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Well, that was fun
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From the front page.

Bill Cavalier, aka The Dungeon Bastard, tweeted some highlights from a panel featuring WotC's Chris Perkins. The following are those tweets.

#dndnext is not going to look like any previous edition. Meticulously laid out. "We have a staggering art budget for this project."
Everyone on the team sees themselves as custodians of #dnd ...that goes beyond the game and rules to EVERYTHING that "D&D" means.
#dnd has insane cultural penetration. Something on the order of 91%. Other major brands (Magic, etc) come nowhere close to the awareness.
#dndnext playtesting surveys get >50% participation. Most marketers expect a survey to have a 10-13% response rate. "Fans have an opinion."
All the pre-3.X re-releases had to be rebuilt from the ground up. Typeset, edited, etc. There were no digital copies.
An example -- the DMG re-release had to be proofread 3 times and went through 10 different galleys to make sure no errors got introduced.
Thanks to meticulous editing, the luckstone didn't accidentally go to print starting with an "F" instead of an "L."
The #dndnext launch will be... up to the marketing team to announce. :p
Post-launch, looking to focus on adventures and story for #dndnext and not pumping out a pile of rules expansions.
Additional #dndnext rules expansions will come "at a judicious pace."
Releasing PDFs on dndclassics.com FAR exceeded expectations. "We will continue using PDFs as weapons of mass destruction." ;-)
BREAKING NEWS: The shedu is OUT and the flumph is IN for the #dndnext Monster Manual! ...the retooled flumph actually sounds pretty cool.
Why is the shedu out? Too many boring human-headed monsters. Why is the flumph in? -2nd highest rated monster according to polling.
Last tidbit from Chris Perkins #dndnext seminar at #gameholecon... "One of the things we learned was to make it easy on DMs."
"...if we have DM who are willing to run, we'll have players, and we all win." WELL SAID.

Read more: http://www.enworld.org/#ixzz2jRoPJk32
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I love it re: the art budget - although I hope that means they'll focus on quality over quantity, as a high percentage of the 4E art was rather shoddy.

I really wish that marketing team would get on with it and announce the launch! I have a feeling it will be 2014, but whether we're talking June or GenCon or Christmas remains to be seen.


I refuse to believe the luckstone problem was "accidental". ;)

I'm liking what I hear - especialyy if they can keep the promise about making dming easier. I'm still of the opinion that 4e was BAR NONE the best treatment of monsters and NPCs in the history of the game where easy stats ans stat balancing was concerned. I've run every edition, and it was the only one where two charts could've replaced the monster manual.


That's really not a good sign. If they believe people actually like flumphs, I got a bridge to sell them.

I do have to say - i've used just as many Shedus in my games as I have flumphs. :)

I wonder if they're gonna take a page from Paizo and try to "redeem" them.


I do have to say - i've used just as many Shedus in my games as I have flumphs. :)

I wonder if they're gonna take a page from Paizo and try to "redeem" them.
OK, that is one thing I wasn't wild about. I kinda liked shedu & lammasu as defenders of temples & suchlike. Flumphs, eh.

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