, it got you in a lot of trouble, didn’t . . .”

and another . . .

“ . . . well, Gale might be found to be attractive to some, I suppose, but tell us more about infiltrating the Danoran consulate, especially that bit about . . .”

Clearly Hugh had forgotten that he was sending whispered messages during the séance . . .

“ . . . Sarkin? Well, that must have been easy, and especially with fey pepper, but tell us more about ‘Wolfgang’ of Arrovia, his black goatee, his rapier . . .”

“ . . . so what happened to Lebrix’s security review, after you stole it? You gave it to Wolfgang after the shadow man tore you, to take . . .”

“. . . do you think Wolfgang will find Nevard in the Cloudwood? What? The Bleak Gate . . . a catastrophic holocaust of lost souls?”

The constables took notes as quickly as possible, noting that Nilasa was now connected to Seedism and Gale, and that Nilasa had indeed stolen “Lebrix’s security review.” After a stop at the Thinking Man, they would have better questions to ask Lebrix at headquarters.

An earthquake struck as the constables entered the Thinking Man Tavern. Of late, the RHC headquarters have shook from time to time, but most people chalked it up to the sub-rail construction in the Central District. The Thinking Man was in Bosum Strand, however, so the earthquake could not be attributed to construction. Since the centuries-old history of Flint has no record of any earthquakes, this event caused quite a stir amongst the crowd, but the novelty passed and people got back into their beers. James left at this time to check on the status of the bar he co-owned with a friend of his.

Malkie held court at the Thinking Man, catching up with friends and acquaintances throughout the bar. She chatted with proprietor Tad Hilly and senior waitress Barb about Nilasa, never letting on that she had died. Malkie learned that Nilasa usually hung with a group of musicians known as “the Band,” led by Halfling ocarina player Jered Lawman. Malkie was familiar with them. Recently, however, Barb had seen Nilasa talking with Hennet Rinus of “the Professors,” a group of middle-aged professional students who met at the tavern on a weekly basis, but drank there together almost every other night of the week as well.

Zara and Ironpeak went up to visit Rinus in the “riot room” at the top of the building, where the Professors often loitered. The riot room was furnished with plush couches and coffee tables, and offered wide windows from which to look out upon the city. Zara approached Hennet Rinus, identified herself as an RHC constable, and started to ask him about Nilasa. Hennet engaged both Zara and Ironpeak in a debate over whether any people in a free society should hold authority over other people in a free society. Cazara and Stoatra gave as good as they got, and after a good hour of philosophical exchanges, Hennet was more than happy to answer their questions. He told them that Nilasa had recently engaged him to write a letter in the fancy Crisillyiri style. The letter was in regards to the delivery of a deliberately-vague “cargo” from Crisillyir to Flint. The letter mentioned meeting a ship late at night, so it was likely an illicit cargo. Lastly, Hennet remembered that the letter was addressed to a Monsigneur Morgan Cippiano. Hennet was unfamiliar with that name, but the RHC members recognized him as a slippery crime boss who heads the Flint branch of “The Family.”

Meanwhile, downstairs, Malkie chatted up Jered Lawman, getting more information about Nilasa. Fortunately for Malkie, Jered had gotten an early start on the evening and was very free with information, openly discussing how Nilasa had gotten the Band in touch with the Cloudwood Brigands to plan a raid on the 5th of Summer, where they would dress as Eladrin warriors, board som ships, and throw casks of firedust into Parity Lake. Lawman speculated that the pollution levels in Parity Lake could cause the entire lake to ignite.

After those interviews, seemingly tying Nilasa to every criminal organization in Flint, the constables headed back to headquarters, where Delft had helpfully pulled Nilasa’s criminal file from the Parity Lake PD. In that, her juvenile record was mentioned, including “petty thefts and confidence capers.” She had recently been arrested in a raid at a house where two wanted criminals were taken into custody. She was charged with Supporting Criminal Activities and was scheduled for a hearing at the end of the week. The two criminals, Ford Soghum and Travis Starter, were being held in the Goodson Estuarial Reformatory, a fancy name for a privately-owned prison made of a dozen lashed-together ships floating in Flint Bay.

Also, while at headquarters, Zara asked someone at the nearby Flint PD HQ to see if they had a Roger Porter on payroll, since none of the group had heard of him. The Flint PD later responded that they did not, in fact, know of a Roger Porter.

Buried under a pile of information and leads already, the constables still had to interview Lebrix before they could call it a night. They secured a conference room. Lebrix seemed nervous, so Ironpeak stood guard outside and they drew the shades. Mort broke the ice by saying, “So, we know you’re lying.” Lebrix was all too happy to get the true story out. He said that he had not shot the woman. Someone else had done the deed. Further, he said that a mysterious man had taken charge of the situation and told Lebrix to claim that he was the shooter. The mysterious man pursued von Recklinghausen, then returned and ordered duNadria to have the consulate healer remove the slashing wounds from Nilasa’s face. Lebrix is adamant that the man had the appropriate authority to make those demands, and so he went along with it, but as time went on, he could not remember who the man was or why he was so important. Then he started having regrets about the cover up, and Lebrix did not want his reputation to suffer, so he had hoped the RHC would take him in for questioning away from the consulate.

The constables then asked about the security review that Lebrix had done on Danoran-owned factories in Parity Lake. He explained that, as part of his duties, he reviewed the business practices of those factories to make sure there were no threats to Danoran interests. Part of that review is a financial overview. This past month, he made the realization that a certain pattern of “missing” boxes from Danoran factories were adding up to a potentially large operation. The bozes would be loaded in Parity Lake onto Danoran-owned canal barges, to traverse the Stanfield Canal for delivery to Bosum Strand, where they would go onto seafaring vessels. Somewhere between being loaded at the factory and unloaded in the Strand, specific boxes would “disappear.” Analyzing the pattern of missing boxes led Lebrix to believe that a large construction project was underway with the missing goods: possibly a warship.

Lebrix did an inspection of the affected factories, where he made some odd findings: each of the factories from which goods were missing had a strange substance in them. He found several flasks of a strange oil-like substance with motes of light embedded within. He confiscated one of these flasks, and kept it in his office, intending to have it analyzed, but he never got around to it. Today, he noticed the flask had gone missing.

The constables thanked Lebrix for his information and sent him on his way. To close out the day, they checked their inboxes and found that while Dr. Camp and Mr. Sechim were happy to come in the next day, Professor Kindleton claimed that a) she had already spoken to the police, and b) she was very busy tomorrow, but if the constables really needed to talk to her, she could be available the evening after. Remembering the Detective Porter who had beaten them to the House of Blue Birds, and who wasn’t on the Police Department books, the constables were suspicious of Professor Kindleton’s police interview.

However, any further investigations were going to have to wait for another day…

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