WOIN Clarification of Knife Hand Strike Exploit in NOW 1.2


Rules clarification question: In NOW 1.2 the Karate martial arts career on p. 58 has an exploit called Knife Hand Strike which says "You strike with the edge of your hand, stunning your foe with a successful it [sic]." There is not a condition called Stunned in the list of conditions, so what does this exploit actually do? There is a weapon trait called Stun, but that requires the foe to be reduced to zero (0) Health by the weapon to then knock the foe unconscious for 5 minutes. So, does this exploit do the same as a weapon with the Stun trait, but only requires a successful "hit" and doesn't need the foe to be reduced to zero (0) Health by the unarmed strike? Or should this exploit do normal unarmed damage and give just the unarmed strike the Stun weapon trait? Or perhaps Knife Hand Strike should inflict the first level of the Drunk condition? That condition's description says the target is intoxicated or "is punch-drunk from a heavy blow" so that also sounds like a good fit.

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