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We played Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, and then there was no connection to the rest of the modules. The party decided to do something "more fun" (Isle of Dread).
I think it's a weak series of adventures.
But oh well.

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As a DM if you have THAT inspiration, you can practically make any module/AP work - and then you think of it fondly IME.
Out of the 5e APs I've purchased (purchased 6), I made use of WD-DHas I stripped it for parts but its BG-DiA that I never got enough inspiration on my first quick read-through (more skimmed). So it feels like it's the first major regret buy of 5e.

I will relook at it as some point, and see what I can use.


Limit Break Dancing
Dragons vs. Giants? Like, first we have a contest with all the 5E dragons, then another with all 5E giants, and then put the two winners together in a head-to-head faceoff?

Or Dwarves vs. Elves, or Orcs vs. Kobolds, etc.


Limit Break Dancing
I attempted to come up with a list of all dragons that have been published in D&D. It's... very, very long. Like, "169 different dragons" long.
So almost as many dragons as there are character subclasses? (And people insist we need even more of both. Somehow.)

It's a good point, though. If you go that route, maybe sticking to the MM would be the way to do it.

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